This is what happened when I ordered wigs from WISH (scam)
Brad Mondo
I truly wish that WISH didn't. The wigs were a mess! I wanted to see how much of a scam the site was so you guys didn't have to.

  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo

    You ever been scammed from wish tho?

    • Somnium-Arts

      Whenever I have been I just requested a refund and got my money back no problem so I will just say no 😂

    • kim

      last reply haha

    • blushandcannabis89

      Yup. Wish is extremely low quality

    • Yunoa

      Nope, all my wigs were fine

    • Caitlin Ortiz
      Caitlin Ortiz

      @Pareidolia I've had things take up to 2 months to be delivered. And itll come like a month late. You can request a refund and you'll still get the product for free.

  • bluerose7911

    First-I was watching one of your vids while wearing my favorite grey sweater and you were wearing basically the same one, amaze balls! Second I think you’re my spirit animal. I just love your energy. Lastly always always always read the description!!!! I have ordered from wish gotten a wrong size they sent the right size. Then when my husband lost the ring they just sent me another no question. That was amazing! But yeah I tried to avoid anything that I knew would most likely be a disaster.

  • Hello Darling
    Hello Darling

    "Imagine how uncomfortable it would be to wear this all day" Laughs and sobs in cosplay (aka the only wigs I've literally EVER seen are built like that. Is there another way to make them????)

  • amanda

    been so pissed with wish tbh

  • igirlgeek

    Honestly, they don’t look that bad to me, the wigs I have (and never use cos they’re uncomfortable and too big for my head) are less realistic than these ones!

  • Cand581

    I don't get why people are defending these cheap wigs saying that they could style them. The point of the video was to show how bad quality these wigs are from wish and sellers misleading customers with fake images and descriptions. You're better off buying a cheap wig from a more reputable place than wish. No harm if you buy wigs from wish but it's hit or miss with that website.

  • Angel Mae
    Angel Mae

    I bought a bikini off wish one time and the boobs were literally cone shaped.

    • NEFERTITiシ


  • Lucinda Roberts
    Lucinda Roberts

    It’s funny coz I got an add for wish at the end of this vid hahaha

  • Soph.itzwild

    The way Brad talks to the camera is how I talk to my mirror

  • Judit Nagy
    Judit Nagy

    I just got a Wish ad waiting for this video

  • Sock Goblin
    Sock Goblin

    “This video is sponsored..... by myself.” The energy in that statement is monumental.

  • voodoomamajuju

    twisted sister been real quiet since you posted this

  • オリOlii

    Dear Brad Mondo, I don’t know if you already know (I am a year late😅), but wish is like amazon, just connecting stores and customers. So you’re not buying off wish, you’re buying from a store over wish. Also, if the description doesn’t match the article you received, if it’s broken or anything, you can request a refund. The customer service is really nice. Have a good day :)

  • Maria Badillo
    Maria Badillo

    Ahhh if you make one this year pls make a bigger one cuz I need mores space for my dance clothes:)

  • furry potato
    furry potato

    Brad: nobody's hair is this thick! My hair: are you challenging me?

  • Naomi Van Leeuwen
    Naomi Van Leeuwen

    You should try shein wigs!

  • Erin Salema
    Erin Salema

    They get me at LEAST twice a month 😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Erin Salema
    Erin Salema

    😂😂 I love this with my whole heart 😂😂

  • Alysha B
    Alysha B

    Brad, your hair is on point!

  • Anni Blue
    Anni Blue

    Brad is gossip girl confirmed

  • DreamBelief

    Dude that wig makes everyone look ugly as hell lol

  • Lil Wolfie
    Lil Wolfie

    You could burn them- o.o 😬

  • Amy Richardson
    Amy Richardson

    An ad for wish popped up before the video started 🤣

  • maureeny66

    Not only wish , they have the same picture but the hair is not human

  • Free Spirit Vibe
    Free Spirit Vibe

    Wish is a scam. I don't buy from them anymore. I never received items.

  • Pamela Nolin
    Pamela Nolin didn't work :(

  • ava esmaily
    ava esmaily

    It’s called wish bc you wish the products would be better

  • london berry
    london berry

    Knowing me I would ruin that backpack in 15 minutes lol

  • Molly Murphy
    Molly Murphy

    His “wats up you guys!!” Is giving me Jojo vibes 😂

  • Jade Paris
    Jade Paris

    My aunt ordered from their site before and let's say that was her last time. She ordered a wig and waited half a month... Just to receive a small weave track.. Wish you truly out did yourself 👏🏽👏🏽

  • Sarah Cooper
    Sarah Cooper

    That first wig made him look like he came out of an 80's hair metal music video.... it was awesome haha

  • Thibo Meurkens
    Thibo Meurkens

    5:38 you be lookin like a discount surfer dude right now XD. If the wig wasn’t this horrible it would look really cool I think.

  • Jadie Wadie
    Jadie Wadie

    Omg that hair is so crunchy and crispy 😐😐😐

  • eqoi

    Me: oh wait that actually looks- Brad: like ramen noodles Me: the audacity of them

  • Izzigrimm deMure
    Izzigrimm deMure

    Anyone else get an ad for wish right under this video?

  • Cherry Tee
    Cherry Tee

    I know this video is two years old now so I shouldn't judge too harshly but Brad, at the time did you not know about skin top wigs? I mean maybe there's a big difference in construction of cosplay wigs vs fashion ones but i swear like at least half of my wigs have a plastic skin top parting

  • ishikawa45

    Use it for cosplay maybe? 😬

  • Miss Piggy
    Miss Piggy

    Wish finds people with really cute designer clothes and tries to recreate them

  • Clara Johnson
    Clara Johnson

    Brad: “these wigs are scams” Me: *gets wish ad*

  • LilFoxyCosplay

    One of my wigs is from wish and it’s great! It’s a newt Scamander one specifically for my cosplay Definitely seems to depend though as some stuff from wish is crap

  • Emily Looker
    Emily Looker

    I want the shirt n phone case

  • Kim Husbands
    Kim Husbands

    Do not worry Brad, whoever upset you before you got on camera is just not worth your aggravation.

  • Simin Raja
    Simin Raja

    I’m a new subscriber, I love your videos 🌈you are great, I wish I had a friend like you, everyone needs a friend like you IRL

  • orieta villaobos
    orieta villaobos

    The funniest thing is that I got a wish ad before this vid started and then the vid started by brad saying “wish if you’re out there STOP SCAMMING YOU COSTUMERS” we love that

  • Ay Vi
    Ay Vi

    Under this video I see a Wish add lol

  • Sweets0521

    I was totally getting 80s rockstar vibes from the ramen noodle wig. I wasn't mad at it. Not gonna lie

  • Lilly Flower
    Lilly Flower

    I got an add for wish on this video

  • Milena Lehmann
    Milena Lehmann

    7:32 How he pulled the hair out, I can´t :D

  • MadMudz 808
    MadMudz 808

    The back to school merch is so cute!! 💕

  • Megan Leigh
    Megan Leigh

    i legit brought a pack of hair bobbles and they sent me and scabby used hair bobble with hair rapped around it 🤮

  • Alysia Furr
    Alysia Furr

    And absolutely have been scammed from wish. I think it's a passage of rights for all adults lol

  • Alysia Furr
    Alysia Furr

    😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 I used to know an @ss hole who's hair looked just like the bottom half and it was natural (I think 🥺😆).

  • Alex Bolt
    Alex Bolt

    Is it just me or when I clicked on this video the ad was wish...

  • Timmy Bee
    Timmy Bee

    Yes wish is sketchy. But you shouldn't have such high expectations. And you didnt even try to do normal wig care to make it look good. Didn't put it on the way it should be worn. I-okay

  • Baker family
    Baker family

    Brad that color behind you, makes your eyes pop. 😳😊😘💕💕💕💕

  • SexyShep

    I got a wish ad before the video started lol 😂

  • Tudo Ainda Mais
    Tudo Ainda Mais

    Honney do u want Brazilian natural hair for last than 30 dollars? U gotta be kicking me! U want poor woman to sell her hair for nothing! Dont do this! It's not ok! Sorry not to sorry!

  • Natalie Olsen
    Natalie Olsen

    lol Wish was the ad before this video.


    Imma just buy the wigs and some cheap scrunches and just act stupid cause I will wear them when I go back to school but put it in my backpack cause my mom will get mad if she sees me wearing it cause I’m just a weirdo

  • linda screech
    linda screech

    Hi brad chances are that I’m to late in the comments so you won’t get to see this . I brought what I thought was a set of full make up brushes at £12 plus postage . Waited a really long time for them to come . Fast forward 5 weeks ish and I get finally get was wish mail . It’s only one brush and it’s the fan looking one so don’t even use it , re read the add like yourself to it’s one random brush . The title said full make up set

  • ItzLeMehNina

    In ramen noodles wig he looks kinda like Nickleback singer

  • Matthias Kuusk
    Matthias Kuusk

    haha i got wish ad on this video lmao

  • Jayden Eclipse
    Jayden Eclipse

    Omgggg- bought a wig from wish, it's hellaaaa thin and cheap!! But being a cosplay on a budget,I made it work

  • Hitsugix

    I don't know even one person who got really good quality items from WISH. Not one (including me, but my item never arrived, so...).

  • Les poneys Cool
    Les poneys Cool

    As he was talking I’ve got a wish ad 😂😂

  • Emma Odea
    Emma Odea

    I love that i would never consider wearing a backpack as a fashion statement but then brad does it now im like hol up.. wheres my backpack.

  • Bree 0391
    Bree 0391

    So funny because the add before this video was for wish 😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣

  • makailah jane
    makailah jane

    the fact that my advertisement for this video was from WISH....

  • Rebecca Chastain
    Rebecca Chastain

    For some reason I read wigs as "wings"

  • Y E N T L
    Y E N T L

    Omg do one of AliExpress wigs

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