The Red Baron
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The Red Baron · Sabaton
The Red Baron
℗ 2019 Nuclear Blast
Released on: 2019-06-12
Author: Joakim Brodén
Composer: Joakim Brodén
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  • Trevor Radny
    Trevor Radny

    The Red Baron himself is gone, but the legend of him will never die.

  • OmnivorousCarbon

    Good ass music and great lyrics

  • Comrade Cheese
    Comrade Cheese

    where the hell do you gotta be to need a vpn for this song

  • Paden Jahnke
    Paden Jahnke

    Every time I hear of this guy, even though I know his history back to front, I think of the Pizza brand first...

  • Johnathon

    cover art is fuckin wicked

  • Marshall Xeno
    Marshall Xeno

    1917, relaxing in a plane ride. Metal organ starts playing "What's that red dot?"

  • Rogue Leader
    Rogue Leader

    I could go for a Red Baron pizza right about now.

  • Original Rush
    Original Rush

    What's the name of the medievil Melody in the intro?

  • Kuroka Kyle
    Kuroka Kyle

    Here’s someone to help you learn about real fighting.

    • Kuroka Kyle
      Kuroka Kyle

      Oh so he studied my legacy at school that’s explains why he lives. Let’s see him put his wisdom to use .

    • Kuroka Kyle
      Kuroka Kyle

      Oh the man at Ames ? He’s coming to train you no need to go to him the dark ages are about to begin.

  • /Love/ /Peace
    /Love/ /Peace

    Imagine this absolute legend. First pilot ace...

  • TheMadKerbal

    Some random Aussie with a Lewis Gun, upon seeing some dude in a Red Triplane: I'm about to end this man's whole career.

  • Turtles

    This goes to show having a great warrior isn't what counts in war, unit cohesion is more important than individual kill counts

  • Rad Bones
    Rad Bones

    Allied pilot in 1916: Why am i hearing boss music?

  • jose maria savariñiuk
    jose maria savariñiuk


  • Nate B
    Nate B

    I don’t know if you read comments but I hope you do another tour in 2020. The company that I bought tickets from cancelled my ticket sale even though I got them when they first went on sale. I hope you guys have safe travels and hope to see you in the future!

  • CMDR Night
    CMDR Night

    Ah yes the Red Baron, a Fokker in a Red Fokker.

  • Shawn Dominique
    Shawn Dominique

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment

    I read the red bacon

  • Red Blade Renegade
    Red Blade Renegade

    Listening to this song makes me want pizza. Anyone else?

  • King William the Conqueror
    King William the Conqueror

    More of this style organ please

  • It's Flint_
    It's Flint_

    my guy has like a bit of polish in him i think

  • Dragon king
    Dragon king

    Allies when they see red baron for the first time: ,,Who's that motherfokker?" You get it?

  • lucas spaceprogram
    lucas spaceprogram

    R.I.P Manfred von Richthofen the famous german empire pilot with 80 kills :v

  • Agent_Ocelot

    Everyone: [Is using a VPN] Me: I'm sorry, is this some sort of European joke that I'm too American to understand?

    • Tiberiu-Gabriel Chițibura
      Tiberiu-Gabriel Chițibura

      I live Romania , and I don't need a VPN for this masterpiece 🤘

    • Unnoticed

      I live in Australia, and I use a VPN.

    • Master Chief323
      Master Chief323

      I live in the netherlands and I don't use a vpn

    • Finnish Nationalist
      Finnish Nationalist

      I live in Finland and i don't need to use VPN

    • Alessio Negri
      Alessio Negri

      yeah the album came out in other places before being available in certain countries so vpn basically got you to listen the album before it came out in your country

  • KMS Bismarck
    KMS Bismarck

    *spots Red Baron >screams in airplane.

  • c0rpx

    runter kommen sie alle

  • Liam voorhees
    Liam voorhees

    Me in any flying game, I can't be beat.

  • Bigjohn Wood
    Bigjohn Wood

    midi soundtrack to duke nukem or game like it.. at start.. than becomes still midi but bad ass.. omfg.. like the red baron himself.. a kraut but i respect his story to the max.. and the gentlemen attitude of him. The red plane.. for his fgoes to gain an advantage if he allowed or to jst give him a challenge.. yet luck as is in war.. got him.. and today we scream his name from that war due to it being the war germany didn't go genocidal on the world..

  • carden loyd tankette
    carden loyd tankette

    The Sabaton singer dude (dunno his name lol) has ascended to such high levels of ascension that he can fire the plane-mounted versions of me without even pulling the trigger...

  • Marcus Pruiett
    Marcus Pruiett

    Ive probably listened to this song and its friends for a total of around 72 hours straight (not cumulative). Still not over it.

  • I_like Tanks
    I_like Tanks

    Rip manfred von Richthofen

  • I am in great pain
    I am in great pain

    >Be me. >Live in Africa. >See people talking about using a VPN. >Kek

  • TheTyranex

    this is the only youtube version with the intro and I love it all the more for it

  • katia aureli
    katia aureli


  • NorthernLeigonare

    Did they change the music or something or am i drunmk?

  • The Teutonic Plague
    The Teutonic Plague

    The Baron actually survived the war and now makes pizza.

    • ApostleOfWonka

      The Teutonic Plague And grew a mustache too apparently.

  • ah, yes enslaved depression
    ah, yes enslaved depression

    this is a lot better than the historical opening

  • sherlock holmes
    sherlock holmes

    teacher: what do you know about the red baron? me: HES FLYING TO FAST AND HES FLYING TO HIGH

  • L DZ
    L DZ

    man they should do epic song about Erich Hartmann aka Bubi!

    • SpitfirePancakes

      That would be awesome, they need more about axis tank crews and pilots

  • Emmanuel Papadakis
    Emmanuel Papadakis

    "He's flying too fast and he's flying too high" An Australian boy would beg to differ.

    • TheMadKerbal

      The Legend may not die, but it turns out the man himself was quite vulnerable to bullets.

    • SpitfirePancakes


  • BrendanJ Rice
    BrendanJ Rice

    The reason we have freedom of speech is for this song, and that’s why we’re better then you brits

  • The One Millionth Roger
    The One Millionth Roger

    Joakim Brodén, primarch of the White Scars

  • Not_So_Weird 1615
    Not_So_Weird 1615

    I know what the intro is but I really want a full version with the effects and stuff

  • Araciel

    En abril de 1917 el barón rojo llevaba abatidos a 52 pilotos enemigos . Sin duda este piloto es una leyenda

  • mr Nohax
    mr Nohax

    H I G H E R

  • Derek Mann
    Derek Mann

    Anyone else get Castlevania vibes from the opening? Seems like it could be the title screen for a game or something

  • Plasma wolf
    Plasma wolf

    *german intensifys*

  • History Girl
    History Girl

    Rookie British pilots: *exist* The Red Baron: It's free real estate.

  • Magik120 War thunder
    Magik120 War thunder

    Joakim looks like Kubilai Khan 🤣🤣

    • Hilversumborn

      Joakim Khan has a nice ring to it

  • Jed Olson
    Jed Olson

    Pizza time.

    • el nige
      el nige


  • Ray Seijas
    Ray Seijas

    “That Red Mother Fokker was good!” - Barack Obama

  • Ben Bramble
    Ben Bramble

    Just think if he had lived he probably still would of been the best pilot until the end of ww2

  • J. Bartoš
    J. Bartoš

    The real king of the sky was Erich Hartmann

  • Michael Suarez
    Michael Suarez

    A tribute to the legendary king of the sky, MANFRED VON RICHTOFEN! GRUSSEN FUR DIE ROTTE BARON!

  • Greg Sherwood
    Greg Sherwood

    Weird for you.

  • An Idiot Plays
    An Idiot Plays

    Makes me wanna get a Fokker dr 1 and get shot down by some random Australian dude.

  • Dragonball 777
    Dragonball 777

    Regardless of what team you played for on battle field 1 The red Barron is everybody's champ.

  • Yadhu A
    Yadhu A

    Just been 1d since I found this song and I've listened to it about 100 times

  • Jace Baker
    Jace Baker


  • Sidney Sparks
    Sidney Sparks

    Hello from the US of A

  • Midwest Siren Productions
    Midwest Siren Productions

    Everyone else: *is here for the Red Baron* Me: *is here for the sick Bach bit at the beginning*

  • Link Sab
    Link Sab

    *Me, an allied pilot* *I see a red plane* "Why do I hear boss music?" (the start of the song is exactly a boss intro)

  • David McConville
    David McConville

    Billy Bishop was better. *FLAME WAR INTENSIFIES*

  • Cornelious Cook
    Cornelious Cook

    2:56 when smonk weed

  • Bruno

    Yo I have heard that intro before, does anyone know what it is?

    • Bruno

      @SpitfirePancakes lol you're helpful

    • SpitfirePancakes

      It's from Sabaton - The Red Baron

  • Communism Lad
    Communism Lad

    People are saying that they have to use a VPN to listen to this, what countries is it banned in?

  • Roque MainCoon
    Roque MainCoon

    299 people need to die

  • Инженегр Поехавший
    Инженегр Поехавший

    Вот слушаю, так и хочется одеть летные очки, сесть в Фоккер, и полететь еб*шить врагов!

  • DB 2310
    DB 2310

    When you're playing a flying game and you don't crash in the first 10 seconds

  • GryphGaming

    I really appreciated the circus like intro because Richthofen's wing was called the Flying Circus

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