Part 3 of my Hardcore Minecraft series! Now with shaders!
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  • ze spacemarine
    ze spacemarine

    im 90% sure Smitty is a wizard

  • Judy Bergevin
    Judy Bergevin

    Idk if its just me, but i love when SMii7Y says "idiot" 😂❤

  • 5hawn

    What’s this shader?

  • Kuro

    4:34 just made me remember the mod that turned mobs into cute girls-

  • Sushi •
    Sushi •

    Did you know emerald ore is the rarest ore in the game

  • Maddy Toomey
    Maddy Toomey

    Hey Smii7y. I know this is a very late comment for the video but if you ever want to continue the quest for the lost diamond. It's at coordinates 250, 11, -75. I love watching these Minecraft videos you're freaking hilarious.

  • Jack Abend
    Jack Abend

    10:00 why tf is the kingdom for keflings music playing

  • ZeroSmackz

    Put loyalty on a trident and when you throw it it will come back

  • Simon Hagman
    Simon Hagman

    What shader is it?

    • Simon Hagman
      Simon Hagman

      @James Ah thank you, but what is the little thing in the right corner that keeps telling him things?

    • James

      Simon Hagman it the sildur shader pack

  • _ Ghoul _
    _ Ghoul _

    11:40 wtf is that white light

  • Joseph Lilly
    Joseph Lilly

    His commentaryis like he recorded one of my conversations with myself; it is really creepy though.

  • Isaiah

    which shaders did you use and where did you get them? i really wanna play with them on my world :)

    • James

      Isa it’s the sildur shader

  • Aviox

    SMII7Y!!!..... What fkin shaders is dis..?

  • Rokas yeet
    Rokas yeet

    can i get a link to these shaders????plz

  • Kimberly Mooney
    Kimberly Mooney

    13:14 those dancing skills tho

  • goat g
    goat g

    “were gonna grow are weed up”

  • HikingMantis

    Do anyone know what shades he's using?

  • David Chen
    David Chen

    15:03 - Mentions *"Nazi"* 15:21 - Mentions *"Gassed"* I see what you did there

  • 3DprintedBoi

    8:31 clip from slow mo guys

  • Lyn

    I have never seen those silverfish before... are they bad?

  • Extinction Gaming
    Extinction Gaming

    8:10 you missed the lapis

  • VikkiWebstar_ 207
    VikkiWebstar_ 207

    Smii7y: *Sniffs like a dog/Octavia* I can smell them! Me: *Sniffs the air* I cant smell shit!

  • Edward Myers
    Edward Myers


  • Tea Cup
    Tea Cup

    4:15 I’m ded

  • Scoots Mcgoots
    Scoots Mcgoots

    4:19 you know it, I know it, he knows it, but none of us knew how bad it would be.

  • Firelighter

    How did he get those shaders I wanna know

  • BarkingDudley

    "Wait you don't smell with your nose"

  • Matticus Madness
    Matticus Madness

    0:59 - 1:07 😂 1:49 - 1:55 😂 8:31 - 8:34 😂 11:34 - 11:41 This music is reminding me of ‘Rockin’ Roller Coaster Terror’ from Scooby Doo Unleashed. Is that just me? 13:09 - 13:15 That... 😂 16:16 - 16:19 Weeeell shit. Tapping my heart with the music and words there, Smi,

  • Lizzie McKee
    Lizzie McKee

    “This isn’t Seaworld, Buddy” has me dead

  • Good Guy Thiran
    Good Guy Thiran

    4:04 Nice shoes dawg where’d ya get those forever 21?

  • Alex Meiners
    Alex Meiners

    Part 4?

  • Toonsie

    Can someone please tell us what shader he's using

  • Beau Riddle
    Beau Riddle

    Get meloooooooooooons

  • alejandro murrieta
    alejandro murrieta

    Why did the chicken cross the road ?

  • sharice ride
    sharice ride

    Should play with the gang, VanossGaming H2O Delerious, Nogla, Panda, Wildcat, Terroriser, Basically, Lui and Moo (and others if i forgot any an sorry if i did)

  • Kenny Pye
    Kenny Pye

    Hudson’s right

  • Kenny Pye
    Kenny Pye

    Oops never mind

  • Kenny Pye
    Kenny Pye

    Loyalty is something you put on your trident to make it strike lightning only in the rain though

  • Exodus Striker
    Exodus Striker

    15:41 "We're gonna grow our weed up." when 420 is life.

  • Just GAVIN
    Just GAVIN

    13:12 this isn’t sea world -laughter 2019

  • Amy Broadhurst
    Amy Broadhurst


  • Antonyms •
    Antonyms •

    Who wanna see this man conquer the end ? Tbh that shit would be hard af with basic ass gear but that energy A1 sause magic my guy. Keep doin work

  • Kyle Kittelson
    Kyle Kittelson

    @Smii7y what shader?

  • Rika _
    Rika _

    4:34 the creeper was like "OH MY GOD A CUTIE CALLED ME CUTE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *explodes* "

  • Liam Kyle
    Liam Kyle

    @SMii7Y what shader do you use??????

  • Kyle Schade
    Kyle Schade

    anyone know what shader hes using?

  • Kirby The pro
    Kirby The pro


  • Alfath Riski
    Alfath Riski

    Yup Smii7y is so very populer with creeper, maybe this gonna be harem genre for the animation :v

  • Julian Sedor
    Julian Sedor

    What are the shaders he is now using?

  • Mr Fox Wilde
    Mr Fox Wilde

    For anyone who is watching this, he is serious about ending his series if he dies. *Hardcore*

  • AcidGoblin

    ahh, but what shader is it?

  • AppSap.

    put the lost diamond in a item frame

  • Matthew Carlson
    Matthew Carlson

    What shaders pack are you using?

  • HappyBoss

    what are the shaders?

  • Zazoo

    Me: *Hears the Skyrim theme* Me, after watching this video: *"so, you're finally awake."*

  • Evan Muro
    Evan Muro

    Which shaders did you use?

  • Volantem

    What shader is this? I tried downloading some but they had virus's in them😕

  • Remade Krystal
    Remade Krystal

    I also esplode when someone calls me cute.

  • West Germany
    West Germany

    Where do miners go when their wife is at work... The Strip Mine Crowd: HAHAHA you are so funny...

  • WhiskeyDeltaHotel

    Yo anybody know what shaders this man is using?

  • Deltexterity

    10:27 Smii7y is a snake confirmed

  • Aly Badry
    Aly Badry

    which shaders is he using , i like it

  • AK Stellarum
    AK Stellarum

    “The Cows in this game are inelecual”

  • A Teen With Autism
    A Teen With Autism


  • foxlover1995

    silverfish and emeralds spawn in the mountain biome the biome u r currently at and loyalty is for a trident u get from a drowned zombie

  • FBI

    shaderpack name?

  • Ghost04071277 Plays
    Ghost04071277 Plays

    We want more

  • Jordn Villalon
    Jordn Villalon

    Dude, Smitty’s screams when he sees a creeper are fucking golden😂😂😂

  • Sepia Smith
    Sepia Smith

    chickens are the WORST for keeping them in the pen lol I always make my animals pens have 2 gates so I can close one and if they get out, I have one more to stop them

  • dark man
    dark man

    I think the creepers just kissing and then they mad the other creeper is the boyfriend vs ex-boyfriend

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