Tinder profiles for my wife and me (YIAY #482)
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  • Ootsee Pootsee
    Ootsee Pootsee

    I laughed too hard at the stanky leg

  • boomspdool :D
    boomspdool :D

    Jack messed up, in his title it's supposed to be my wife and I not my wife and me. it's funny because he's the one with the show about grammar. lol


    My wife and I MY WIFE AND *I*

  • CTrikzz

    for me amd my wife*

  • Beggom

    1:25 Age: 31 “29 years young” You sure about that?

  • Digaddog

    "fluffy is when someone is lovable and huggablebut also everything that's good about that person" - urban dictionary

  • Sky Benz
    Sky Benz

    The First one is 420 km away

  • Knight Dark
    Knight Dark


    • Nirvananewgirl Newton
      Nirvananewgirl Newton


    • james yeung
      james yeung


    • The Noob Tube
      The Noob Tube


  • William Reardon Videos
    William Reardon Videos

    My friend has Ryan hay that eat, Fortnite, repeat shirt

  • Dampthe Wind
    Dampthe Wind

    #socialism4words chill time better economy

    • james yeung
      james yeung


  • tyler

    1:04 bitch me too

  • Szorch

    has anyone noticed his chesthair looks like the batman symbol?

  • Andrew Hague
    Andrew Hague

    My wife and I Bruh

  • The Gay Gachatuber
    The Gay Gachatuber

    My brother owns a eat sleep fortnite repeat shirt

  • houwlingwoolf

    What if If I told you You read this wrong

  • Ratman 3D
    Ratman 3D

    imagine seeing the title and thumbnail and not knowing who Jack is

  • Danny Keenan
    Danny Keenan

    At 1:27 it says "29 years youg" (had to leave the typo in) But the age on the profile is 31

  • WillemRWD

    Good old days when VSCO girls were a thing for like 3 weeks

  • TangySalad

    2:55 i have that shirt

  • Kamari Ray
    Kamari Ray

    Every time I see jack standing up in a vid with the camera showing the top half of his body I assume he doesn't have pants on.

  • Ben Tamayo
    Ben Tamayo

    My brother has the Eat, Sleep, Fortnite, Repeat shirt and he should be ashamed.

    • Ben Tamayo
      Ben Tamayo

      @james yeung huh?

    • james yeung
      james yeung

      @Ben Tamayo go confront the united nations then,almost all except angola countries accept this treaty

    • Ben Tamayo
      Ben Tamayo

      @james yeung it shouldn't be

    • james yeung
      james yeung

      @Ben Tamayo by international law, burning a fortnite player is legal

    • Ben Tamayo
      Ben Tamayo

      @james yeung no hes my brother why would (and i don't think thats legal)

  • LeeLeeMerk

    Is jack actually the leader of his church youth group I don’t understand

  • Zero


  • Gregory Santana
    Gregory Santana

    Jack is already preparing for the divorce

  • Smash Club
    Smash Club

    What is woth the furry hate? What did we do? Like you can't hate a group of people for no fucking reason

  • GD Honey
    GD Honey

    How that app got 3m reviews and 1 download

  • Anthony Ditizio
    Anthony Ditizio

    0:17, 0:53, 1:05, 1:12, 1:45, 2:33

  • Ayesha Tahir
    Ayesha Tahir

    John lookin' classy in the suit

  • Exlipz Tech Tips
    Exlipz Tech Tips

    Jack looks like he is anywhere between 28 and 45

  • Dapper Blookie
    Dapper Blookie

    its 1:43am rn

  • Username I can't think of
    Username I can't think of

    should've called the yiay dating app yiay yaoi

  • gina

    why am i so constipated

  • Destroying 321
    Destroying 321

    This man got sponsored by a doorbell

  • Elijah Cohen
    Elijah Cohen

    YIAY YIAYA YAIY YIAYYIAY If you get this I'll subscribe Also you have to comment what it is

  • Elijah Cohen
    Elijah Cohen


    • Elijah Cohen
      Elijah Cohen

      A Fortnite Ago I Asked You

  • Camila Senger
    Camila Senger

    i can't belive no one made a couple Tinder looking for someone to "spice the relationship"

  • Leigh Davis
    Leigh Davis

    And if you get a ring camera for inside your house then some random creepy dude can watch and talk to your young child through it 👍🏻

  • Andy Kim
    Andy Kim

    1:17 Dont click this

  • Zoko Dog
    Zoko Dog

    A fluffy is when you fart on someone’s balls

  • Cybil Chrysanthe
    Cybil Chrysanthe

    Jack I hope you know its actually supposed to be my wife and I

  • Levelmake

    Doesn’t Erin already have a Tinder Profile? I swear I saw her on there...

  • BoringDude

    When mom swipes left on u 😢😣😰😰😰

  • fireintheshadows 465
    fireintheshadows 465

    So I was brave enough to look up what a “fluffy” was (went into private mode of course) and was relieved to see it was not an official community. Thank God!

  • McKenna Revis
    McKenna Revis

    1 download

  • Street Punk
    Street Punk

    *my wife and I.

  • Lessanate

    I’m more concerned about the 3 million reviews but only one download than the 1 star

  • Jynflyn1 -
    Jynflyn1 -

    Wouldn’t Democrats be the ones to be furries 3:11 (they are the ones with purple hair)

  • jjul2009

    Looks like Dexter at 2:22.

  • RedPanda07 #2
    RedPanda07 #2

    Thanks, I hate Jack’s moustache.

  • •F4CEP4LM•

    Tinder profiles for my wife and "I"

  • Sean Mulloy
    Sean Mulloy

    How did i miss this fucking gem of a video

  • Rawr Dino
    Rawr Dino

    Did he change the video name

  • YourLocal LEGOS
    YourLocal LEGOS

    Did anyone see that it said he was in hell in the tinder profile at 3:32

  • DerpySnake

    Apparently fluffy just means someone who is cute and cuddly. Crisis averted.

    • ThePhoenixEdits

      Thank God

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki

    I’m not a furry, but

  • Mostly memes
    Mostly memes

    There’s only room for one Hentai enthusiast

  • The Jortmeister
    The Jortmeister

    Johnathan Movies

  • Windows 7
    Windows 7

    Shave your goddamn beard

  • Cat Face Man
    Cat Face Man

    I hate the vsco girls meme with a burning passion

  • HeadphoneJack


  • artis vitols
    artis vitols

    the difference between fluffy and furry... is that furry is an animal character with human characteristics; most commonly refers to such characters created by members of the furry subculture while fluffy is someone or something that is fluffy.

  • Erazor

    2:10 If that's what makes you old, guess I better get back the retirement home.

  • Hailey H.
    Hailey H.

    Me birthday sept 16 uwu

  • SlothTheWeeb

    0:55 I mean him and Erin do look similar in my opinion soooo

  • JoeDoeDoe

    I’m sad that nobody had a picture of both of them and as the description it said looking for a furry for our fury threesome

  • Manuel Nivelo
    Manuel Nivelo

    1:19 that Jack looked like from 2012 or sth

  • idk stuff
    idk stuff

    420 kms away

  • UFO 158
    UFO 158

    Zumba is just the offbrand version of just dance that nobody likes

  • Isabella O’Gara
    Isabella O’Gara

    Sksksk an I OoP

  • Geyser Yt
    Geyser Yt

    My brother has the cringey fortnite shirt

Tiếp theo
YIAY #500