This CURSED MINECRAFT texture pack is horrifying...
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  • David Jezdimirovic
    David Jezdimirovic

    Try the aether mod. It adds a new heaven dimension with new creatures and bosses.

  • Trader

    This is basically any doom (1993) wad that’s meant to troll

  • Daniel Alvarez
    Daniel Alvarez


  • Karma999YT


  • Jalffly

    You can say I kfc anything

  • The Ultimatum
    The Ultimatum

    Where do u find this texture pack

  • lecharne Herring
    lecharne Herring


  • CallMeDarkOps

    Thought this said 8 minutes ago i know some thing was up

  • The_small Lebowski
    The_small Lebowski

    Try the impossible difficulty

  • goldenknight644 knights
    goldenknight644 knights


  • Chase Sullivan
    Chase Sullivan

    I laughed so hard at the will smith pumpkin 😂😂😂

  • Gacha life alex
    Gacha life alex


  • Kenyatta Gardner
    Kenyatta Gardner

    The enderman was herobrine

  • Cynthia Rodriguez
    Cynthia Rodriguez

    Can you play tads pls

  • DieHead & Prismatic
    DieHead & Prismatic

    Basically would hate this.

  • Hehe Chiu
    Hehe Chiu

    I love when jigglypanda screams when he burn


    The OBAMA sun is going down!! ☀️😂😂🤣👌🏻

  • Lando De Gijsel
    Lando De Gijsel

    If it rains you cant kf see anything

  • Jayden Troeger
    Jayden Troeger

    8:23 the funniest thing I have ever seen

  • Ehren Longhat
    Ehren Longhat

    Hoi-dini. Get to the chopper! Put the cookie down! Teadybear! Noglas you idiot! My potatoes! Big dick. Basically.

  • R6 official Gaming group YT
    R6 official Gaming group YT

    Am I the only one who got the slap chop ad?

  • rylee yeet26
    rylee yeet26

    3:06 that 8ft steve is now herobrian-

  • Edgar Aguirre
    Edgar Aguirre

    This texture pack gave me nightmares 😐

  • Jeisuah Figueroa
    Jeisuah Figueroa


  • Richard Eubanks
    Richard Eubanks

    Is it a bad thing that the whole “creeper is now a pig” thing actually makes sense?

  • Charizard Master
    Charizard Master

    What is the zombies are

  • Elite _Ace
    Elite _Ace

    The KFC means KAN’T FUCKING C

  • Johnny Wilson
    Johnny Wilson

    Shrek is so pure that he had become part of Mother Nature.

  • chace henderson
    chace henderson

    Yall should do more cursed texture packs cuz its stupidly funny

  • Boi Super Dupa Boi
    Boi Super Dupa Boi

    8:24 Shrek

  • Tristen Mosley
    Tristen Mosley

    it's literally Memecraft

  • Shanatha Hung
    Shanatha Hung

    Of course fourzero and panda never fought the ender dragon


    Horror Silent Hill Minecraft texture pack do it.

  • The Wither Gaming
    The Wither Gaming

    Can someone give me this texture pack?

  • Orges Demaku
    Orges Demaku

    Nice one wildcat:I KFC anything

  • Mephilis the dark /Elijah Ramatali also a sonic fan
    Mephilis the dark /Elijah Ramatali also a sonic fan

    Fun fact the creeper was created when the pig got accidentally messed up I remember that way but yeah the pig is the main reason the creeper exists

  • StrenuousSpider

    There should be a biome in the nether that is just ice, new type of water that hurts with cold, ice version of lava block ect....

  • Death's Homie
    Death's Homie

    Well, poop, The nether froze over. Aight boys, I gotta go fight Savage Jho alone & butt-naked now with a Lvl. 1 bone hunting horn. Keep Nancy away from my funeral!

  • Duck girl
    Duck girl

    Minecraft on crack.

  • GamerBoy13

    This version of Minecraft is where the creeper is still a prototype it still doesn’t have a green texture

  • Leopard Plays
    Leopard Plays

    I used to go to kfc

  • Carlos Animatess
    Carlos Animatess

    *most of the skins are from Minecraft cursed images*

  • Quxvo

    what's that shader? lmk

  • Akif Angel's Family
    Akif Angel's Family

    9:21 its osama bin laden and shrek

  • YoboiAdrien diaz
    YoboiAdrien diaz

    Dose kfc drop at night or sun

  • Grayson Vogelpohl
    Grayson Vogelpohl

    But it’s axe ually a pick axe I see that unentended pun

  • Melyssa Hitchcock
    Melyssa Hitchcock

    How tf did he not see Shrek at first😂

  • I like to spray paint CJ
    I like to spray paint CJ

    Minecraft jet mod for PC

  • FormalGamer boi
    FormalGamer boi

    3:10 Alex be thiccc tho

  • Llama #Noice
    Llama #Noice

    I wanted to try that resource pack but couldn't find it.

  • Ian And Alex Show
    Ian And Alex Show

    Here’s an idea for a video, cursed Minecraft hard mode

  • Cowley Outdoors
    Cowley Outdoors

    these guys made my childhood so thank you!

  • Andrew Church
    Andrew Church

    Everyone gangsta until the rain becomes KFC.

  • ILuvCaptainRexDoU

    All these years of people blowing up pigs now the pigs get to blow u up

  • MR. FORD
    MR. FORD

    1:50 republicans in 2016

  • joseph ortolano
    joseph ortolano


  • Z S
    Z S


  • BatYeohann Encisa
    BatYeohann Encisa

    Good bye obama

  • Ampai Ampai
    Ampai Ampai

    *always bad* That changed & DAMBA

  • Ampai Ampai
    Ampai Ampai


  • Xbox: tias2157
    Xbox: tias2157


  • FUXXXU l
    FUXXXU l

    I think you mean *BLURSED*

  • GamerDude1375

    Anybody else see in the end it was shrek and osama bin laden

  • FlareD

    I don’t see anything wrong here

  • Judith Silva
    Judith Silva

    People: what is this⁉️ Me: welcome to my world 😎

  • Grag Frog
    Grag Frog

    little secret IF u go under the water it will be mr pringles 😂😂😂

  • Riley Swann
    Riley Swann

    Im dying 7:40

  • huntergods z
    huntergods z

    The fucking will smith pumpkin head has me dead

  • Elite _Ace
    Elite _Ace

    the kfc means KAN'T FUCKING C

  • อําไพ ละ
    อําไพ ละ


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