The Search For Our New Pet
Dolan Twins
We decided it was time to find a new pet! Now how do we find one that Grayson isn't allergic to?...
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A BIG thanks to our friend Brian for helping us meet these amazing animals!
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SNAPCHAT - GraysonDolan

  • Makayla ꎭ
    Makayla ꎭ

    god Noah is hot 🥵

  • Juicy Jay
    Juicy Jay

    The possum

  • xX[Reagan FoxysBiscuits]xX
    xX[Reagan FoxysBiscuits]xX

    why is grayson so surprised to be licked by a skunk 😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth Unzalu
    Elizabeth Unzalu

    Toad is best for you

  • Elizabeth Unzalu
    Elizabeth Unzalu

    The animals are so cute all of them

  • Elizabeth Unzalu
    Elizabeth Unzalu

    The possum is so cute and the sunk

  • Molly

    I think you should get the toad cuz you both liked it so I think you should have the toad as your pet

  • Gacha Dreams
    Gacha Dreams


  • A gray
    A gray

    That toad really scared me!!

  • Libby Costin
    Libby Costin

    You guys are so awesome!! Keep up the amazing work uploading such funny, creative videos that make so many people smile every day! Through such hard times, your spirits are still so high and that makes everyone who watches you happy too. You guys deserve everything you have and you should be so proud of how far you have come together. Keep up the awesome work!!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • kyndal lee
    kyndal lee

    I love the names that Grayson gave the animals 😂

  • Heaven Lope
    Heaven Lope

    :Grayson I thought he loved me

  • MusicGirl5

    Gray: its 200 pounds and it would lay on you and you'd just die *my great Dane has entered the chat*

  • MusicGirl5

    That snake looks like the same one that he helped david prank the vlog squad with

  • Angela Tejada
    Angela Tejada

    Yall should keep the possum

  • Selenafoote Trashy stuff
    Selenafoote Trashy stuff

    When Grayson saw that scorpion his eyes went 👀

  • Selenafoote Trashy stuff
    Selenafoote Trashy stuff

    That frog is so cute

  • Sociopathqueen

    im allergic to hairy animals too like cats, dogs, cows, and horses. Yet i have 4 cats

  • Hanna Bulloch
    Hanna Bulloch

    I know this is late but consider a bearded dragon please

  • Ané Botes
    Ané Botes

    I really loved the snake or the scorpion. The snake was large and if someone broke into your house and they see it on the floor they wouldnt wanna do anything. And the scorpion was so cute and he didnt wanna do anything. He was so calm. We could meditate together.

  • Julia Hebert-Leitao
    Julia Hebert-Leitao

    the snake is my fave

  • Gabs V.H
    Gabs V.H

    Did no one notice the Slappy the dummy in the background

  • Kaetlyn Arias
    Kaetlyn Arias

    wildlife guy: good news is that this one is going to be 18 feel long grayson: thats good news

  • Dragan Vuradin
    Dragan Vuradin


  • Zoe Morley
    Zoe Morley

    They should get a chicken!!!! I have 6 and they are amazing!!!


    “I thought you were gonna chop down on me with your jaws of steel.” Grayson Dolan

  • Sarah Antrim
    Sarah Antrim

    Toad or possum

  • JaLah Rodriguez
    JaLah Rodriguez

    Tortoise because there’s this one guy that he has a friend and he takes care of 🐢

  • Rylan Armstrong
    Rylan Armstrong

    I think you’ll work best with the toad and have a great bond

  • It’s Kylee Culbreth
    It’s Kylee Culbreth

    The goat aghhhhh💝🤍💖

  • It’s Kylee Culbreth
    It’s Kylee Culbreth

    I’m absolutely terrified of frogs if I have a small one near me I freak out if someone put that on me I would actually kill them

  • BrookieDoesArt

    4:46 aww ethan and dutch were both so cute! edit: ARE

  • Mila Jones
    Mila Jones

    They are going to be dumb in the future and going to be Dustin from stranger thing litterly

  • Macky MooHoo
    Macky MooHoo

    where do you live in New Jersey

  • Lindsay Richard
    Lindsay Richard

    T.T.G. (Tatiana the goat) Tatiana's new nickname

  • Fortnite god 4life
    Fortnite god 4life

    skunkkkkk its cute

  • Maddy’s Life
    Maddy’s Life


  • Romi Bomar
    Romi Bomar

    Opossums are great and they are wiled where I live

  • Yaery Min
    Yaery Min


  • ava jolie
    ava jolie

    anyone else watching this during coronavirus, wondering what ever happened to them getting a pet?

  • sunflower life
    sunflower life

    you have got defrent haircuts

  • Angel Salina
    Angel Salina

    GET RUBEN!!!!!!!!

  • Angel Salina
    Angel Salina

    Fun fact i was in kindergarden when i touched that HUGE snake

  • Alicia-Lee Evans
    Alicia-Lee Evans


  • Erika xo
    Erika xo

    e & gray: awwww it’s so cute the toad: 👁____👁

  • AJLiv

    I think u guys should get the opossum

  • Lyneric Rios
    Lyneric Rios

    The tod

  • shanny j
    shanny j


  • macaroni & cheese
    macaroni & cheese


  • Ruby Smith
    Ruby Smith

    Who is watching old videos because they have nothing to do in covid 19

  • Jasmine Malenfant
    Jasmine Malenfant

    I love the tortoise and the giant toad

  • Dara Michelle Mendros
    Dara Michelle Mendros

    Who’s sick of quarantine

  • Katie Shoup
    Katie Shoup

    i want them to get the frog but name it dmetrie

  • Kelly Irwin
    Kelly Irwin

    This video ages really well with gizmo now in the mix 😂

  • SuzieG


  • Azyreonna Dodd
    Azyreonna Dodd


  • Nova n' Lova Fwiend gachas
    Nova n' Lova Fwiend gachas


  • Gabi Rockey
    Gabi Rockey

    Who else thought they would choose the toad

  • Bigboi_ jumbobacon
    Bigboi_ jumbobacon

    The toad was the beast

  • lucy b
    lucy b

    I want the giant toad!!!

  • Abbie Palframan
    Abbie Palframan

    ummmmmm tode or a possem

  • Tara Crossman
    Tara Crossman

    Im somewhat allergic to all my animals, but I have 4 rabbits, a horse, a cat and 9 sled dogs, unfortunately my allergies are getting worse each year :( You guys might be able to get a dog or a cat because they have hypoallergenic dogs and cats, but I totally understand not wanting to risk Graysons health

  • gale brooks
    gale brooks

    News flash thing never got this any pet

  • Kelis Knight
    Kelis Knight

    Dmitri is cute i really want a lizard so ima name my lizard if i get one ima name iT dmitri

  • Celeste Perez
    Celeste Perez

    I love Bryan’s content!

  • Lucero Gomez
    Lucero Gomez

    Get the giant toad

  • Gracie J Cole
    Gracie J Cole

    opossom please its so cuteeeee

  • Paige Brennan
    Paige Brennan

    You should have got a hedgehog they don’t have fur there small and kind I’m batting one soon after quarantine x

  • LRMVIDS Official
    LRMVIDS Official


  • Chloe Spaull
    Chloe Spaull

    Get the giant toed

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