The Search For Our New Pet
Dolan Twins
We decided it was time to find a new pet! Now how do we find one that Grayson isn't allergic to?...
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A BIG thanks to our friend Brian for helping us meet these amazing animals!
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  • Mariah Mangano
    Mariah Mangano

    I ship Ethan and Tatiana

  • Nona nona
    Nona nona


  • Lexi's life
    Lexi's life


  • Jazmyn Sanchez
    Jazmyn Sanchez


  • Gianna V
    Gianna V

    3 months later...?

  • Jasmine Guarracino
    Jasmine Guarracino

    the toad

  • jaxson films
    jaxson films


  • Caitlin Demers
    Caitlin Demers

    Definitely tortoise i have 3 of them and i love them and a back scratcher duhh

  • Logan Conley
    Logan Conley

    jericho the frog

  • Mary Braun
    Mary Braun

    I want Dutch and Tatiana lol

  • Mary Braun
    Mary Braun


  • Jaymie 192
    Jaymie 192

    Jericho the toaddd

  • - PineappleDolan
    - PineappleDolan

    If this is what they name the animals to are they going to call their children 😂😂😂

  • Trinity Adolpho
    Trinity Adolpho

    If i was living with y’all... ruben(tortoise) was the only one id approve of cous the rest was scary. So i think rubens the one ! 😂💯

  • Murger Burger
    Murger Burger

    You guys should consider getting a sheepadoodle. They are really cute hypoallergenic dogs. My aunt has severe allergies to dogs and she has a sheepadoodle and never has allergic reactions. They are also very friendly!

  • Mrs. Kitty
    Mrs. Kitty

    I was Defo feeling Chris, Woodrow, and Reuben

  • Frankie Bowles
    Frankie Bowles

    I want the skunkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 😭

  • Xx ÄMØRÊ xX
    Xx ÄMØRÊ xX

    A possum I've had friends with possums as pets so defiantly a possum

  • Aubrey Dyar
    Aubrey Dyar

    4th bother what about nolan

  • Jordin McKenna
    Jordin McKenna

    get the possum

  • Tavisha Reddy
    Tavisha Reddy


  • Alexis Carter
    Alexis Carter

    That’s not even how you spell Reuben ☠️☠️

  • Autymn Beaubouef
    Autymn Beaubouef

    The toad

  • Elizabeth Solis
    Elizabeth Solis

    #teamruden&Sylvester like if agree

  • Elizabethand vivian meme lifted
    Elizabethand vivian meme lifted


  • Ryan Bishop
    Ryan Bishop

    I have severe asthma

  • Chelsea Brealey
    Chelsea Brealey

    Jericho is the best freakin toad get him!!!!!!!

  • Chill Face
    Chill Face

    Team Sylvester

  • Luisa Gutierrez Ureña
    Luisa Gutierrez Ureña

    I'm down for Jericho

  • Alyal525@Gmail. Com Puppies 123
    Alyal525@Gmail. Com Puppies 123

    THE Possum

  • Savy Rose
    Savy Rose


  • Benthebear 20
    Benthebear 20


    • XxQueenxiexX

      Graysons allergic

  • cgbz1

    The toad

  • Evil Queens
    Evil Queens


  • Ashlan Davis
    Ashlan Davis


  • Amanda .perez
    Amanda .perez

    I have a pet snake that’s 43 pounds and it feels like it’s 75 pounds

  • Amanda .perez
    Amanda .perez

    The only thing I’m allergic to is popcorn

  • Ruva Mutambara
    Ruva Mutambara

    please subscribe to my channel i’ll upload a cover of a song once i reach 50😉

  • Rachel Barter
    Rachel Barter


  • Chris Fbgm
    Chris Fbgm

    Get giant toad

  • Avery McGowan
    Avery McGowan


  • Victoria Catherine Powell
    Victoria Catherine Powell

    there are hypoallergenic dogs tho

  • Maria Sequeira
    Maria Sequeira


  • Alexis Giuca
    Alexis Giuca

    I like the giant toad

  • Cooking with Carl
    Cooking with Carl

    Definitely the TOAD

  • Grace Jiang
    Grace Jiang

    Ruben the tortoise! Ruben will fit perfectly with eteeweetee since he’s turtle man And I think Ruben really likes Gray 🐢

  • mallory adcock
    mallory adcock

    toad toad toad toad

  • Brooke Pates
    Brooke Pates

    Dutch the skunk Jericho the toad Ruben the tortoise Woodrow the snake Dimitri the Lizard My top five choices for you bros.

  • Minah Minah
    Minah Minah

    I love how they’re so sweet and gentle with the pets

  • Daisy Kriz
    Daisy Kriz

    Opossum or tortoise

  • Winde xx
    Winde xx

    The skunk was so cute But the oposum too

  • Ava Hash
    Ava Hash


  • emily corcoran
    emily corcoran


  • Indy Oldroyd
    Indy Oldroyd

    Toad toad please

  • Halogirl92 _
    Halogirl92 _

    Grayson: 150 years!!! Also Grayson: I saw it on Nemo cuz the turtle

  • Leah’s Life
    Leah’s Life

    Possum or turtle

  • Lila Banks
    Lila Banks

    Why don’t you just get a hypoallergenic dog

  • Chris Aza
    Chris Aza

    The tourtise

  • Naveon Warren
    Naveon Warren


  • That Bitch
    That Bitch

    This is really random but I just found out that my family friend owns the monkey from the night at the museum

  • Kenna XD
    Kenna XD

    I LOVE BRIAN!!!! Also Ruben was so cute

  • Love Batman
    Love Batman


  • Bella Henkels
    Bella Henkels


  • Greathan My husband
    Greathan My husband

    Wait.......they have a third brother..........WERE THE HECK IS NOLAN

  • Jasmine Boulton
    Jasmine Boulton


  • Ariana Labra
    Ariana Labra

    The first pet Grayson: IT'S LICKING ME!! Ethan: it's a bit furry Grayson: IT'S LICKING ME!! Ethan: I think I'm holding it's butt Me: *dies of laughter*

  • Jada Bankson
    Jada Bankson


  • Foxil

    Get an opossum he’s soooo cuteeeee

  • Eden Sfeir
    Eden Sfeir


  • Chloe Warren
    Chloe Warren

    I think it should be.... 1. Jericho 2. Ruben 3 the possum

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