The NETHER except with RANDOM Drops (Minecraft Randomizer Survival #3)
Today we dive into the NETHER in our RANDOM DROP, randomizer Minecraft survival series!!
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Thanks to our friend Sethbling who wrote a script that randomizes every single drop in Minecraft. We're going to test our luck at surviving in this crazy world with this loot table randomizer. We’re going try to accomplish three things, 1) build a house with nice things in it, 2) build a Redstone contraption, 3) take on the ender dragon. Join Logdotzip on this Exploring RANDOM Drops in the Nether (Minecraft Randomizer Survival #3) in Minecraft 1.14!
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✅Originally created by Sethbling

🎶 Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
All music used with permission from its creator.

  • Hedgehog pt 2
    Hedgehog pt 2

    Pp means pewdiepie

  • truvonne


  • Scripter Provider
    Scripter Provider

    20:19 u can make BREWING STANDS!

  • Kawaii Potato UwU
    Kawaii Potato UwU

    I know from the sevomd i thunk that birch gicves loom and loom gives diamond but he didnt remember.

  • Dylan’s World
    Dylan’s World

    Do not click read more Why didn’t you listen to me

  • Kiryonn Akira
    Kiryonn Akira

    this ending x)

  • Lynda Head
    Lynda Head

    PP drop! LoL

  • thegamingcreeper

    Alex is aSell out😠

  • BillCypher 1388
    BillCypher 1388

    The reason you got ender pearls is because wither skeleton drop either skeleton skulls and they are replaced with ender pearls

  • Giriraj Uttarwar
    Giriraj Uttarwar

    Do you know that the drop of blazes are not blaze rods

  • Ishaan Kalra
    Ishaan Kalra

    You should get a brewing stand you can get them from villages you can try to make some fire Resistance potions for the nether

  • Lisa Victoria
    Lisa Victoria

    Netherrack in the Overworld is grass. My friend SuperElias2010 told me this the last time I played Minecraft

  • hawkon moe
    hawkon moe

    @logdotzip what was the name of the tribal music?

  • Caleb PlaysYT
    Caleb PlaysYT

    What does obsidian drop

  • Alfeezo

    What do zombie pigmen drop?

  • Adam Ringler
    Adam Ringler


  • Jessica Applegate
    Jessica Applegate

    LogDotZip I dare you to do a challenge where you do randomizer and randomized crafting

  • Jeniffer Simon
    Jeniffer Simon

    " This nether is really cool " DA NETHER HAS LAVA HOW IS DAT COOL

  • Alexander Godak
    Alexander Godak

    3:00 BOOKS FOR LIFE!!

  • OkHi

    “I don’t need thi--OOOUIH-“

  • Riani Desinastiti
    Riani Desinastiti

    The Nether is FLOWER POWER

  • Aaron Way
    Aaron Way

    Its funny how he did not care that there was a pink sheep

  • Marcy Szczepanski
    Marcy Szczepanski

    Him: randomized drops Me: superflat with layers: Wood plank 2 Stone 2 Iron 2 Lapis 2 Redstone 2 Emerald 2 Diamond 2 Nether quartz 2 Bedrock 1

  • Tahoe J
    Tahoe J


  • Unknown Yotuber
    Unknown Yotuber

    Is this on tlauncher

  • TheRetroGamer YT
    TheRetroGamer YT

    So your pp room was an foreshadowing for Alex lol

  • Zidan H Prasetyo
    Zidan H Prasetyo

    jokes: money is from the tree

  • Zidan H Prasetyo
    Zidan H Prasetyo

    umm what

  • Zidan H Prasetyo
    Zidan H Prasetyo

    sheep: hey i got blaze rods logdotzip: o_o logdozip: *kills sheep* logdotzip: o_o ok i have the rod ok im done.

  • Owen Yang
    Owen Yang

    At the end it said that the editor also had no idea what he's talking about

  • Luke Barton
    Luke Barton

    Try breaking obsidian

  • Evan Willett
    Evan Willett

    13:38 No, there is just a one block thick wall of netherrack blocking the tunnel!

  • Roblox Legend
    Roblox Legend

    20:02 yea same thing man

  • Kaliko Kitty
    Kaliko Kitty

    See what a juke box drops?

  • Nicole Bohm
    Nicole Bohm

    You never went to the end. >:(

  • Trompimus Prime
    Trompimus Prime

    Minecraft is illogical. This is even more illogical.

  • Brendon Friday
    Brendon Friday

    Does this code work on ps4 if it does please send it to me i can't go on the internet

  • Dale Brannon Dela Cruz
    Dale Brannon Dela Cruz

    bruh why did you not break the chest

  • Jackson Roberts
    Jackson Roberts

    Pretty sure that the silk touch only works with stuff that is affected normally by silk touch like ores

  • Guinea pigs And horses
    Guinea pigs And horses

    I know why..... it’s because he went all the way to the nether to find blaze rods and then when he killed the pink sheep and it’s dropped a blaze rode it was like he went to the nether fro nothing

  • Captain Skelly306
    Captain Skelly306

    No one: Logdotzip after getting shot at: *high pitch plead* oH tHeIr ShOoTiNg At Me!! OH HOAH!!

  • Triston the gamer
    Triston the gamer

    put stnedc frell put staned glass on beacon

  • Janelle Cooper
    Janelle Cooper

    2:04 Logdotzip: Wait, what did I just say!?

  • Katarzyna B Stelter
    Katarzyna B Stelter

    i subed to u

  • memes4life :D
    memes4life :D

    tyler nether brick drops kelp i saw in the vid btw and kelp block can be used as fuel bc i saw it on mah mc homepage

  • Ashwalker67

    Dude you need bedrock armor and you will never ever die

  • Ariubeki_Hinote

    the 9:11 music reminds me of something... bike milk? like if u know wat im talking about

  • Evan Gustavson
    Evan Gustavson

    11:03 I don't think I've ever heard someone complain about enchanting tables.

  • Павел Шекерев
    Павел Шекерев

    Is it just me or on 12:55 lagged a bit?

  • BellaLiuGood

    0:41 0:42 0:43

  • BellaLiuGood

    0:42 😂

  • Caine Cherubin
    Caine Cherubin

    I spawned by a nether fortress:)

  • The Phenomenal Dev
    The Phenomenal Dev

    I'm not sure but I think glowstone loot is shepherd because they sell green wool I think

  • Bob The Builder
    Bob The Builder

    You gotta love how he says “Makes sense!” in a random drops world. When wither skeletons drop Ender pearls.

  • Michael Baker
    Michael Baker

    It's funny when Logdotzip says come on or something like that😂

  • Adeladie_snipër !
    Adeladie_snipër !

    You can get a good and you can right in side so you won’t forget

  • xx night xx
    xx night xx

    You have fire resistant

  • Paytyn Allen
    Paytyn Allen

    Am I the only one who noticed that he used his enchanted golden apple after losing one and a half hearts I mean really he had fire protection he was fine

  • ComfyMonkey

    You had air in your inve ntory

  • Jayon Micallef
    Jayon Micallef

    Ghast that killed me for revenge

  • Jayon Micallef
    Jayon Micallef

    So I was is in the nether and I was trying to find a nether fortress and a ghast came out of no where and killed me whit all of my diamond gear and diamonds and that wasnt nice so I killed the family of the ghast that killed me for revenge

  • theresa eder
    theresa eder

    soul sand da

  • Joshie Aumick
    Joshie Aumick

    He’s so funny 😂

  • Banana Bunch
    Banana Bunch

    1:54 It is a little-known fact that if you use bonemeal on a flower, you will not only spawn just other flowers, but also increase the chance of coming across the initial flower.

  • Amy Giauque
    Amy Giauque

    did you know that if you bonemeal a flower, a bunch of them will appear?

  • Soso the Best!
    Soso the Best!

    7:42 oooh pink wool!!!

  • Parker White
    Parker White


  • L Merz
    L Merz

    Turtles are burried treasure loot

  • extronic gameing
    extronic gameing

    I HAVE 5 MINUTES OF FIRE RESISTANCE!*proceeds to crouch on magma blocks *

  • Cutie Fox
    Cutie Fox

    You did not brake solsend

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