They Completely Ruined Steven Universe
Jay Exci
This finale hurt me, and now that Steven Universe: The Movie is out I feel comfortable saying they ruined this show.
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00:00 Introduction
01:31 The Strengths of Steven Universe
14:52 How They Ruined it All
30:55 Outro
Surprise moon.

  • Jay Exci
    Jay Exci

    Heya friends. I'm starting a new channel with some friends and on it we've done a video roasting the extreme parts of the SU fandom

    • Edw rd
      Edw rd

      23:54 future vision?

    • ᚱᚨᚡᛖᚾ ᛋᛁᛜᚲᛚᚨᛁᚱ
      ᚱᚨᚡᛖᚾ ᛋᛁᛜᚲᛚᚨᛁᚱ

      @Soggy Waffles What refrigerator are you gonna sponsor me? I prefer Samsung or Whirlpool. Thanks

    • Soggy Waffles
      Soggy Waffles

      @ᚱᚨᚡᛖᚾ ᛋᛁᛜᚲᛚᚨᛁᚱ stop fanboying chill out

    • L0ST S0UL
      L0ST S0UL

      It’s time to make a sequel

    • Knowledgeable Bro
      Knowledgeable Bro

      It wasn't good to begin with..

  • Dvlinhb

    My only nitpick about this video is that calling it "They Completely Ruined Steven Universe" is incorrect simply on the basis that it implies the show being good to begin with.

  • Lydia

    I get the criticisms but I think it’s a bit much to say this one episode retroactively makes the show bad

  • Ryan Hurtado
    Ryan Hurtado

    “They T-Pose to show dominance.” The power...

  • Grace 88
    Grace 88

    20:41 pause here Still can't believe Sugar got that in the show and didn't get censored

  • K Mcdougall
    K Mcdougall

    What I find stupid that rose was pink diamond

  • Lesbian Riley Ruckus
    Lesbian Riley Ruckus

    It's sad that a 20 year old comedy show was better at handling abuse than this show.

  • Ghost RC
    Ghost RC

    It bugged me that Steven could always be a pacifist. That is so unrealistic, the fact that he could change a fascist government in moments with just words astounds me

  • ZremioZ X
    ZremioZ X

    This could have been such a good show...

  • Floram Studios
    Floram Studios


  • Soren Allen
    Soren Allen

    I know this video came out like 8 months ago, but I’ve just been catching up on the Steven Universe videos after finishing the show, and “Pink Geode” is just far too underrated of a joke, that had me cackling. That’s all, love you, Jay

  • Tom Ffrench
    Tom Ffrench

    So today we learned that tv shows can’t ever stick the landing. Unless it’s Cheers or The Clone Wars

  • Tom Ffrench
    Tom Ffrench

    I have no idea why I watch Steven Universe videos. I don’t even care about watching the show.

  • moykurs

    Change Your Mind was the equivalent of trying to make all the cheese on your pasta last, but doing it too much and just ending up with saucy cheese at the bottom of the bowl. you were looking forward to eating the cheese, but only with the pasta and now there's too much cheese for you to properly enjoy at once

  • Elyksr Draws
    Elyksr Draws

    All I wanna do is point out that they do not HAVE gems, they ARE gems

  • Elyksr Draws
    Elyksr Draws

    All I wanna do is point out that they do not HAVE gems, they ARE gems

  • MagnetTheSteven

    After 6 years of characters development, hopefully it's been worth the wait It hasn't

  • Lizzy Behr
    Lizzy Behr

    Yeah you need an episode for all the diamonds start with blue's sadness and write it up so she cares about pinks safety then b and y that fight with steven talking about how rules are absolute and fight. Then confront w no fusion without previous character progression also white is irredeemable and she approves every thing then disapproves mindcontrol steven tear then final fusion to beat w with very low hope

  • Simona Ester
    Simona Ester

    What I hate about the writing is that steven aways solve the problem with any rejects because when think about steven never faces a villain who doesn't want to be change just because he said something about what they should do t ok towards problem.

  • Maskierter Popo
    Maskierter Popo

    Of course the only thing they didnt do was lapis x peridot. xD

  • Blank

    mY oRgAnIc jAcKeT

  • WaysideTide

    Why the fuck did i watch this

  • Shiba

    Rushing the plot and character development doesn't make a good cartoon

  • TallMist

    Honestly, even if I didn't like this episode (and I do), the show overall was mostly* really, really good up until it. And, while I don't judge others for it, I personally wouldn't let one bad episode ruin the whole rest of the show (like how a lot of people hate the last episode of Death Note, but love everything leading up to it) *Looking at you, Ronaldo episodes... Screw Ronaldo. So annoying...

  • SebasR24G

    This is my head canon, after white diamond was going to separate Steven from his gem, yellow diamond and blue got free from whites mind controlling and fused in green diamond, they did a lot of damage on white but she manage to breaks blue and yellow gems, injured, pink Steven destroys white diamonds finishing the war that rose diamond once begins, THIS is redemption for blue and yellow, sacrificing for someone they love, for pink... white diamond shattered thought for one last time if she was right... after all this time


    Wait he fuses with them while they’re what is the gem version of unconscious? Is fusion sex or not in this show smh

  • ben beardmore
    ben beardmore

    I know this is literally the most pointless thing ever but..... I was really disappointed white dimond wasn’t taller

  • Cosmo Piccione
    Cosmo Piccione

    Are you hbomberguy in disguise?

  • UmbratheDark

    Here's how it should've gone down, imo: White removes Steven's gem. Pink actually does reform, sees Steven dying and begs White to let her fuse with him again, it doesn't work, Pink unleashes her super shield power and fuses with Steven again, but first Steven actually says "hello" to his mom for the first time.

    • ab ra
      ab ra

      that bruh moment when a VN-my comment is 100x better than a team of writers for an ending

  • Dustin Schneider
    Dustin Schneider

    I honestly feel that everything after Steven meeting White Diamond was meant to be all of Season 6. That's where the cliffhanger works best. But, Cartoon Network spent so much time and energy undermining Rebecca Sugar and Steven Universe by threatening to pull funding or to pull the show entirely. They have a long history of wanting to push her and her team to do more with less. So I would personally put the blame on CN and not on her and her team. They had to rush to make a lot of things fit in too small of a space with too tight of a budget. The relationship chain between them all most likely would have been explored as generational abuse cycles. White Diamond abused Blue and Yellow who abuse Pink who abused Spinnel and her Pearls. Pearl got the least amount of damage, Volley Ball largely internalized the damage with denial, Spinnel took on the damage and worked to spread it to others. If all of this had been explored over its own full season instead of getting a third of the time it needed minimum to explore all of this, it could have been so much better. White Diamond as the ultimate Stepford Wife was a fascinating idea. Blue being the first to break and finally putting Pink's needs above some societal bullshit worked okay but needed to be better. Blue and Yellow needed at least a full episode to have her turn to get the reveal that they've both been suffering and their power is actually middle management at best. They are put into the position of quietly enabling White Diamond in their complacency for not having the power to stand up to her. White Diamond coming to grips with reality probably needed to involve something more of how she related to the society she built. That she herself was in denial not just of Steven's real identity but her relationship to the others. Which is where I need to flag that your comment on fusion isn't 100% accurate. Lapis Lazuli and Jasper do not have a positive relationship. Their fusion is forced. First by Jasper seeking to use her as a tool to her own ends, then by Lapis to keep Jasper from hurting anyone else. The spitfire fusions were still bullshit. Those should definitely have been their own arcs. But the time didn't allow for that. But I really think that a gem fusion among the diamonds would have been an excellent means of White Diamond being brought to understand what all she had done. Being able to see just how she hurt EVERYONE in her pursuit of some idealized and impossible perfection. Tapping into the other three diamonds and all of their memories. Alternatively, just have Steven work to overpower her. White tries to control him but it's like Neo and Agent Smith. Once he's inside he flips the switch and basically forces her to reverse her powers like what we see her capable of in Season 6, forcing her to see all of the damage and pain that she's caused to the other gems for so long. Tapping into their memories and all of their pain. There are so many directions this could have taken, so many better endings it deserved. But Cartoon Network fucked them over time and again. I put the blame on the producer and distributor over Sugar and her team.

  • your god
    your god

    yeah, i hate it when steven universe forgives bad characters! no other kids show does this, just steven universe; it's definitely not to teach morals to kids!

  • SDivino

    Cartoon Network: "Hey, Rebecca how many episodes do you need to finish this show?" Sugar: "I don't know, at least a season, maybe?" CN:"Yeah, you have 5 minutes. Wrap this shit up." RS: :(

  • Harlowe

    This show definitely needed more time to develop the story but i wonder if it was just cartoon network making that impossible. In the wake of game of thrones, we see what happens when a show doesnt get the time ( for one reason or another ) to tell its story

  • Anonymous

    It's like the most over-the-top Snicker's commercial. White: Now they are perfect. Now they're me. Steven: White, eat a Snicker's. You get a little controlling when you're hungry. White: *eats Snicker's Steven: Better? White: Better The thing is that could actually be better, because it could have the Diamonds realize that if humans could make such delicious treats, there could be plenty of life forms that could really benefit the empire as equals and decide instead of colonizing, form alliances with other life forms.

  • Atsunome

    7:00 Underrated sentence.

  • sessu

    "rebecca sugar's the one who killed white diamond" lmaooo

  • Lord Hawkridge
    Lord Hawkridge

    Jay, I have to say I love your content but using Misfits in your analogy made me love it more

  • AppleJuice Productions
    AppleJuice Productions

    “Change Your Mind” changed his mind about Steven Universe.

  • Solanix

    "the sword that rose quartz supposedly used to do it wasn't have been strong enough to kill white diamo- white diamond?" "...rebecca sugar's the one that killed white diamond" *_holy shit_*

  • GamingOrca

    You really missed out on saying gempire

  • Blade_GGA_0203

    You do realize that the show was not planned to end this way... but the execs at CN only gave her a few more episodes to conclude the series, so it had to be as fast as it could. Of course, then they greenlit the movie, and you know the rest.

  • Meron Esho
    Meron Esho

    Yea, the ending was really rushed. The rest of the show is great tho

  • Arini Ardyanti
    Arini Ardyanti

    wow its in words

  • Palindrome

    The reason all this happened in change your mind is because the series was technically canceled because of the wedding, if they didn’t do that, or, better, they were on another channel, this could be more drawn out and story driven. You could tell they wanted to do more, but couldn’t

  • Christopher J. Lechner
    Christopher J. Lechner

    What did you think of the movie.

  • Walter

    I think a better ending would have been if the universe with obliterated by a world destroying weapon of mass destruction created by the Russians and any fragments of the universe remaining turned to communism

  • Sunflower LemonSong
    Sunflower LemonSong

    What we needed was to get to know the diamonds somehow, White could have stayed evil, but blue and yellow had potential. I guess the problem was how the diamonds were always shown as the majestic rulers who knew exactly what they were doing, they were flawless and they liked ruling their empire, the fact that they were willing to change their ways completely after one talk from Steven really was bs. Honestly I think that the diamonds were very affected by loosing Pink and if that is what made them at least think about everything they have done (Blue realising she was hurting Pink to the point she ran away WAY sooner) It would have given us some real insight and more importantly it would have given us a PROPER REASON as to why they would have changed. Not to mention that they would have had a very long time to think about it considering the fact that Pink has been gone for like 3000 years.

  • Gwenpool

    You guys just couldn’t let it go, I hope you all got what you wanted 😠😒😔

  • Sludgie Buidi
    Sludgie Buidi

    They could have made an amazing episode where the message was that you can’t change someone who refuses to listen. They could’ve done a message where it tells us some people aren’t worth the time. But nah everyone is always able to be saved and all bad people are secretly good

  • Gabe Sinjin
    Gabe Sinjin

    White: I've been saying please and thank you even to lower life forms! Steven: what did we talk about? White: *Sigh* equal life forms But they are lower life forms? Just don't call them that to their face or something? Blue: I never shatter, and i don't make anyone cry But that's your power... That's literally what you're supposed to do Yellow: iv'e disbanded my armies and liberated my colonies... WHAT??? Disbanded your armies?? liberated your colonies?? w h y ? You need your colonies and armies to continue gathering resources... You are literally the war diamond! You're soul purpose and reason for creation is for war and colonization! i am aware that gems don't need things like food or water to survive but i mean COME ON! Change your mind is completely and utterly underwhelming. The start of the episode isnt that bad, blue diamond wanting to let steven go because she wants him to be happy is an in character thing, but when yellow just completely changes, thats when the episode starts to suck really bad. i I feel like white diamond could have been such an awesome character, i completely agree with your concept on fusions and how they didn't fulfill nearly as much as steven and amethyst's fusion did. Especially obsidian. I really was hoping for some kind of titan battle between white diamond and obsidian but nope, they just climbed a frickin robot, and got slammed into a pillar and unfused. I am really unhappy with this episode and am now way more satisfied with the conclusion of steven universe future. I love this show and will rewatch it over and over, but i will most likely never watch this episode again. Also at 22:38 you said pearl and garnet instead of garnet and steven

  • Andrew Ellison
    Andrew Ellison

    aesthetically speaking, what upset me the most is that they COMPLETELY CHANGED Stevonnie's face shape. X(

  • KooPakoo

    I do think the show is beautiful and I’ve tried to get into it...but when people talk about it, all I hear is Steven funny, other people serious. I know they aren’t like that but, I feel like it’s one of those shows that would just change a characters entire personality just for brownie points on like twitter. That’s what made adventure time great for me. PB and Marceline always had a relationship tension in the air and when they started dating in the finale, I thought it felt pretty natural. I heard in a roundtable interview that Rebecca really wanted some characters gay and to me, that just sounds very forced. I don’t know, I haven’t watched those episodes. I’m a Christian and you know that my religion does not believe in homosexuality, but. Let me just say this, if someone is gay in a show, I do not care. As long as the writers do not cram it down my throat. I know this comment is structured horribly. So thank you for reading

  • Mr Kaji
    Mr Kaji

    Also good that they now understand that Steven is not pink diamonds and that pink diamond is dead now well not from shattering but something else obviously

  • Donovan DeLozier
    Donovan DeLozier

    so a question: if two gems need to be even somewhat on the same wavelength to fuse..... HOW did sapphire and ruby first fuse to form garnet if one was in the mindset of "save her" and the other was in the mindset of "i accept my physical form being destroyed i will survive this" ?????

  • Squalington Constantine
    Squalington Constantine

    I also didn't really like the payoff. It was just way too rushed. Pink Lars and the off-colors are also something that I wish they had gotten more into. We only got to see them be space pirates for just one episode. That's it.

  • Mikayla Playz
    Mikayla Playz

    White: I am perfect, I am flawless Steven: but you're not White: ok nvm I'm not perfect

  • Anna K
    Anna K

    was steven universe canceled? because this episode felt like a "what do you mean we arent getting another season? uuh oh fuck just put it all in there, shit"

  • UnoriginalUsername373

    The greatest sin these commenters committed was not calling it the gem empire

  • Isaiah Simmons
    Isaiah Simmons

    Boooo I completely disagree with your opinion👎👎👎 But we all have different opinions

    • Miranda Carroll
      Miranda Carroll

      Considering how much the finale derailed the whole show, I would like to hear a person defending the finale.

    • Gamerking 39
      Gamerking 39

      Care to explain

  • Ribby

    Hot Take: I liked this Steven Universe episode

  • Coolio Julio
    Coolio Julio

    Change your mind isn’t a name, it’s a command to people who like the show

  • MostlySure

    "Like a priest"

  • Friendly old piece of a popped purple balloon
    Friendly old piece of a popped purple balloon

    Personally I absolutely loved the episode

  • Fred Clarke
    Fred Clarke

    The community theorized about rose quartz being pink diamond so much that the writers had to tell them it was wrong only to fall over themselves and make rose into pink because they needed the twist

  • Mykasan

    they totally should have done a finale season for the diamonds. it was the worst episode.

  • Sam King
    Sam King

    and EGG

  • Everedeck

    "I'm evil" "no, ur not" "y" "because evil bad" "ok me not be evil anymor"

  • Foxy Gamer 2008
    Foxy Gamer 2008

    I still don’t understand why change your mind is so bad in the eyes of other people 🤷‍♂️

    • Miranda Carroll
      Miranda Carroll

      It’s bad because it solves EVERY PLOT POINT IN 1 EPISODE. And it isn’t even good. Rushed fusions, rushes diamond arcs, rush animation. I think Rainbow Quartz completely summarizes the who ‘rushes’ part. It is the first time Pearl and Steven fused, and he gets less than a minute of screen time. It felt rushed and made without passion. But that’s my opinion.

    • Gamerking 39
      Gamerking 39


  • ChaoticProductions

    Hey look it’s even worse nowww

  • Some Rando
    Some Rando

    I've had this though for quite some time now : how come the litteral space Hitler, responsible for billions of genocides across probably hundreds of galaxies, destructing worlds (and her own people in the process, can't believe there haven't been any loss during all these conquests) only to produce more mindless slaves to contribute to the expansion of her grand fascist empire, effectively putting together such an empire where each and every one of her citizens were controlled to a point that they would willingly dedicate their whole eternal lives to fulfill the role they were assigned, with no consideration for their own individuality ; an overbearing ''mother'', keeping the only people close to her in check through fear and abuse, with no regard for their own free will, too mentally unstable to accept the death of one of her ''daughter'' even after several thousands years, and yet not bothering to listen to what this ''daughter'' might have to tell her now that she ''came back'' - how come such a person let the ''inferior creature'' that took the life of Pink go unharmed, once she realised she couldn't get her back ? If she can experience emotions, why didn't she destroyed that puny human being with the audacity to rob her of her cute and entertaining -pet- fellow diamond ?

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