The Search For Our New Pet
Dolan Twins
We decided it was time to find a new pet! Now how do we find one that Grayson isn't allergic to?...
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A BIG thanks to our friend Brian for helping us meet these amazing animals!
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  • samanthaaa


  • Ashton White
    Ashton White

    Go for an old tortoise from a rescue shelter!

  • Sophie Bayliss
    Sophie Bayliss

    i would go for the oppossom (idek how to spell it lol) or the toad bcs the toad was AdOrAbLe!

  • Clare Mahedy
    Clare Mahedy

    the toadddddd

  • Katelyn Audrey
    Katelyn Audrey

    Bust down Tatiana 😂

  • Rylee Costello
    Rylee Costello

    The possum

  • Laura Archer
    Laura Archer

    you should get the toad

  • Emalee Schleiermacher
    Emalee Schleiermacher

    Either the giant toad or the tortoise

  • Grace Miller
    Grace Miller

    possum 100% it was soooo cute

  • Ryan Bermudez
    Ryan Bermudez

    Why does the son kinda look like Jeffree stars boyfriend Nate 😭💀

  • cliona rose
    cliona rose

    The toad but I think the snake was the bomb

  • Daniella Gonzalez
    Daniella Gonzalez


  • TheCadenceproduction


  • Tatiana Fortes
    Tatiana Fortes

    Should I be offended that a goat has my name? 😅

  • Kim Griffin
    Kim Griffin

    Get the toad get the toad get the toad

  • Gabrielle Phelan
    Gabrielle Phelan

    My favorite was Tatiana but for you I think is the frog. Also I have my notifications on but I don't have social media.

  • Annk Izzo
    Annk Izzo

    Frog or the possum

  • jackie maleckas
    jackie maleckas


  • Annk Izzo
    Annk Izzo

    You guys look so funny with the snake lmaooooo

  • Julianna Smith
    Julianna Smith

    GET JERICO!!!!!!

  • Annk Izzo
    Annk Izzo

    He thinks of good names for the animals

  • pastel creativity
    pastel creativity

    Oh yes possum.

  • Yolanda Blount
    Yolanda Blount

    The toad...plzzzzz

  • Annk Izzo
    Annk Izzo

    He wants to be sprayed lmaooooo

  • Annk Izzo
    Annk Izzo

    Omg I love you guys

  • -JayareKay -
    -JayareKay -

    Obey the hipno toad

  • Carly Klingelberger
    Carly Klingelberger

    Personally I’d say Sylvester the Opossum just cause he could sorta mimick the feeling of having a dog because of the fur and he was just cute and cuddly.

  • Chionna Rieger
    Chionna Rieger

    The big toad

  • Avery Laughlin
    Avery Laughlin


  • Alina Rimbach
    Alina Rimbach


  • Arianna Drummond
    Arianna Drummond


  • rose& lotus
    rose& lotus


  • Aylnio

    Possum :3

  • Klara Suh
    Klara Suh

    Its a question for grayson

  • Klara Suh
    Klara Suh

    Hoi i have a question are u straight???

  • Valentina Saretta
    Valentina Saretta

    My favorite animal was the skunk and i think the best one for you would be the giant toad as you both said that you would 100% get one

  • Lady Marmalade
    Lady Marmalade

    I'd just like to compliment Grayson's pet-naming skills. Chris the scorpion. Amazing. I definitely think you guys should pick Jericho. You immediately seemed to love him.

  • Ione Warrell
    Ione Warrell


  • paige barber
    paige barber

    ruben 🐢

  • Karilee Garden
    Karilee Garden

    Get the toad

  • Gracie Boycott
    Gracie Boycott

    18:22 it's a love heart with Grayson and Ethan in!

  • Karilee Garden
    Karilee Garden

    Nope Grayson is thicker than Ethan

  • Noa Williams
    Noa Williams

    They should get a dwarf goat🤣

  • Harlie Gerth-McMullin
    Harlie Gerth-McMullin

    Definitely go with the opossum! You guys could actually have fun with him and you could teach him new tricks. A tortoise? All he can do it walk super slow, you can’t take him outside or anything. All the road can do is hop a lot but you can’t really take him outside either. You could like walk a pet possum outside and he could hang off the branches and have a great time

  • Alexis K
    Alexis K

    Or they could always get an hypoallergic dog like a golden doodle

  • Svea Sommar
    Svea Sommar

    Grayson: Can we name her...uuh... Tatiana? Me: *...Bust down Tatiana, bust down Tatiana*

  • Margaret Georgiou
    Margaret Georgiou

    Possum because there so cuteeeeee

  • Tasha Mwangi
    Tasha Mwangi

    Buss down Tatiana 😂😂😂😂😂I'm crying 😂😂🤣

  • Sabsi Meier
    Sabsi Meier

    I'd really like the skunk

  • Amaia King
    Amaia King

    This was posted on my birthday 🎂

  • Alisha Thomas
    Alisha Thomas


  • Francesca Bertoldi
    Francesca Bertoldi

    Tortoise!!❤ but I loved Tatiana too

  • Kayla Robbins
    Kayla Robbins

    Okay, love that the snake is named after where I live 😂😂😂😂

  • Nathalie Nilsson
    Nathalie Nilsson

    the giant toad

  • Sandra Guillen
    Sandra Guillen

    My favorite was the skunk

  • Clark Bondoc
    Clark Bondoc

    Get the turtle🐢

  • Greer Krumpelmann
    Greer Krumpelmann

    The toad

  • Zoe Harris
    Zoe Harris

    The tortoise I have 5of them

  • The ETC
    The ETC

    Is it weird that I kind of Want to have the snake around my neck?

  • Jessica Long
    Jessica Long

    12:22 is adorable 😂😍

  • GamingWith JayJay
    GamingWith JayJay


  • riya gill
    riya gill

    tbh their vids are getting boring but i still love them cuz they are so cute

  • Julianna Pino
    Julianna Pino

    Bro I saw Jericho and was like nah, but I was proved wrong, hes really cool.

  • Jaydyn Deems
    Jaydyn Deems


  • Lexi Nahim
    Lexi Nahim

    They should just get a hypoallergenic dog. lmao

  • Hye Ok
    Hye Ok

    Jericho the toad is cute, but he has poisonous glands (the "delts"). I know yall won't lick him but what if the delts rub against your hand, and you absentmindedly put your hand in your mouth (maybe eating or picking stuff out of your mouth lol).. maybe do a Part 2 with more orthodoxed pet choices 🤭

  • Caidyn Roberts
    Caidyn Roberts


  • Caidyn Roberts
    Caidyn Roberts


  • amy cervantes
    amy cervantes

    Ruben the tortoise c : 🐢

  • Hannah McConnell
    Hannah McConnell


  • CosmicSquirrel

    Sylvester for sure

  • hailey Rodriguez
    hailey Rodriguez

    The turtle 🐢 not the toad because it can make u hallucinate

  • macee diane
    macee diane

    jericho pls

  • Percy Fraas
    Percy Fraas

    I think you guys should actually try a hedgehog 🦔

  • maria reyes
    maria reyes

    The toad 100%

  • Maita Cutler
    Maita Cutler

    The opposum

  • Celeste Aviet
    Celeste Aviet

    Choose Jericho 😍

  • Arsenia Tompkins
    Arsenia Tompkins

    choose Jericho

  • brooklyn albuquerque
    brooklyn albuquerque

    reuben and jericho and dutch

  • Crystal Miller
    Crystal Miller

    I really thought the difference between them was hair...

  • Taylor Remp
    Taylor Remp

    get ruben the tortoise!!

  • Noah Najarro
    Noah Najarro

    🐢The toad🐢

  • alexa b
    alexa b

    ruben or jericho like if you want either of these

  • Lowkey Ava
    Lowkey Ava

    RUBAN PLEASE I LOVE HIM and I love the twins (I’m a twin too)❤️🤪

  • Kat

    get a ruben !!!

  • Georgia Indigo
    Georgia Indigo

    Ohk but what about a hairless cat?

  • Alyssa Soto
    Alyssa Soto

    Jericho the toad seemed to really fit well with you two! I think Ruben the tortoise as well!! Love tortoises!

  • Alyssa Mautz
    Alyssa Mautz

    Y’all know there are hypoallergenic dogs, right? Anything with hair and not fur would avoid the allergy problem. Just a thought ☺️

  • Mariah Logan
    Mariah Logan

    Face is not the same Grayson is way finer

  • Aryona Harris
    Aryona Harris

    I want them to get the opossum or the Turtle 💕😂

  • Matthew Gross
    Matthew Gross

    My honest opinion, having a cat that I am allergic to, is that if you like an animal enough it is worth the allergies.

  • Kiwi Fruit
    Kiwi Fruit

    *Me sitting here with 67 rescue pets*

  • AVideoStarWorld Willemijn
    AVideoStarWorld Willemijn

    To be honest they should just get all the pets and start their own animal squad

  • morgan Meyers
    morgan Meyers

    Bahahaha skunk boy

  • morgan Meyers
    morgan Meyers

    #whats in the bathtub challenge

    • morgan Meyers
      morgan Meyers


  • Tola Ogunde
    Tola Ogunde


  • Liliana Kittycat
    Liliana Kittycat

    The toad because his legs look like little human legs

  • anna pearson
    anna pearson

    sylvester is so cute omg

  • Kaila Huynh
    Kaila Huynh


  • Caroline Piper
    Caroline Piper


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