The NETHER except with RANDOM Drops (Minecraft Randomizer Survival #3)
Today we dive into the NETHER in our RANDOM DROP, randomizer Minecraft survival series!!
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Thanks to our friend Sethbling who wrote a script that randomizes every single drop in Minecraft. We're going to test our luck at surviving in this crazy world with this loot table randomizer. We’re going try to accomplish three things, 1) build a house with nice things in it, 2) build a Redstone contraption, 3) take on the ender dragon. Join Logdotzip on this Exploring RANDOM Drops in the Nether (Minecraft Randomizer Survival #3) in Minecraft 1.14!
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✅Originally created by Sethbling

🎶 Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
All music used with permission from its creator.

  • X Xyrtec
    X Xyrtec

    6:04 LOL

  • True Tuber
    True Tuber

    In the village there is a brewing stand

  • Hunter Acton
    Hunter Acton

    U got bam-boo-z-eld

  • Yenny Halim
    Yenny Halim

    Why doesn't he break soulsand uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggggg

  • Cococrazycat YT
    Cococrazycat YT

    You got bambozald

  • Lumberjack king the great
    Lumberjack king the great

    3:22 about to head into Nether portal

  • Jarl Vigstad
    Jarl Vigstad

    Randomizer more like the hardest gamode

  • Blue The Bark Playz
    Blue The Bark Playz


  • Noah Cochran
    Noah Cochran

    I bet your pp is short

  • Hey Guys It’s Emma
    Hey Guys It’s Emma

    Oh you forgot to break soul sand

  • Hey Guys It’s Emma
    Hey Guys It’s Emma

    You should play this with noob Girl! It would be soooo FUNNY😂😂😂

  • GG-Cafer

    Than you brooo linkk

  • Arpita Paul
    Arpita Paul

    Let's say Tyler was BAMBOOzled after he found out what Blazes drop upon dying.

  • Master NER D
    Master NER D

    Its nether time!

  • roopesh arjan
    roopesh arjan


  • abby c
    abby c

    ... well the pink sheep did give u what u needed...

  • Purple Insanity
    Purple Insanity

    6:03 whaaaaaaaaaa

  • Wangai - Wa - Ngai
    Wangai - Wa - Ngai

    You have a sad like look at the fourth comment and see what drops blaze rodds

  • Joe Hannon
    Joe Hannon

    Plot twist: flowers drop bedrock

  • Mustafa Alzughayyar
    Mustafa Alzughayyar

    Can you please give us your world seed? We can't play with your randomizer datapack if you dont give us your current world seed.

  • RocknX

    I think the silk touch works like this: If an item for instance dirt got the glass loot table then you would have to brake the dirt like you would do to glass to get the glass. Shorter said you have to treat the dirt like if it was glass.

  • Iris Ariola
    Iris Ariola

    It’s like Vignettes but with *MORE* things!

  • czar emrick francisco
    czar emrick francisco

    Plant a bamboo and break it it will drop diamond block but im not so sure

  • Fruit Queen
    Fruit Queen

    Peepee room

  • Shard Of Glass
    Shard Of Glass

    0:44 You Sound Like Pear In Annoying Orange

  • Jack Hurstwaite
    Jack Hurstwaite


  • Macca Rawlz
    Macca Rawlz

    Kill stuff with silk touch

  • TheShadowGamer

    my nether in my survival world: This Guy hit a pig man THIS MEANS WAR Me: OH NO NO NONONONO NETHER VILLEGE (i ring the bell for a min) Me: Oh no RUN!

  • Tonya Kennedy
    Tonya Kennedy

    How do you get this pack?

  • Clarenz Ramos
    Clarenz Ramos

    LOGDOTZIP FIGHTS WITHER wither drops dirt Logdotzip: really?!

  • ser. dabbs a lot dab
    ser. dabbs a lot dab

    You forgot soul sand unless you already mined it before

  • Henzo Uriel
    Henzo Uriel

    fishing loot can help too

  • Henzo Uriel
    Henzo Uriel

    luck can help you it changes loot from chests so logs give u better things

  • Kayla Blue
    Kayla Blue

    Random VN-myr: **Idea** Logdotzip: *bippety boppety your content is now my property*

  • Stephen Arlow
    Stephen Arlow

    Tyler earlier: Ahhh sheep are worthless. Tyler now: What are sheep the answer to all are problems. They drop diamonds.

  • Purple Insanity
    Purple Insanity

    Please change the name of your pickaxe just plzplzpzlzplzpzlzpzlzlp

  • XxCarioxX

    Doesn’t like shulker boxes?

  • Daeg Cooper
    Daeg Cooper

    In some reality: grass drops enchanted golden apples and logs drop elytra


    13:16 oh no! I gotta eat my golden apple me: you only lost 1 and a half hearts and its a enchanted golden apple

  • chriscreeper07

    is it for 1.14.4? because when i put it, it doesnt work

  • Braxton 410
    Braxton 410

    You should carry a pickaxe without silk touch too

  • Yoan Ronci
    Yoan Ronci

    Hey Preston’s friend! How do we join the group?

  • GamingwithADRIAN

    2:16 PP room 😹😹😹😂😂😂😹😹😹🤣🤣🤣😹😹😹

  • slime boy
    slime boy

    lol i like the music xD

  • Twisha Batra
    Twisha Batra

    What do we get when we pour water over lava?

  • BuzzScout

    10:45 Yep. This is me. You're probably wondering how I got into this situation.

  • AZanyFriend09 Psychopath
    AZanyFriend09 Psychopath

    Nether wart, that's not stone that's polished andisite!

  • AZanyFriend09 Psychopath
    AZanyFriend09 Psychopath

    2:13 having fun in your P P room? :D :P :D :D :P

  • Pie209 plays
    Pie209 plays

    You need blaze rods

  • Pie209 plays
    Pie209 plays

    What does obsidion drop

  • Evan Bishir
    Evan Bishir

    Who else thought the bamboo was a green blaze rod

  • Martin Angel
    Martin Angel


  • Eino Rauhala
    Eino Rauhala

    If you bonemeal certain flowers it makes copys of them

  • Scientific Matthew
    Scientific Matthew

    Orange Is My Favorite Color

  • clyax113

    All this time we've been bashing sheep for dropping nothing. Boy do we look stupid now.

  • Denis Sheahan
    Denis Sheahan

    I wonder what jones drops...

  • EpicLandsGaming

    Orange sheep + Satin = Loom . Loom + satin = diamond block Yup that makes sence

  • Tijmen Moll
    Tijmen Moll

    Can we get this map ourselves

  • Laureen Methorst
    Laureen Methorst

    Logdotzip: "come here pretty boy" Orange sheep: *screaming*

    • Dogs are awesome!
      Dogs are awesome!

      that's funny. and sheep do scream so it fits.

  • Laureen Methorst
    Laureen Methorst

    Logdotzip: * finds diamond by killing sheep * Sheep: *nervous sweating* That's why the moment he found out all the sheep just disappeared!

  • Charity's Bible study
    Charity's Bible study

    How do you get the data pack

  • XxMaximum DangerxX
    XxMaximum DangerxX

    Logdotzip:GIMMIE WHAT I NEED!!! *Sheep drops blaze rod* Logdotzip:NOPEEEEE Sheep:Bruh I gave you what you needed

    • Harvey destroyer gamer
      Harvey destroyer gamer

      Ive seen ten people say ThE ShEeP drop blaze rods. If you look closely you can see that grass droped the blaze rod

  • Elisabet Femilia Widianto
    Elisabet Femilia Widianto

    Bamboo drops diamond blocks

    • Elisabet Femilia Widianto
      Elisabet Femilia Widianto

      It didnt drip because you used silk touch pick

  • Human Person
    Human Person

    Destroy a block, it drops a block, place block repeat

  • Jeremy Calipjo
    Jeremy Calipjo

    Bamboo shoots drop diamond blocks You can get a bamboo in blazers

  • _SavageUni Playz_
    _SavageUni Playz_

    Lol for the whole vid he was looking for blaze rods and he said sheep’s were useless and then pink dye, and sheep had everything he had been looking for lol

  • _SavageUni Playz_
    _SavageUni Playz_

    But what does Obsidion drop?

  • Realpokesaur Totodile
    Realpokesaur Totodile


  • Oscar HAREVY
    Oscar HAREVY

    Plz watch my you tube channel by clicking on my profile picture

  • Jack Rutledge
    Jack Rutledge

    I unsub Bc members only content is way too abundant on channel now and no new dotzip videos :(

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