Tray Deee on Bad Azz Dying in His Cell Alone, No Foul Play Suspected for Now (Part 1)
part 2:
Tray Deee opened up to VladTV about Bad Azz's recent passing, revealing that the rapper was found unresponsive in his jail cell and efforts to revive him failed. He added that no foul play is suspected in Bad Azz's death, and Tray Deee believes that the "Wrong Idea" rapper would've never killed himself. To hear more, including Tray Deee being disappointed in the news for not reporting on his death, hit the above clip.

  • Jumaine Adams
    Jumaine Adams

    Gone Too Far Soon. Rest In Power Bad Azz.

  • cport4lyfe

    Badazz created a strain of kush called Badazz OG Cheeze . ...

  • Mikey price LBc price
    Mikey price LBc price

    Check out badazz on sublime's robbin the hood with brad nowell LBC posse. Badazz was cool af i met him in the late 90s at the homie Larry Moore's house LB eastside

  • Luck Is On My Side
    Luck Is On My Side

    LL Bad Azz! 💯💯💯

  • Luck Is On My Side
    Luck Is On My Side

    Fuck fluffy 😏😂😂😂

  • Tameisha Welch
    Tameisha Welch

    Tray Deee I ❤️ love Tameisha Tray Deee I ❤️ love

  • Repent and follow Jesus Christ
    Repent and follow Jesus Christ

    When it's your time to go that's it. Mr Azz is probably in hell fire with 2pac and biggie and you'll be there to UNLESS YOU REPENT AND FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST. Don't get mad get that Bible and study it ppl.


    He was in a dorm d-pod in Southwest died of a heroin overdose

  • fernie2583

    How am I just finding out that Bad Azz passed away like 4 months ago?? Dang man.....RIP Bad Azz!! 😔🙏🏽

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy

    I'm still waiting to see what the cause of death is in March 2020...

  • Cheryl Harlin
    Cheryl Harlin


  • Sara Saving Spirits
    Sara Saving Spirits

    Ok now its 2020... why is there still no cause of death? Whats the big secret? What're they hiding? Hmmmm...

  • Darren Marquez
    Darren Marquez

    I would say with about 90% certainty he died of alcohol withdrawals

  • Augie Arias
    Augie Arias

    R.I.P Bad azz ..

  • Supreme Mathematics
    Supreme Mathematics

    Fowl play

  • Carl Fletcher
    Carl Fletcher

    how did Bad Azz really die? i wanna know why they didn't announced the cause of death

  • Kent Rhodes
    Kent Rhodes

    Homie looked like he was either on something or going through something cause I've never seen him look that bad none the less MUCH LOVE R.I.H BAD AZZ!""""""

    • Kent Rhodes
      Kent Rhodes


  • Jigga jok
    Jigga jok

    All his albums was big 🎲🕶👌🏽

  • Daniel Star
    Daniel Star

    The pigs killed him. They prob didnt give him his meds since he had diabetes.

  • Ashton Mitch
    Ashton Mitch

    Man that's such a shitty way to go I can't stand this world no more, why all the good ones gotta go so young man

  • Robert Walker
    Robert Walker

    Yup he likes youg 13 yrs old too

  • Jesus Sanchez
    Jesus Sanchez


  • Just Sharin' Jamie'z Thoughtz IT’z a WRAP!!!
    Just Sharin' Jamie'z Thoughtz IT’z a WRAP!!!


  • Josh Baca
    Josh Baca

    God is just creating an army! Rip to all the real ones lost in 2019! #GODWILLING

  • E. Molly
    E. Molly

    Wrong idea is his biggest song

  • Bear Hughes
    Bear Hughes

    Man I was late on hearing about BAD AZZ, I used to live in Long Beach and he would be around w/Long Beach Larry Moore. R. I. P. BAD AZZ, DAMN KRAZY

  • Anthony Livelong
    Anthony Livelong

    A million things running through my mind/you ain’t gotta be in jail to be doing time ~Bad Azz~ RIP 💙♿️

  • funny clips from world
    funny clips from world

    Where was the he made from his music why how he failed to pay 10k for his bail

  • Robert R
    Robert R

    If suge was out he would have bailed him out

  • Bobby Knox Jr.
    Bobby Knox Jr.

    Fuck Fluffy

  • Negus6

    Damn I only found about his death today rip bad azz 😩

  • Tracy Hatfield
    Tracy Hatfield

    C. I. P bad azz cuzz

  • Lil Tye
    Lil Tye

    Dang. Rip Bad Azz

  • movin mazerati
    movin mazerati

    One of the only real one that showed up the to funeral

  • Glenn King
    Glenn King

    Ghetto star with Tupac and bad azz is the dopest.

  • T3MPL3TillIdie

    When you have DIABETES AND NOT TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF. You can die anywhere , Trayde knows in county jail THEY DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT U .

  • T3MPL3TillIdie

    I remember buying lil BAD AZZ ALBUM just for that One song , and I bought Snoops album as well

  • D-Shyne YL Records
    D-Shyne YL Records

    Wrong Idea is the ☝🏾...crazy go tho

  • Hadouken4545


  • Sonia L
    Sonia L

    and none of his buddies could bail him out thats sad no honer among niggas.They probably could not bai him out because they all had warrents so they couldn't go to the jail.

  • Carlos infinite
    Carlos infinite

    Vlad honestly didn’t sound like he gave a shit 0:23

  • Sokari Bonds
    Sokari Bonds

    Rip bad azz

  • WestDeerPark13

    Like we give a damn about fluffy🤣🤣

  • Mark Black
    Mark Black

    Tray dee and Bg knocc out be having the best interviews

  • Ed Macias
    Ed Macias

    Rest up my nigga bad azz I was on lable called slugg ent before we fell out over money and I was blessed to have been on a track with bad azz r.i.p to a legend forever missed God bless you

  • Thomas Bugg
    Thomas Bugg


  • williegotbeatz

    Fuck FLUFFY 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith

    OG tray Dee ♿️♿️♿️♿️♿️

  • Ueno Ocean
    Ueno Ocean

    Rest in peace to Mr. Bad Azz

  • Darren Taylor
    Darren Taylor

    Fuck Fluffy!!! R.I.P. Bad Azz

  • What is wrong With My Present Name
    What is wrong With My Present Name

    TF nigga...... just went off tube for 2weeks and then this??? Damn!!! Was just searching for "wrong idea" and this shit came up!! Lesson: never stay off the Internet. R.I.P. Bad Azz......... still bumping your joints Krazy and Wrong idea!! Say what's up to Pac and Nipsey!!!!

  • chris edwards
    chris edwards

    Snoop had 10000

  • Johnny Garcia
    Johnny Garcia

    Vlad, can you get off of trey dee’s nutz 🥜 already please. You are the biggest ball licker. No wonder why you got Rick Rossed. I mean tick tossed.

  • Johnny Garcia
    Johnny Garcia

    Honestly I rather hear about fluffy. Fuck Vlad.

  • Aaron Hemmingway
    Aaron Hemmingway

    Much love to my niggaa one time for my n***** in the jail cells

  • 4 banger gang
    4 banger gang

    None of them gave a fuck about bad azz they couldn't pay his bond 10 percent of 10,000 a 1,000 ok

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana

    FUCK Fluffy!!

  • Freddie B in tha place 2 be
    Freddie B in tha place 2 be

    Man no one is going to know what really happened to bad azz unless a formal investigation is launched prisons are private companies if no one cares enough to really find out then no one will

  • オッさん タイプXの日産に乗る
    オッさん タイプXの日産に乗る

    3:18 dj glad put hes G on 3:18 fuck fluffy, tray deee (YEAAAH)

  • Hassan Feloni
    Hassan Feloni

    A Lesson to kids that wanna gaa anbang and rap. No love no concern Hes 1 of many brothers I kn ok w rep the hood and died without the hood showing 10% concern

  • juweezy 313
    juweezy 313


  • Robert Hayden
    Robert Hayden

    R.I.P. Bratha 💯💪🏾✌🏾

  • Juyray Fourtray
    Juyray Fourtray

    Nigga you said fucc the cat ?Crip vlad Fucc you and that bitch nigga snoop

  • John Zada III
    John Zada III

    3:07 tray dee funny asl 😂😂

  • Turtle looklike Urkel
    Turtle looklike Urkel

    DJ Vlad : F*** Fluffy 🐈

  • MovingNsilence 42018
    MovingNsilence 42018

    Damn I got locced up in that place for a fugitive warrant out of Texas. Smh Rip Bad Azz ....🙏

  • Reece CEO
    Reece CEO


  • Troy Jenkins
    Troy Jenkins

    Traee see bayy Bay I had too.

  • Kalief ilPrincipe
    Kalief ilPrincipe

    Ghetto Star was a big one too

  • Finest MAFIA
    Finest MAFIA

    Fucc fluffy

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