The Real Reasons These Actors Are No Longer Part Of The MCU
Sadly, not every actor who joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe ends up sticking around. Some become unhappy with Marvel, some fall out of love with blockbusters altogether, and some become victims of scheduling conflicts. These are the reasons some of the MCU’s key players have said farewell to that universe.
A lot of fans were surprised when Marvel Studios announced in 2010 that it wouldn't ask Incredible Hulk star Edward Norton to reprise his role in Avengers. The company put out a press release saying, in part:
"Our decision is definitely not one based on monetary factors, but instead rooted in the need for an actor who embodies the creativity and collaborative spirit of our other talented cast members."
Norton's agent called the statement "offensive" and claimed the studio unexpectedly cut off negotiations. Norton changed his story over the years, telling NPR in 2014 that he chose to leave the role because he wanted more diversity in his career.
Before 2010 there was already bad blood between Norton and Marvel. Norton signed on to the lead in The Incredible Hulk under the condition that he could rewrite Zak Penn's script. Marvel agreed and while Norton's added scenes were filmed, most were cut before release. Two months before the movie’s premiere, Entertainment Weekly reported Norton was refusing to do press for the film.
And the break with Marvel still appears to be on Norton's mind. In July 2018 - just over a decade after Incredible Hulk's release - he took a swipe at Marvel during Comedy Central's Roast of Bruce Willis.
Tim Roth, who played The Incredible Hulk’s main villain Emil Blonsky, has revealed in the past that Marvel actually considered bringing him back for the sequel to The Avengers.
It isn't clear from what Roth said whether they were considering Abomination as the main villain, or if he would have been working with Ultron. Roth has since said he isn't confident about returning to the MCU, and considering the unlikelihood of a Hulk sequel, his doubts are understandable. Keep watching the video to see the real reasons these actors are no longer part of the MCU!

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    Which of these MCU actors do you miss the most?

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      Tom holland

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    I personally think Howard is better than don Sorry guys

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    The people from Marvel said that next year they will release another Thor movie, in which Natalie Portman will appear as a female Thor AND Valkyrie will NOT be the girlfriend of Thor and I dont think that was ever an option.

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    I was wondering why they changed the Hulk. Also was really sad not to see Natalie back :(

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    Who’s here when Jane is back?

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    laura r

    Edward Norton is a beast of an actor... so underated... I feel sorry for people who only know him from that Hulk movie. I mean Ruffalo is a good Hulk, but lets be honest... Hulk is no one's favorite from MCU.. bad constructed caracter... so edward don't lied when he said it needed a better script...

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    ok old rhodes i don't like u anymore

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    honestly quicksliver made me cry a whole ocean when he died

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    Natalie Portman is coming back in Phase four of the MCU.

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    I want quicksilver back 😔✋🏻

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    Actors and Actresses like Natalie Portman, Edward Norton and Hugo Weaving seem so out of place in MCU movies

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    Portman doesn’t belong in comic movies. I don’t know why they cast her.

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    HUgo Weaving was HUGE already, in Matrix - in case ppl forgot . . .

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    3:37 why did he say marvel took issue with howards story, someone please respond ASAP??.

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    Anybody else taking credit for Downey’s success is a joke.

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    I want thor and black widow as a couple...... I'd like to see that!

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    I kinda see why Terrence Howard was ticked off. He got screwed over big time.

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    Portman is coming back in Thor: Love and Thunder

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    Hugo Weaving was in the Matrix too. Did this guy forget that?

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    Thor’s friends should have survived .. they could have made a good attempt in the end game

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    i never liked terence as rhodes anyway.

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    Fandral was played by Josh Dallas in the first Thor movie Levi replaced him in the other 2. I didn’t notice it until I re-watched the movies.

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    The absolute cheek of Natalie Portman. She’ll happily come back and play female Thor though right? With a fatter paycheck? HYPOCRITE

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    Lets face it, over half of these actors didn't come back because they were greedy or political about it. They don't actually care about movies anymore. Smh

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    Brolin was the right choice for thanos

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    Game Guild

    I miss norton, it felt like he wanted to make bruce banner a real character and was hoping to make him a real emotional center. I don't hate ruffalo, but I don't see him as conflicted with the hulk persona, and besides one or two scenes he's more or less a big goof played for laughs.

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    Does it ever get tiresome being wrong so often? Natalie Portman is going to be the new Goddess Thor.

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    “Wants more diversity in his roles” plays a big, green, hulk

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    Jane is coming back for Thor 4

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    what about betty in hulk! and the scientist with the giant head hinted to be a future villian at the end of the film

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    And of course Natalie Portman wasn't just being polite as it turns out...

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    Why is Natalie Portman no longer part of the MCU. Explanation given: because Natalie Portman is open to reprising her role... And 3 months later, she's announced as being in the next Thor movie. Good job Looper.

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    I've come from the future to tell y'all that Marvel Studios today confirm that Natalie Portman will reprise her role in future Thor Movies not only as Jane Foster but as woman Thor.

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    And now Natalie’s going to be the female Thor 😊

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    Edward Norton was the worst Hulk so far in history anyway. His replacement was a win-win.

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