these videos are really weird
these youtube videos are so weird arent that guys lmao
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  • LazarBeam

    dont be racist guys the building said so

    • General Grevous
      General Grevous


    • Ben Ivey
      Ben Ivey

      hey mate

    • *screams in confusion*
      *screams in confusion*

      got it

    • Midnight Gamers
      Midnight Gamers

      Mobile_wey Yt heck ya 😂

    • ImKim


  • Gaming And thicc with dat boi
    Gaming And thicc with dat boi

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Nugget Is gone
    Nugget Is gone

    The cream person made me have nightmares

  • Farah Moughnieh
    Farah Moughnieh

    Well I’m not racist so that’s good 👌🏽 Good that’s so racist not well (backwards btw)

  • Ju1c3 D0gg0
    Ju1c3 D0gg0

    As soon as that thing hit the water melon a ad played.

  • cooper riddell
    cooper riddell

    whats the darth vader video? can someone one send me link to it

  • Geeky_ Weeb
    Geeky_ Weeb


  • chicken noodles
    chicken noodles

    1:36 that's scary

  • DragonTamer Ashy
    DragonTamer Ashy

    Anyone have the thomas the tank engine killing tony and captain america video?

  • Kyle C
    Kyle C

    8:22 Lazarbeam: I would enjoy doing this. Me: So you would enjoy pollution?

  • Ethan Day
    Ethan Day

    My life is complete lazerbeam.thank you for watching shrekesephone.🧖🏽

  • JJ Playz
    JJ Playz

    June 28 is my brithday!

  • Actually Yeet
    Actually Yeet

    3:16 you could’ve used the other side

  • MAOnaze OnTheTrack
    MAOnaze OnTheTrack


  • Solo_ Child
    Solo_ Child

    Shreksophone is my dads ring tone XD

  • Fat Panda
    Fat Panda

    Lazarbeam: Endgame spoilers Also lazarbeam: *post this video the year after*

  • Johnny Joe
    Johnny Joe

    My WiFi is a potato

  • X B
    X B

    love you and I smelllllllllllllllllll

  • ZenTheOriginalDevil


  • Peyton Kreitz
    Peyton Kreitz

    I listen to shreksaphone on a daily basis

  • Jaliyah Ivey
    Jaliyah Ivey

    1:00 i felt that... i got in a fight with a chair once... i lost.. it cut my lip open and it was purple for a week😂

  • American Mapping
    American Mapping

    1:06 i know that vid

  • Second step First
    Second step First

    I think I have ligma now

  • Gemma Richardson
    Gemma Richardson

    ok use code lazar with 2 aa

  • Wei

    i dont even know there is a gmod ads

  • Austin Walking
    Austin Walking

    I hope the refrigerator one

  • Wyatt Davis
    Wyatt Davis

    How do you have a coke energy when it was advertised on the super bowl

  • Golden bee Gaming
    Golden bee Gaming

    The trumpet is red cuz darth Vader lightsaber is red

  • Golden bee Gaming
    Golden bee Gaming

    Oh it is a ant not a weird look creature

  • Teaminfiniteava

    Raid shadow legends with Tannar’s ad just came up on ya video mate

  • Keana Baiao
    Keana Baiao

    Watch a video called spiders on drugs 😂😂

  • Keana Baiao
    Keana Baiao

    Oh my gosh!!!! You've posted something that's not fortnight😭 I'm so happy you posting reactions again

  • Ninja legend Pro
    Ninja legend Pro

    3:00 I cant stop laughing after this it’s in my dreams and pause

    • Bethel K
      Bethel K

      Ninja legend Pro omfg

  • Shaimaa Ahmed
    Shaimaa Ahmed


  • Fe4rless


  • Lol mac
    Lol mac

    Already have watched it

  • Mr I Eyes
    Mr I Eyes

    My brother has found a ad about back to school and a school shooters

  • Rakshanda Shafi
    Rakshanda Shafi

    I listen to shreksaphone at school

  • Domestic Snow
    Domestic Snow

    3:15 sound like something 5 minute crafts would do 😂

  • William Killian
    William Killian

    Lez go YEET

  • John Harkin
    John Harkin

    Your thumbnail put me off this video

  • Fresh Storm
    Fresh Storm

    Cool vid

  • Stings Striker
    Stings Striker

    Lazerbeam watch this video in 2 speed

  • Miguel Perez
    Miguel Perez

    What is fake lazarbeam channel

  • Renee Johnson
    Renee Johnson

    9:01 Thomas is thanos

  • Zade Craft
    Zade Craft

    can you shout out my channel at Zade Craft please... i subed

  • Jeffrey CHAN
    Jeffrey CHAN

    Interior crocodile, alligator, I drive Chevrolet, Movie Theater!

  • manly kitty
    manly kitty

    2:30 what is this called?

  • Erin Hunyada
    Erin Hunyada

    Do 1 million more of these videos

  • Master Cheif
    Master Cheif


  • Rebecca Ashworth
    Rebecca Ashworth


  • Logan Norman
    Logan Norman

    Pie off lanan

  • jannky85 o
    jannky85 o

    Me to

  • Zaxophonegaming

    Lazarbeam look at me I totally didn’t copy shreksaphone

  • Mr not so chill /Carlos yt
    Mr not so chill /Carlos yt

    So what happened on the spoon one is she turned the spoon upside down and used a hammer to make it the opposite way then ate it.

  • FortniteGODBoi111 IsTheBest
    FortniteGODBoi111 IsTheBest

    This is funny

  • DuleTuber ;3
    DuleTuber ;3

    Th a nos

  • Gacha Anime
    Gacha Anime

    The 4 one were he seed that he eats baby’s is creepy

    • Bethel K
      Bethel K

      Gacha Anime frrrr

  • cole harris
    cole harris

    that laugh 7:05-7:07 tho lol

  • Edwin Hiler
    Edwin Hiler

    6:39 Me when I hear Justin Bieber

  • J Dog
    J Dog


  • joanne cooney
    joanne cooney

    Holy fuck the hipo is a killer

  • Ellianah Jenkins
    Ellianah Jenkins

    did you know that a camel has humped a human to death

  • Canada Ball
    Canada Ball

    The ice cream thing man is from Shane Dawson.

  • Tina Culbertson
    Tina Culbertson

    It is a d

  • Jackson Cornell
    Jackson Cornell

    Stop saying f words lazar

  • Gaming with JLV
    Gaming with JLV

    If I ever saw the yelling creature under my bed I might crap my self

  • Jacob Brock
    Jacob Brock

    I eat little babies Me.😐

  • Адонис Кастильó
    Адонис Кастильó

    8:15 GTA be like.

  • Cihan Celik
    Cihan Celik


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