This CURSED MINECRAFT texture pack is horrifying...
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  • Caoyan Ivy
    Caoyan Ivy

    Hahahaha what the fuck 🤣🤣🤣🤣XD

  • TheHQPlayer247

    8:23 BOI SHREK 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jordan Cernich
    Jordan Cernich

    i have the texture pack i could not deal with it only the title screen

  • Pheobe Pittman
    Pheobe Pittman

    Do more pls!!!!

  • Preston Drummond
    Preston Drummond

    6:00 Whachya buildin out of dirt there brother? A portal to another dimension FUCKER!

  • Adam Gugel
    Adam Gugel

    Some people want to watch people die BUT NOT ME

  • Alex Stitzer
    Alex Stitzer

    where do i get the pack

  • CalebRCFlyer_ YT
    CalebRCFlyer_ YT

    You should do the more TNT mod

  • Flame Gaming
    Flame Gaming

    Actually Thats herobrine. He's a Minecraft creepypasta and a myth

  • penywise the dancing youtuber
    penywise the dancing youtuber

    5:23 that's what she said

  • Risky or Ricky
    Risky or Ricky


  • Radek Krutský
    Radek Krutský

    Play rlcraft

  • Just John Mate
    Just John Mate

    That game’s on acid.

  • Charlie Alexander
    Charlie Alexander

    The endermen are herobrine btw love you vudd

  • Connor Botz
    Connor Botz

    “tec-tuk” stupid fuckin tic-tok ad

  • Tyson Lewis
    Tyson Lewis

    This could be a try not to laugh

  • Wesq ツ
    Wesq ツ

    They should play RL craft

  • Gt 2025
    Gt 2025

    Kfc means Kant frikn ceeee

  • Tom Lyman
    Tom Lyman


  • Rizel Rugas
    Rizel Rugas

    The nether is made of ice how a bout the snow biome

  • Mikeli xD
    Mikeli xD

    Minecraft randomizer lol

  • horse man
    horse man

    Anyone notice thanos at the end of the video?

  • Genelle Belcastro
    Genelle Belcastro

    2 things 1st show the rest of the crew this hell 2nd add mods to this

  • Sean Gwyn
    Sean Gwyn

    Visit you

  • Sean Gwyn
    Sean Gwyn

    Wildcat is it true that nogla

  • Xeno King
    Xeno King

    And RLcraft

  • νινο νινκα
    νινο νινκα


  • Lawrence Stevens
    Lawrence Stevens

    If I get that pvz ad again!!!...

  • Vloging wolf Boys
    Vloging wolf Boys


  • game champ
    game champ

    The nether aka Canada

  • Nicky spencer
    Nicky spencer

    Song: creaper all man. Me: piggy all man

  • Rune Lambrecht
    Rune Lambrecht

    2:15 Did you know the creeper is actually a failure of the pig in the NORMAL Minecraft?

  • Pewdiepie Vol2
    Pewdiepie Vol2

    You guys need do do the yeeters mod

  • Twisty Tomato
    Twisty Tomato

    I want to get this texture pack

  • Colby Reichl
    Colby Reichl

    Marcel would love the rain 😏

  • PnutButr Tjelly
    PnutButr Tjelly

    ITS HARD imagine u on a beach looking at obama lol

  • Satan

    This is already in Hell. Just saying.

  • boris 1902
    boris 1902

    The pigs shape was actually how the creeper is made

  • Nekros Music
    Nekros Music

    anyonehave a link to the pack?

  • Fearless 964
    Fearless 964

    It take the gang 30 episodes but take them an episode to defeat the ender dragon

  • Hidden Maniac
    Hidden Maniac

    **fourzerO was blown up by pig**

  • Owenage

    THE DRAGON is Shrek

  • John Higgins
    John Higgins

    The endermen are Herobrines not Steve’s btw I love your content

  • Xavier Quintanilla
    Xavier Quintanilla

    I 😵 O 👕 👖 👟👟

  • Grayashmonstr

    Cursed Minecraft on Hardcore



  • db 123
    db 123

    Morph mod

  • annoying gamers
    annoying gamers

    Wildcat well look at that “zombie noise”


    Wait a bow is an actual bow?

  • Anthony Martinez
    Anthony Martinez

    try the end again acmet

  • Bryan lopez
    Bryan lopez

    How about??? Dank memes texture

  • Hanstex the dragonar
    Hanstex the dragonar

    Try the scp mod

  • Advanced Rain727
    Advanced Rain727

    Sad to see they dont know about herobrine

  • CyberHance 2004
    CyberHance 2004

    You do realize that was magma, not lava.

  • Patriz Yang
    Patriz Yang

    Hahaha joke. Hahaha imagine if Tumblr SJWs see that KFC rain

  • Summer

    Am I the only one who thinks the Ender- Steves are more horrifying than the actual Endermen? XD

  • Buggeroff Iam
    Buggeroff Iam

    Scramble Craft would be great.

  • Lux

    It’ll be better if Marcel was here

  • Fluffy the Dragon Slayer
    Fluffy the Dragon Slayer

    Jelly world...

  • Michael Christensen
    Michael Christensen

    do the gun mod

  • A Lee
    A Lee

    "Genius' will never die."

  • Chayenne Robinson
    Chayenne Robinson

    Tht will smith pumpkin head got to me kmsl

  • Alex Scheetz
    Alex Scheetz

    Mutant mod

  • RangaEats APie
    RangaEats APie

    Pokemon mod is really cool

  • Declan Griffin
    Declan Griffin

    This was one of the funniest Minecraft videos I've ever seen!! This texture pack was disgusting but hilarious!!

  • Aiden Brister
    Aiden Brister

    There needs to be an ice dimension! It looks so cool!

  • N-imator

    This happened 1 I woke up 2 I went to a park 3 i saw Wildcat 4 I cried 5 he hugged ne Now read it in the order of 2,3,5,1,4

  • Lelouch vi Britannia
    Lelouch vi Britannia

    I've got only one question: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!

  • Silver Gaming
    Silver Gaming

    Play flans mod please

  • dat boi
    dat boi


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