The Red Baron
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The Red Baron · Sabaton
The Red Baron
℗ 2019 Nuclear Blast
Released on: 2019-06-12
Author: Joakim Brodén
Composer: Joakim Brodén
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  • Slicer John
    Slicer John

    Me when I get a plane in battlefield 1

  • Minecraft Bookshelf
    Minecraft Bookshelf

    Imagine using a VPN

  • alarin612

    All I can think of is the old song with Snoopy vs. the Red Baron.

  • Watapizza

    Fugue in G minor. This is the best crossover between Bach and Sabaton

  • Aidan Mattson
    Aidan Mattson

    The intro is Fugue in G minor by J.S. Bach

  • Bono Giamboni
    Bono Giamboni

    Wait, where do all people saying they use a vpn come from? Where is this song illegal? Maybe germany because of the iron cross and pro-german military message?

    • Alex Månsson
      Alex Månsson

      @Bono Giamboni Indeed. I didn't do it, but perhaps for this fridays release of the full album I will :) \m/

    • Bono Giamboni
      Bono Giamboni

      @Alex Månsson wow, that's commitment.

    • Alex Månsson
      Alex Månsson

      Nope, it's from when the song was new. It was released in Austrailia first (due to time zones), so everyone used a vpn to Austrailia to hear the song earlier.

  • Lurch_ Liebe
    Lurch_ Liebe

    The first few notes sound like Waidmannsheil

  • Kaiser Johnny
    Kaiser Johnny


  • Alejandro Kaplan
    Alejandro Kaplan

    This would be perfect for a Youjo Senki AMV

  • Tim Cliffe
    Tim Cliffe

    Why does this sound like Uriah Heep?

  • كاهن النار الازلية
    كاهن النار الازلية

    الي من الخليج لايك

  • 1 1
    1 1

    >Me fly with my paper plane above German trenches >red plane dude kills before I see him >me taking to snt Peter when in heavens :DUDE THAT'S OP UNFAIR!!

  • Damaddok82

    Some needs to put this song to a video of snoopy fighting the red Barron.

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    When your a ww1 allied pilot on the boss mode

  • Emperor Razor
    Emperor Razor

    who would win ? one Redplane with 3 wingpairs and a pilot who got a seizure in the fight or 6 entente flybois spoiler: close victory for the flybois ;D

  • Nicks Gaming
    Nicks Gaming

    Does anyone think this sounds oddly similar to night witches?

  • Matvey Veselov
    Matvey Veselov

    Vodka flows through my veins (taken from comment under “Sabaton - Panzerkampf”) 😂

  • Craig Biggam
    Craig Biggam

    Allied pilot... flying... Just shot down a plane.. feel amazing. Ah shit.

  • HolyPastrami

    Am i the only one who cant help to think of Plants vs Zombies whenever they hear that songs into?

  • stranger ranger
    stranger ranger

    When you want your bread ready: HIGHER!

  • cortex383

    The intro is Bach's Little Fugue in G just fyi

  • Fabio Guarnieri
    Fabio Guarnieri

    The first 30 seconds are by J.S. Bach, but I don't know the name of the composition. Do you know it?

    • Ninja Retard
      Ninja Retard

      Little Fugue. Or something similar.

  • Nuclear Matt
    Nuclear Matt

    My girlfriend, 2 hours after I first heard this song: "Will you play something else already?!" Me: "THE LEGEND WILL NEVER DIE!!!"

  • IronEd636

    This song has some kind of a jazzy vibe. I like it.

  • Apothecary Chainblade
    Apothecary Chainblade

    VN-my: This video is not available in America. Me: *Laughs in Irish.*

  • Stefan Colovic
    Stefan Colovic

    ooh that Bach intro XD

  • gillecroisd 92
    gillecroisd 92

    "Fight on, and fly on, to the last drop of blood and the last drop of fuel, to the last beat of the heart," -Manfred von Richthofen

  • Rosemary Kaye
    Rosemary Kaye

    Awesome! I love the villainesque organ intro! He sounds absolutely terrifying! Amazing! But terrifying! The artwork! Lol. Joakim Broden in a biplane, lol. Hard to get more metal.

  • 500K Subs without a Video?
    500K Subs without a Video?

    Sehr gut Very good muy bien очень хорошо nimis très bien çok iyi ดีมาก labai gerai veľmi dobré とても良い Erittäin hyvä

  • Tobias Raab
    Tobias Raab

    The intro is Bach - Fugue in G minor BWV 578, so Sabaton uses a Bach Piece to open an epic Song, how awesome is this!!!

  • Blastmdead

    Bismarck: King of the Sea Ghost Division: Kings of the Land The Red Baron: King of the Sky

  • Jakub Kurpiński
    Jakub Kurpiński

    This will be perfect live. Imagine the crowds in the chorus...

  • Sereganne

    N A N O M A C H I N E S O N

  • Luciano Barroso
    Luciano Barroso

    the best aviator of histotory;Salve manfred von richstofen

  • Tea-sus

    Red Baron: You cannot possibly defeat me! Canada: I know, but he can. Billy Bishop: *flies in*

  • Chimonakimi

    If the Red Baron was around now: Xx_RedBaron69_xX: STFU NOOB TEAMMATES AM CARRY YOU *Shot by ground AA* **Xx_RedBaron69_xX has left the game**

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Kiedy jesteś Polakiem i nie musisz mieć VPN by słuchać tego zacnego utworu.

  • Max

    Thanks for the music!!!

  • Reich Bunny
    Reich Bunny

    Death from above! You're under fire! Fuckin love it!

  • Seelenschnitter

    And no VPN was used that day

  • Death Knight Ebonshield
    Death Knight Ebonshield

    To those outside the U.S. using VPN. Welcome to Freedom Network! Have a burger, a beer, and a AR-15 and enjoy this great song!

  • Yuriy Smith
    Yuriy Smith

    бей красную заразу! Спасибо за службу, Бро.

  • Dan J
    Dan J

    What is the start of this song called, it must have a sort of style named after it?

  • Fajar Azka
    Fajar Azka

    why my gov hide this masterpiece..?

  • Millard VanBuran
    Millard VanBuran

    VN-my: Sorry about that, but that video is not.... * turns on VPN to go HIGHER....* VN-my: Curse you Red Baron!

  • Legacy Maiden
    Legacy Maiden

    Mad just mad

  • Robert McGuire
    Robert McGuire

    Michel Wittman song is deserved. You could call it "Tiger 217"

  • Corny Pro
    Corny Pro



    He's flying awfully fast and high isn't he

  • Michael F. Bender
    Michael F. Bender

    Didn't know Joakim had a pilots license!

  • Ethan Young
    Ethan Young

    *the red baron has entered the server* *Every allied pilot* SON OF A BITCH

  • TheZenStar16

    Anybody know when they might release Ghost in the trenches? That a song I'm even more hyped for than this.....which I can't believe I'm saying.

  • General Heer
    General Heer

    Now the Red Baron is aside Time for the Desert Fox... *Plays Afrikakorps* Erwin Rommel

  • Dopa Hkiin
    Dopa Hkiin

    they should make an album about wehrmacht/ SS

  • Xav Tal
    Xav Tal

    Some drunk dude from south england: Gday mates, imma bout to end this man's whole career

  • CinderSparks


  • WubboWub

    >be Russian >don't have to use a VPN to listen to this Haha yes

  • Aether Beefer
    Aether Beefer

    Guys: *Makes meme comments where girls don't like learning about war or don't like planes* Night Witches: Are we a joke to you?

  • Don'tTakeMeSeriouslyIGotWeebShitAsMyProfile

    >Be 20 year old entente pilot >Wow it's been 2 hours in the war so far I'm doing okay ig >Hear this music > *You cannot save game file past this point. Proceed?* >tfw What the hell is a game file

  • Óscar

    I recognised the intro song if anyone is interested. Bach little fugue in g minor (BWV 578)

  • Randomnessity

    nice opening reference to classical music, mozart if I remember correctly

    • KINKOPT 102
      KINKOPT 102


  • _ Son of Pepe
    _ Son of Pepe

    I don’t need a vpn lmao

  • JayTheeMan

    Level 1: Using a VPN Level 50: Having the power to watch this without a VPN Level 100: Making a legendary comment Level 1000: The Red Baron

  • Logan Reiser
    Logan Reiser

    People liked this song so much they turned their phone upside down and liked again!!!

  • Severin Zaluzec
    Severin Zaluzec

    Little Fugue in G minor

  • Neustrashimy

    > uses VPN by default > watches video > sees countless comments about VPN and video access > turnes VPN off to see it's not blocked where I live > small squirmish dance of joy in my seat in corner of library


    Now we just need some dude to make a account called The Red Baron and comment on this video.


    It's actually kinda sad, as The whole higher part in some way inplicate how he died... with that in mind i am taking this song kinda different

  • Platuse

    Hail Sabaton!!!!!! AWESOME!!!

  • Mr. Bandity
    Mr. Bandity

    Israelis and Europeans using vpns: "G'day, uhhh mate?"

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