They Completely Ruined Steven Universe
Jay Exci
This finale hurt me, and now that Steven Universe: The Movie is out I feel comfortable saying they ruined this show.
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  • I need Help
    I need Help

    Movie > change your mind

  • Sernji _
    Sernji _

    The one thing I really hate is how Steven's ideals are always, ALWAYS right. Tbh, I don't see why he's always right.

  • Evo

    There should have AT LEAST been a whole season after finding out who White Diamond was, of changing her mind. AT LEAST. That whole last episode is a whole season of character arcs shoved into 45 minutes. Or even better, maybe white diamond is unable to change so quickly and the plot must be resolved some other way. Maybe where they defeat her and have to bubble her or something. Make Steven learn that not everybody can change. It was good to change as many as possible, but some are too far away.

  • lamadic kola
    lamadic kola

    OKAY OKAY OKAY I get you don't like it... BUT, THIS is a kid's show... its a good show but still FOR kids.

    • Тимур М'якшило
      Тимур М'якшило

      Wait, you still believe cartoons are for kids? Wow, i thought this stereotype died a few years ago.

  • Sweagulle

    "Rebecca Suagrs the one who killed White diamond" JDKS that *sent me*

  • N3lag

    "there's been no development of Steven and Garnet's relationship or Steven and Pearl's relationship in any recent episode" i'm sorry, have you been watching the show? the season and show finale means that the relationships they've been forming since episode one are at a stage where they truly understand each other enough to fuse. finally pearl has no more reservations about pink that she has to hide from steven, garnet has been struggling fused and unfused in steven's presence. I'll take everything else as a matter of opinion, but steven definitely finished the relationship required to fuse with these characters with the Garnet wedding and the PD reveal

  • reality check
    reality check

    Welp. Another three hours of depression

  • ・Cøøkies・

    Everyone’s reaction (the crystal gems) if they were not hypnotized. Garnet (being 99.99 percent Ruby) - GET YOUR DIRTY- ... -HANDS OFF HIS GEM! Amethyst - WAT ARE U DOOOOOOOIIIING Pearl - WHAT THE FUC-

  • Samuel Feinstein
    Samuel Feinstein

    Change your mind should’ve really been 2 whole seasons. 2 or 3 episodes to break down blue, the rest of the season to break down yellow, and a final season to break down white. Also one gem can actually just decide to fuse. That’s what all of Jasper’s fusion have been. Not saying the plot device is good, just pointing out that it makes some sort of sense canonically

  • Aderpymuffin

    The only thing on the check list they forgot was showing us what every gems purpose is in the empire.

  • Ken and the Gang
    Ken and the Gang

    he made space hitler become nice HOW DO YOU DO THAT

  • M3llo Smitty
    M3llo Smitty

    Im not even caught up yet and im gonna find it hard to forgive the Diamonds Even if i like them cuz theyre bad but yknow

  • Shadowchao121

    NOTE: comment made before completing the video but i hated "Change your mind" simply because they just kinda rushed it. "OH FUCK GOTTA SHOW FUSIONS GO" They tied things up poorly and by the end you were in a tossup and everyone is friendly now. Congrats...I guess.

  • AnkoTime

    Maybe we would have gotten more character development for the Diamonds if there were more than six episodes a season that actually propelled the plot along and the rest wasnt bullshit filler.

  • steven universe lover
    steven universe lover

    1:04 white flipped everyone off

  • Charles Erickson
    Charles Erickson

    Wasn't it a thing that they were going to cancel the show? At least, the shitty wrap up made it seem like they didn't have time to finish the show properly. I completely agree with this video. I am especially mad at how they wasted the potential of doing the remaining fusions right. And of course, White Diamond providing no pay off hurt a lot. Only thing I can tell myself is they thought the show was gonna end for good and had no choice. But then... they kind of locked themselves in. Might as well end it for good here. Can't really come back from this.

  • Andrew Bowman
    Andrew Bowman

    Fusion usually is a choice, but between Jasper and the corrupted gem she fused it forcefully in Earthlings. So fusing mostly is a conscious and mutual choice yes. But if Jasper was strong enough to force a gem whose mind and body is broken into fusion, Steven definitely could pull his closest friends out of basically a coma through fusing.

  • FaeQueenCory

    The Movie might as well have had the subtitle: Makes It Easy.

  • Luke Man
    Luke Man

    But the diamonds aren't redeemed

  • mamazboiy

    to ruin something it has to be good in the first place

  • joshua armstrong
    joshua armstrong

    And forgot to mention, they were only "sad" when pink diamond died, but until then, they couldnt care less, it was about perfection, about colonizing planets to propogate their species, about genocide, war, dictatorship, stuff rebecca sugar is ill fitted talking about, but she tries anyway, and fucks up royally constantly, look its a show featuring a concept not seen before, but that does not mean its a great show, yeah there's made of love, but the rest of it? Its awful! Sigh, sorry, but like we said, we tried to like this show, but we just cant..sigh 😑

  • joshua armstrong
    joshua armstrong

    White diamond was defeated by a fucking comeback, cant get much lamer than that 😑 oh yeah, its rebecca sugar..yeah, she'll fuck things up some more somehow, also, pink diamond fabricated a rebellion to cover her ass and to be able to run away from homeworld and the other diamond's abuse, but she was still no better than them with spinel, pearl being her own gem? Thats a laugh, she was still serving pink diamond as rose quartz, pink diamond just wanted earth left alone after seeing what a colony was, but only to be lazy there and see more humans that fascinated her, the diamonds kept the human zoo so they could dispose of the earth, which had bad memories associated with pink diamond, whats more annoying is how each time the earth faces destruction, the person or people doing it were "just sad" which in pink diamonds case, sure, but it gets latched to the wrong people, compassion is a case by case basis, so dont go calling us sadistic or hating on all compassion, thats not our point, our point is, that ramping up with "more epic" seems to be a detriment for rebecca sugar as a writer, things come in, only to be forgotten later, like the human zoo, or amethyst being a sulk, we could go on, but we gave up on the show after pink jesus, oh we mean steven (not), defeated white diamond with a goddamned comeback, effing lame, and fusion is just an "ooh shiny" factor, tried to like this show, really we did, but just cant, sorry, glad its on its final season so people can collectively forget this show exists, we do not like steven universe, aside from its terrible messages, its boring and has cringe worthy dialogue, lily orchard explained it better in her two hour video, but yeah..this show is lame, but thats us, meh..its clear that sugar has an aversion to fighting, not just violence, which makes those brief moments boring, we all know that it wont last and that the "villain" will just end up being sad and redeemed, pathetic and dull, taking one moral concept and forcing it to apply to every situation and "bad guy" is dull and wears thin after a while, good lord, heck sugar says spinel is "the first character to want to cause harm, a first for the show" 😑 this show is a disaster, space nazis get taken down by comebacks, white diamond especially out of all others, and...ugh.."talking about your feelings" effing seems to solve all dangers or so called "villains" behavior, look, we dont mind being open with emotions, just saying that in the show, its awful, considering the threat is the anihillation of earth for fuck sake! Wtf!

  • SNMtv

    This Reminds Me Of My Favorite Samurai Jack Episode Where Jack Tells Aku That Being Evil Is Not Good And Then They Both Become Friends.

  • Srcsqwrn

    [I still feel like White isn't good]

  • Jacka B0Y
    Jacka B0Y

    No screw you Steven is Love Steven is Life

    • Lord Fawful
      Lord Fawful

      Whoa there buckuru you need to calm yourself!

  • Nathaniel Zawadzki
    Nathaniel Zawadzki

    I'm so conflicted. I love Jay. I love SU. Jay is explaining why SU finale was bad. I know it's bad but I still have hope in the show. Fuck. Take my like. But I will continue to stay in my bubble of denial ad hope that there was some kind of reason for this choice, maybe SU Future will build on the diamonds more. Who knows.

  • Vegetal Moon
    Vegetal Moon

    Rebecca sacrificed white diamond villainess to prove pink is the true evil in here. Selfish, full of desires and never caring. But she didn't realize that using white diamond for that was a mistake

  • Alex Benavidez
    Alex Benavidez

    "She still just thinks Steven is Pink Diamond, just hiding inside him like a Catholic priest" I am fucking deceased.

  • Unk own
    Unk own

    "Steven universe has ended" Me: *laughs in the su movie*

  • Mr. Cup
    Mr. Cup

    Ironically, a video about the importance of proper pacing spends 30 minutes to say “give things enough time to organically happen.”

  • The Emerald Player
    The Emerald Player

    Worst video of the world your on the Guinness books of records

  • Victoria CR
    Victoria CR

    Steven: You will get better. You have no choice.

  • Striker - Austin
    Striker - Austin

    I think that the problem with steven universe lies solely on one thing, it's to my knowledge that everyone who has a gripe with the show, doesn't dislike the show itself but rather the logic behind how things are handled... and for every argument that someone makes about that, there's a reason why there's always, and yes I mean always, a counter intuitive argument to those claims. You see steven universe is a show, there isn't meant to be a logical stand around why things turn out the way they do, in fact the MAIN purpose of the show is to teach several lessons, things like being accepting of others, learning to appreciate who you are, the show touches on subjects other cartoons and anime don't dare explore... and THAT'S what the show is about... I'm not saying you're wrong for you're opinion, I'm saying the opinion will ALWAYS meet an argument that opposes it due to that reason. If you look at everything from a logical standpoint, you end up losing sight of the true purpose, that's just how it is

  • Bryan Toons
    Bryan Toons

    23:47 you can see the pattern on the lower arms are clearly garnets arms but the two buff arms at the top are both Steven's arms.hmmmmmm does in this form make Steven's half more powerful than garnet?

  • bitch wtf
    bitch wtf

    Unfortunately Steven Universe written is working just like naruto

  • Great Teacher
    Great Teacher

    People should remember that redemption is being in good graces with people. It is having the chance to start over from rock bottom. Level zero basically. People should go from hating you to being tolerant or indifferent. That is only possible if your crimes weren't too heinous for people to forgive. Diamonds have cross that point a long time ago. The logical outcome of this conflict is either life imprisonment or death.

  • Sam's Fog
    Sam's Fog

    Yea if was pretty rushed at the end but I mean it doesn’t make me hate the show.

  • stefan sauvageon
    stefan sauvageon

    They did not Edit: oh yeah

  • Aidan Fairchild
    Aidan Fairchild

    One small detail, if you think about it, the movie is at least a year after change your mind, I believe Steven is 14 or 15 in change your mind and he’s 16 in the movie. I’ll agree that the character development in change your mind was rushed, but they had a year to develop more, it just isn’t shown.

  • Bayden Wolfe
    Bayden Wolfe

    Let’s hope Steven Universe Future is better than this final episode

  • Khaorix

    That voice acting is pretty fucking awful though.

  • SaltStop


  • Badnametag

    Hence the name CHANGE YOUR MIND It changed your mind of making that video

  • zule10000

    I didn't hate Change Your Mind, but I didn't like it either. I want to tolerate it because I binge watched the show, fell in love with it, got too deep, and now I just want to see more of this wonderful world they created. The second half of season 5 seems extremely rushed in comparison to the rest of the show, but there's no changing that. All I can do now is see how my feelings settle as I rewatch the show and wait to see how Steven Universe: Future will turn out.

  • Aetherrix YT
    Aetherrix YT

    Ok, but you forget that there's a 2 year time skip, and they're still extremely not good ppl, they're still evil, they're just listening now.

  • Imfromfuture

    >implying it wasn't ruined in the first place

  • Charles Entertainment Cheese
    Charles Entertainment Cheese

    I agree with everything you said here. WHy do i still like this show

  • Dylan472 Stillalive
    Dylan472 Stillalive

    You gotta remember that Rebecca got her budget cut because the wedding between two and women so she lost funding from other nations cartoon networks. I’m sure it would’ve been a whole season. But it had to be cut down to 3 episodes. The rest of the budget went to future and the movie.

  • Nuka06

    I hate how Steven dismantled the entire empire in 2 years, an empire that's been around for more than 6,000 years (confirmed can be way older than 6,000 years)

  • espon0skyskee

    I thought the ending was rushed and not very good as well but it didn't ruin everything forever man. I don't think that's really fair.

  • Steven The Half Gem
    Steven The Half Gem

    No, they aren't I love this show and for me it isn't ruined I am not here to hate but that the true one Is a kid's show and I respect it I don't care everyone's opinion cuz if I'll ever try to hate it, ill need to be the weird one! Don't I? So no I am not the weird one! I love the show and ill watch it cuz its my opinion! U think I'm crazy to hate this show?! So your wrong!!! DONT HATE ON ME Steven

    • Aromko Komondor
      Aromko Komondor

      Get A Life Moron

  • Neoslayer PW
    Neoslayer PW

    The diamonds weren't redeemed tho

  • abnor12

    To be fair the actual time for the redemption arc for the diamonds took 2 years (Steven aged 14-16), but we didn't see any of it. I think the movie was just a summary of literally everything, including the final redemption. But I swear to God if they DONT explain the redemptions in the 6th season then I'm gonna scream

  • Nailing Piths
    Nailing Piths

    >be me >dies >tfw

  • Poo Bear
    Poo Bear

    The season six trailer reveals white diamond will still be a villain so more room to develop

  • tiddy

    remember when the most interesting thing about this show was a cheeseburger backpack?

  • Slices Santos
    Slices Santos

    i love Steven universe and i kida liked the movie for what it was and not for what it should have been, witch was off to me was well. To me it looks like they tried to overextend the story has much as possible and in the end had little room to do everything has they wanted, knowing somehow that it was the end of it,. But then they got the chance to make a movie where there was no more villains. the movie itself looks like an end, looking back on the evolution of them instead of a new treat has they use to, i guess. And now, i guess, they succeeded in having another season, where they now don't know what to do with it. What pains me is how wall that got rushed and didn't had the opportunity to make the new season in the first place, giving room for more stuff but i guess that's how things work... regular show got cancelled cuz the business man didn't care for it, but gave praise to the garbage that uncle grampa is ..... cartoons use to be good and expensive. now they try to be cheap and that's better for business and agendas i guess....

  • Sladerulez

    I think a better title to this should be: “Why people should pretend that Change your mind never happened”

  • yeee yeee
    yeee yeee

    Looks like Change your mind has changed YOUR mind

  • Vivid Sniper
    Vivid Sniper

    I agree completely with a lot of your points, that lack of actual time and proper pacing for the characters to come towards certain decisions is absurd. These scenes are straight out of badly written Shonen plots where the main protagonist just uses talk no jutsu to defeat the enemy in the most out of character and in climatic way possible, ruining all the development that the antagonist had established throughout the plot. There is no balance of the antagonists internal motives clashing with the protagonists. Steven just states his point and all the Diamonds just listen to him, completely dropping all their values and what they've always believed, which is awful way to write redemption arcs for antagonists that were hyped up for this long. I really hope the 6th Season really improves in terms of believable character development because I was really underwhelmed by the Season 6 finale.

  • Match

    While I think the Diamond redemption fit the theme of "mental shattering by pointing out and exposing their critical flaw" I def do agree that it could have been handled MUCH better than it did. -Writers should have made the "Strong, but brittle" analogy a bit better by showing the Diamonds becoming offended greatly when flaws are slightly exposed more often. This could have been done though Steven, and even Steven him self realizing that he also has a major, critical flaw just like the Diamonds. This can also go into the "Nobody is perfect" blow that is dealt to White in the final moments. -White needed more time on screen. There's deff more that could have been done to hype her up. Despite all this, I think the team did all they could to put White in as best as they could. There was prob limitations on CN side that we don't know as the fans, and maybe the team knows that more could have been done to make the "4 Episode Finale" better.

  • T.C

    If only the movie wasn’t about some random new character and was about the giant final battle with white diamond (that was built up!! A lot!!) Everything would’ve been better

    • Cyrsclin

      I like Spinel and all, but I agree. I think White Diamond being the big bad would be been much better.

  • Śniący

    The idea that Steven Universe was good at any point is just ludicrous.

    • Thatguywiththestuffies Youtube page.
      Thatguywiththestuffies Youtube page.

      But it was. It was ok in seasons 4, 5, and 1a, and legitimately a great show from mirror gem to earthlings.

  • Taqiya Agoes
    Taqiya Agoes

    i mean at least peridot's character development was *flawless*

  • White Pearl
    White Pearl

    I actually like the fact that White Diamond in Steven Universe future will be the villain again,because I mean,for me the Diamonds’ redemption arc is not complete for now:they still have to learn a lot of things

    • Xwemal Nudtm
      Xwemal Nudtm

      Its Not white diamond, the gem is a complely different color

  • Tyrese Finney
    Tyrese Finney

    I can understand where you are coming from but I find it insane to hate an entire series because of 1 episode of a cartoon you said you liked.

    • RedCornix

      @Tyrese Finney You're going to have that when it comes to arguing about cartoons on the internet. Like whatever you like. Have a nice whatever time of day it is where you are.

    • Tyrese Finney
      Tyrese Finney

      RedCornix thank you for respecting my opinion where certain Steven universe fans would have called me an idiot for not hating the episode.

    • RedCornix

      ​@Tyrese Finney No problem. I'm aware the example was ridiculous and I should have made my intentions more clear. That being said I stand by my conclusion. This ending was more poorly received than any other part of the series so far as I'm aware, and definitely wasn't received as well as most of the other climaxes in the series. If they were trying to give the fans a satisfying ending, by the measure of the responses to it, they have failed. A disproportionate number of people didn't like it. This would be incompetence, by being unable to do what they were attempting to do. If they went into this with any other goal that would mean they were unconcerned with what a majority of fans enjoyed about it in the first place. That would be the "not caring." If you see it another way that's perfectly fine, my last line was a bit flippant and distracts from the original point. So I'll concede that I don't know the minds of the creators of this show or what they were thinking and that my guesses about their intentions are just that.

    • Tyrese Finney
      Tyrese Finney

      RedCornix my apologies for missing the part where you said it was hyperbolic but I would have to kindly disagree with calling them incompetent or say they don’t care because of an ending that you called debatable.

    • RedCornix

      ​@Tyrese Finney First off, I pointed out that it was hyperbolic. The point isn't to make a bad episode seem like murder, it's to point out that one bad thing can taint an otherwise good thing. Second, it was the finale of the main conflict of the series. Anything new has to start from scratch with everyone remembering how dogshit this finale was. I'm not going to get invested in new stakes when the old ones were so poorly handled. Also being bad isn't the problem, being bad in a specific way is. If Ironman 2's ending had a magical fairy grant Tony Stark the ability to warp reality as he pleased even overriding the infinity stones that would screw the Iron Man movies and Endgame. Steven Universe's core engagements are built around character growth and resolving conflicts. Change Your Mind shows they don't care, or are incompetent.

  • Thmr2012

    Im honestly fine with the ending and i think i know why it ended like that. To fit stevens personality

  • Pepsiman

    Steven universe sucks and the show was a mistake.

    • Xwemal Nudtm
      Xwemal Nudtm

      Any reason for that?

  • Allegra Alberoni
    Allegra Alberoni

    If you spend 5 seasons making a character bad, 20 minutes aren't enough to redeem them. That's why Lapis and Peridot are great redeemed characters, because it took actual time (about a season for each of them). And they weren't even the MAIN villan of the season. Jasper hasn't even been redeemed yet! Why should we redeem the Diamonds in less than a hour????

  • Garance

    I still love Steven Universe for what it was and what it gave me. I 100% agree with your arguments and you touched on the feelings I had with this finale and movie. But that doesn't mean I should stop loving them, It doesn't even ruin it for me. The same way, I still like Game of Thrones despite those trashed two last seasons. I still remember the good times, that's what memories are for

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