Part 3 of my Hardcore Minecraft series! Now with shaders!
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  • Kyle Schade
    Kyle Schade

    anyone know what shader hes using?

  • Kirby The pro
    Kirby The pro


  • Alfath Riski
    Alfath Riski

    Yup Smii7y is so very populer with creeper, maybe this gonna be harem genre for the animation :v

  • Julian Sedor
    Julian Sedor

    What are the shaders he is now using?

  • Mr Fox Wilde
    Mr Fox Wilde

    For anyone who is watching this, he is serious about ending his series if he dies. *Hardcore*

  • AcidGoblin

    ahh, but what shader is it?

  • ElixeStorm

    put the lost diamond in a item frame

  • Matthew Carlson
    Matthew Carlson

    What shaders pack are you using?

  • HappyBoss

    what are the shaders?

  • Zali

    Me: *Hears the Skyrim theme* Me, after watching this video: *"so, you're finally awake."*

  • Evan Muro
    Evan Muro

    Which shaders did you use?

  • Volantem

    What shader is this? I tried downloading some but they had virus's in them😕

  • Remade Krystal
    Remade Krystal

    I also esplode when someone calls me cute.

  • Airplaneguy777

    Where do miners go when their wife is at work... The Strip Mine Crowd: HAHAHA you are so funny...

  • WhiskeyDeltaHotel

    Yo anybody know what shaders this man is using?

  • Deltexterity

    10:27 Smii7y is a snake confirmed

  • Aly Badry
    Aly Badry

    which shaders is he using , i like it

  • Aaron Starlight
    Aaron Starlight

    “The Cows in this game are inelecual”

  • A Teen With Autism
    A Teen With Autism


  • foxlover1995

    silverfish and emeralds spawn in the mountain biome the biome u r currently at and loyalty is for a trident u get from a drowned zombie

  • TheLord67

    shaderpack name?

  • Ghost04071277 Plays
    Ghost04071277 Plays

    We want more

  • Jordn Villalon
    Jordn Villalon

    Dude, Smitty’s screams when he sees a creeper are fucking golden😂😂😂

  • Sepia Smith
    Sepia Smith

    chickens are the WORST for keeping them in the pen lol I always make my animals pens have 2 gates so I can close one and if they get out, I have one more to stop them

  • dark man
    dark man

    I think the creepers just kissing and then they mad the other creeper is the boyfriend vs ex-boyfriend

  • Joe Hardin
    Joe Hardin

    Plz do another 💜😊🤘🏼

  • Rodrigo Jacome
    Rodrigo Jacome

    This episode has been brought to you by Counting with SMii7Y

  • Dominic da Costa
    Dominic da Costa

    Play runescape!

  • Chanden White
    Chanden White

    Whats the shader he's using?

  • Super awesome Mario bros
    Super awesome Mario bros

    Video 3 44 remain

  • Jonas Magoto
    Jonas Magoto

    Ya know what would be cool. If you could make leather balls and ya know throw and catch them. You’d throw it like a snowball but if it hits a pc, it pops into their hot bar/inventory

  • mary stonebraker
    mary stonebraker

    what shaders you using man

  • Gregor Barrett
    Gregor Barrett


  • Smugy Carp
    Smugy Carp

    What shades are those plz tell I want

  • zen emotive
    zen emotive

    5:27 That lava's shaped like mutton

  • gilberto baez
    gilberto baez

    Hey at 15:31that was a villager there is a village near by go exploring and bring a compass

    • gilberto baez
      gilberto baez

      A zombie villager

  • An artist?
    An artist?

    Loyalty II are for tridents in which affects how fast the trident goes back to you after you throw it

  • Mr Pleb Gaming
    Mr Pleb Gaming

    What shaders are you using smii7y?

  • Pupsmaner

    10:28 SMii7Y is a snek comfirmed

  • James Young
    James Young

    did I just see a diamond underneath the final lost diamond or is it just me? .-.

  • AJ Steynberg
    AJ Steynberg

    More please xD don't die

  • Anthony Cilento
    Anthony Cilento

    its works on a trident when you throw a trident it comes back with lolaty 2

  • sikuu zombie
    sikuu zombie

    Smii7y you "fortune" telling bisshhh😄 Hey wana play sometime? I got alot of datapacks that you will love to see

  • Patrick N Jones
    Patrick N Jones

    10:39 Is this going in the prediction compilation?

  • Scarfed Llama
    Scarfed Llama

    Yo what shaders u using

  • Jacob Nielsen
    Jacob Nielsen

    Hey Smit, I may speak for others when i say that after this series is over. (When you fucking die, idiot), I'd love to see a series of livestreams of minecraft. Post them to your channel i know id keep up to date with everyone you put out. Thank man, love ya!

  • Kay Richardson
    Kay Richardson

    Was anyone else waiting for him to kill some of the cows and chickens at the end when the peaceful music was playing?

  • Alyssa Bradow
    Alyssa Bradow

    Smii7y: "Why are there so many emeralds, man?" Well... You're in a extreme hills biome ... where Emeralds spawn the most...Doi

  • Beefy

    “That’s big energy right there”😂

  • Brian Mazzucco
    Brian Mazzucco

    This game has been out for a long time, enderman still scares the crap out of me

  • ALF

    what shaders are u using

  • twisty

    4:34 Ur cute

  • Katsuko Kanji
    Katsuko Kanji

    You missed a emerald in the mineshaft

  • flytako


  • flytako

    Whare the second chest that you saw

  • flytako

    You mist another diamond

  • Jonas Kraemer
    Jonas Kraemer

    What are these shaders called?

  • im Soke
    im Soke

    that was just so bootyful...i smiled through the whole thing

  • Some Shithead
    Some Shithead

    Leave a trail like with cobblestones or preferably torches so you know where you've been

  • Lillia Lyanou
    Lillia Lyanou

    “Why are there so many emeralds?” It’s extreme hills, lol. Generally they’re pretty common (also they take up diamond spawns so maybe try mining somewhere else next time idk)

    • Lillia Lyanou
      Lillia Lyanou

      Also I’m pretty sure silverfish blocks just spawn naturally in extreme hills


    i live smii7y minecraft videos

  • Bfn

    12:24 it’s minecon if ya know what I mean

  • thefire1332

    he could've been diamondminer74 in one episode.. if he used only 5 pieces of diamonds and got fortune 3

  • Turbo Gaming
    Turbo Gaming

    And more Minecraft

  • Turbo Gaming
    Turbo Gaming

    Yeah what he said

  • blokfluitboy

    put loyalty on a hoe

  • Neto

    seeing him breaking these diamonds without fortune is making me suffer.

    • a retarded salesman
      a retarded salesman


  • Slasher Dynamite
    Slasher Dynamite

    Who else heard that song at 13:13 from teen titans?

  • crazycatgirl18

    What's a strip mine?

  • Kelpo

    SMii7Y where are the new episodes of the series

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