The Try Guys Drunk Vs. High Math Test
The Try Guys
Summer school's in session kids! Who do you think will be the ultimate mathletes and pass the test? The drunk dudes or the high guys?
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  • Megan Beyers
    Megan Beyers

    Ned is SASSY when he’s drunk! Lol

  • Sarah Pamplin
    Sarah Pamplin

    Can we talk about how Zach said he was horrible at math and then remembered LITERALLY EVERYTHING from math class???

  • Meggie Moo
    Meggie Moo

    15:29 oh no now I'm sad thinking about a turtle that crossed a road on my commute that crossed the road regularly and one day he DIED I WAS SO FUCKING SAD

    • Meggie Moo
      Meggie Moo


  • Meggie Moo
    Meggie Moo

    Is "ned loves bad ideas" a shirt yet?

  • Mustaqeemah Oni
    Mustaqeemah Oni

    I love maths

  • Annie Sung
    Annie Sung

    Hey Zach, the weird-looking bug is called a Jerusalem Cricket...

  • Pancake's Studios
    Pancake's Studios

    Math Test for Everyone ({7m}{9n})(n^3×b^2) ({3xy}{5z^3})(7x^2y) Edit: I used the wrong parentheses whoopsie

  • _Akatski

    Its a great school when you can get drunk and get high during recess

  • Shreya G Nadig
    Shreya G Nadig

    I srsly thought they were drunk/stoned at the beginning

  • GooBery

    imagine after recess and everyone is just fucking i cant explain

  • Har Hars
    Har Hars

    Who else thought they were intoxicated already before the *note they're not drunk or high yet*

  • Kate True colours and butterflies
    Kate True colours and butterflies

    That would be funny also eating the menu high

  • Kate True colours and butterflies
    Kate True colours and butterflies

    Drunk vs high try guys babysit each other when intoxicated or high

  • Kate True colours and butterflies
    Kate True colours and butterflies

    I love it when Ned calls out and Eugene is like he’s gonna get mad at you and Zach just goes silent and Keith just gives him a look of sheer disappointment!

  • Kate True colours and butterflies
    Kate True colours and butterflies

    Omg Ned is like me when I drink and Zac is like me when I’m stoned HA!

  • Kaitlyn McCort
    Kaitlyn McCort

    I’m honestly astounded that Ned can do math that well. Especially word problems 😂😂

  • Maceon Brasil
    Maceon Brasil

    Is no one gonna talk about the bug they found while they were outside? I wanna talk about the bug they found while outside. I’m thinking mole cricket? 🤔

  • Taylor Morgan
    Taylor Morgan

    Why 👏is 👏nobody 👏talking 👏about 👏Eugene’s👏 outfit??? He is so stylish, we stan a queen 💁🏻

  • 1Born Confused
    1Born Confused

    Ned just sprawling all over Eugene while drunk is such a mood. And Eugene just chillin' with it. I always enjoy the dynamic between the two.

  • salpicatura

    I've never been more attracted to Ned than when he's crushing it at math.

  • kit kat
    kit kat


  • Marcus Leo
    Marcus Leo

    It's like highschool lunch all over again

  • Cax Kitty
    Cax Kitty

    .... Am I the only one who read the title as "The Try Guys Drunk Vs. High METH Test??? XDDD Opps! lol

  • dy bane
    dy bane

    the part where Keith lowkey chastise d Eugene when he started swearing again 1:46 lol cause his mom is there 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣

  • Pug Lover
    Pug Lover

    I hate fractions! Fractions are the reason i got a B and not an A in math! I also did those equations with little effort. But i dont understand fractions at all!

  • Always ARMY
    Always ARMY

    In my 20s and can't do math that is not simple addition or subtraction. This looks like instructions to build a spaceship to me

  • Emberling

    I haven't done maths in 14 years and it shows when I can't work out the base problem they started with. I think I might need to go back to school!

  • Jade Monique
    Jade Monique

    Lol. I literally was so confused when Zach said PEMDAS because I am from Australia and we call it: Brackets Orders Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction

  • Taya Seloria
    Taya Seloria

    Drunk Ned is best Ned.

  • Emerie Loop
    Emerie Loop

    I love that zach is the stoner of the group bc its so him

  • amalia su
    amalia su

    I wish asian math test were this easy😔

  • Colin A
    Colin A


  • Sabrina Aragon
    Sabrina Aragon

    Seeing Ned, a VN-myr who is so blatantly proud of his chemistry degree and skills in STEM is so empowering to me as a STEM student bc I rarely encounter influencers who are encouraging their followers to learn about math and science. Props to you Ned!

  • Malaysia Hunter
    Malaysia Hunter

    Keith and Zach got the munchies now lol

  • Sophia Castle
    Sophia Castle

    Rachel's whiteboard handwriting is so nice tho

  • Brandi Gallegos
    Brandi Gallegos

    I’m a pharmacy tech so I had to try the last one. I thought I totally fucked up because I got 0.88 ml. I got it right!!!!

  • Ruhi Asthana
    Ruhi Asthana

    Godddddd...Ned You are awesome

  • Michaela Ward
    Michaela Ward

    "I hope everyone 69s tonight." ~Eugene Lee Yang, 2020

  • andrea pheona
    andrea pheona

    lmao yeah the one that ned solved is already a true equation 11=11, it's literally useless parentheses lmao

  • An Cong Huyen Phuong
    An Cong Huyen Phuong

    The recess in this video might be the best recess ever

  • Julia Miller
    Julia Miller

    how are they so energetic while stoned lmao especially zach

  • Francytj :D
    Francytj :D

    Doing math the American way is so weird

  • the junior chef
    the junior chef

    Idea Make a get high with zach and Keith livestream Like so they see this

  • 유디

    Lust Liquid vs Devil's Lettuce

  • shaqfutwism

    i dont know how many times i watched this videos of the try guys, and still very impressed with ned's prowess in math!

  • shaqfutwism

    i dont know how many times i watched this videos of the try guys, and still very impressed with ned's prowess in math!

  • natalie f.
    natalie f.

    Am I going to do math next time I’m drunk?.....100% yes.

  • Lynnae Strait
    Lynnae Strait

    Ned was actually right about that parenthesis question. Multiplication and division, as well as addition and subtraction, are done left to right.

  • Trickius

    Ned is an obnoxious drunk, but he's pretty damn smart.

  • Bree Lynn
    Bree Lynn

    At 5:51 that bug is a Jerusalem Cricket, also known as a Potato Ant. The first time I saw one my cat brought it into the house.... Then he brought in another one.... and another..... basically he brought in one or two every other day for like a month 😖

  • MelBell 0865
    MelBell 0865

    Why is no one commenting on how Eugene is getting totally drunk, with his mom right there seeing it?!

  • Raina Morse
    Raina Morse

    I feel attacked Ned and I are the same person 😂😅

  • Hello Universe
    Hello Universe

    The bug is I think called a Jewish drummer thing idk

  • k kay
    k kay

    8:15 gave me a complete flashback to school. This is exactly how I was in math classes 😂😹🤣😂😹

  • Jacquie Timms
    Jacquie Timms

    Sorry guys... despite how hard you tried, you could not make math interesting for me.

  • kmc123

    I’m not sure how the hell Ned got the last question. He obviously answered it separately and all (that doesn’t bother me) but what bothers me is: a) I’m not drunk atm b) I’m not drunk atm c) I’m not drunk atm And I still haven’t a bloody clue what to do to solve that question. Anyone wanna shed some light plz? 🧐

  • mia sky
    mia sky

    "i hope yoU all 69 tOniGht" - eugene, 2020

  • christian chambers
    christian chambers

    Eugene cute as fuckk

  • Mondo’s Butter
    Mondo’s Butter

    I wanna sticker 🥺👉👈

  • Zoey

    anyone else notice on closed captions when zack said hes harshing his vibe that the captions said "vibrator"

  • Just-Joeying

    This video kinda makes me wanna do math... it looks so satisfying


    When everythings different in terms of math working out methods in America and your English: 👁 👁 👄 wHaT

  • Julia Nolfo
    Julia Nolfo

    Was Keith saying "He's dressed like Mitch Taylor" at 3:20 a Real Genius reference???

  • Nic A. Sommerfeld
    Nic A. Sommerfeld

    I've been thinking this for a long time, but this video seals the deal. Can Ned please try anger management or psychotherapy? His behavior in this and so many videos is unacceptable. His violent tendencies are scary to watch. Please know that I'm a huge fan of you guys and have been following for years. But frankly his outbursts are triggering and should be addressed.

  • Madi Allan
    Madi Allan

    meth is fun :) wait...

  • Arshpreet Singh
    Arshpreet Singh

    Why the hell they make comon denominators while dividing we dont need tht shit😂

  • Char

    Ok but I am living for Eugene’s hair love it!

  • Ryan Oster
    Ryan Oster

    Ned solved the last problem before he wrote the love letter to Keith. He has the answer written down in the bottom left corner of the whiteboard.

  • Sam Underwood
    Sam Underwood

    I rlly wish I had had Keith as a teacher at some point

  • Hmong Style
    Hmong Style

    Btw the bug is a Jerusalem cricket

Tiếp theo