Trendy Vs. Traditional: Pancakes
Whose side are you on?
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Hand-painted watercolor background wash. Abstract Pink watercolour texture. Pearlescent, rose gradient.
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Stack of pink ombre pancakes with marshmallow and strawberries. Breakfast background, copy space.
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  • Tonya Amini
    Tonya Amini

    Chris is frickin hilarious

  • Jayden Biccy Boy
    Jayden Biccy Boy

    That’s hilarious on what happened to Chris after you two tried each other’s dishes Chris had cream all over his face

  • Sophia Brachmanis
    Sophia Brachmanis


  • Lisa Lee
    Lisa Lee

    I know I'm not the only person that cringed when she licked that raspberry fork and put it back into the bowl of purée that she used for public consumption 😬😬

  • layla mohamed
    layla mohamed

    I need inga pancake 🥞

  • Murphy Reji
    Murphy Reji

    Thic with 9 cs? more like 9000.

  • mikee bercasio
    mikee bercasio

    Your flour kinda look like a drug baggie tho. Hahaha

  • zeina _sui5
    zeina _sui5

    why are there exactly 666 dislikes lol

  • Yoosh Kay
    Yoosh Kay

    Inga : make it trendy Chris : make it original Alvin : make it big Rie : make it fancy Alix : make it

  • Khanyisa Mabula
    Khanyisa Mabula

    So...she put the spoon of raspberry pulp into her mouth, then she puts it back into the bowl of raspberry pulp. Woah, I'M SHOOK


    Inga licked her fork and put it back in the bowl 🤮

  • KitKat 21
    KitKat 21

    lol, there’s 666 dislikes on this video 😂

  • Himanshi Bharti
    Himanshi Bharti

    Me when my elder brother snatches my chocolate 5:09

  • 29 Mai Nichakorn
    29 Mai Nichakorn

    I seriously laugh throughout this video because of this Mr.Big forehead 😂😂😂

  • Sleepy Sage 🐇🍄🌾
    Sleepy Sage 🐇🍄🌾

    The dude needs to have more confidence in himself :-( he is great!

  • Alexander Palmer
    Alexander Palmer

    Nobody: Chris: I hAvE a BiG fOrEhEaD, iM cHrIs

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger

    Big forehead’s face in the thumbnail just reminds me of the *why are we still here* thing

  • rachelrachel

    the fact that she tasted the puree with the fork and put it back in

  • Pepper Person
    Pepper Person

    I prefer traditional in almost everything. It just bring me home(even though I’m 17 and still live at home)and I like it

  • btslife forever
    btslife forever

    5:10 🤭🤣 kawaii

  • cxyxntxixe

    5:10 this is so cute omg inga 😂

  • Ahza Waie
    Ahza Waie

    Why is jimmy neutron here😬

  • MrKaje72

    5:11 Id pay a million dollars for that face.

  • Jessica Lockhorst
    Jessica Lockhorst

    You could've flipped the Pancakes with the cake forms or am I thinking wrong? (P.S. I don't know if it works since we don't have cake forms of that small size at home :). )

  • Thanos Mum
    Thanos Mum

    Did anyone else see that she licked the fork then put it back in the puree?

  • Palak Patel
    Palak Patel

    Alvin:Make It BIG! Rie:Make it fancy! Inga:Make it Trendy!

  • Hannah Dinoalfian
    Hannah Dinoalfian

    I thought Inga was going to make fluffy pancakes 😭😭

  • pete sanchez
    pete sanchez

    I love watching videos with Inga. Moments like 5:10 is cute.

  • Rossie Arias
    Rossie Arias

    the fact that she put the fork back into the bowl after trying the raspberry puree

  • Anadya Verma
    Anadya Verma

    7:05 Chris: YoU cAn saY iT lOoKs BeTteR OkaY !!!!

  • Veng Yann
    Veng Yann

    3:45 wait... the fork went back to the bowl

  • MyraJay

    Mannn Chris’ pancakes look so soft 🥰

  • Aria Tolentino
    Aria Tolentino

    the weird things is that chris said his forehead is big before he even said his name

  • Sarah Mohabir
    Sarah Mohabir

    He is soooooo dam cute and funny 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Sofia Leyva
    Sofia Leyva

    Why they are in buzzfeed and tasty? Did they get fired of buzzfeed or what?

  • Lazy Gamer
    Lazy Gamer

    I love inka's voice damn it was so cuteeee

  • Satan

    Inga is so freaking pretty!

  • tej kat
    tej kat

    I like the fact that inga always cheer up Chris as his food doesn't look that good as compared to her(no hate he is amazing!!)......she is a fab competitor

  • Mera Vonal
    Mera Vonal

    I realized half way into the video that his sleves were two different colors smh

  • Amelia PAU [07S2]
    Amelia PAU [07S2]

    inga is so cute at 5:10

  • Тимур Турусбеков
    Тимур Турусбеков

    the thing that is really bothers me is that she was using separate bowls for coloring each pancake, when she could just add pure in the main bowl spoon by spoon so next pancake could be more saturated

  • Aasiø Ali
    Aasiø Ali

    Umm... she liked the fork and put it back in the mixture

  • Rania Tan
    Rania Tan

    Please make more videos like these. Trendy vs traditional

  • Stella Lemkau
    Stella Lemkau

    a.... *schedule one narcotic*

  • Althaaf Karim
    Althaaf Karim

    When will the next video come up?? And btw, can you please try tre vs tra on any South Indian dishes like biryani or dosas/idlies when you get the time and post a video of that?

  • Marnie Marnie MH
    Marnie Marnie MH

    I like tradition💗💗💗

  • Brother Zlox
    Brother Zlox

    I would have Inga pancakes over Chris'

  • MyScrewyThought zzz
    MyScrewyThought zzz

    I prefer the traditional one... I'm just basiccccc with 5 c's 😐😑

  • Taleah Cooper
    Taleah Cooper

    Who wls e law stopped to count the nine c's in thiccccccccc

  • Preme Tangjadetanapon
    Preme Tangjadetanapon

    I want more epss

  • Sarah C.R.C
    Sarah C.R.C

    “ *oLd?!* - I didn’t SaY they were oLd ThEy’Re *TrAdItIoNaL* ok! “ 😂😂

  • Sparsh Ranjan
    Sparsh Ranjan

    Is good that Kris appreciate Inga pancake even though he won

  • Sparsh Ranjan
    Sparsh Ranjan

    Trendy was the clear winner, the topping looked like a rose

  • Kiwana Roberts
    Kiwana Roberts

    Wonder how that guy felt when he watched this and saw her put the spoon she licked back in the puree

  • XxAesthetic_ PineapplexX
    XxAesthetic_ PineapplexX

    0:13 Hey, V sauce, Micheal here! Anyone thought of that?

  • Potato Nuha
    Potato Nuha

    THICC... you've been replaced with.... THICCCCCCCCC! The spreading sensation that is hitting the nation! (sorry for the cringe)

  • Alex C
    Alex C

    The moment I heard that someone was coming in I immediately thought thought if Rie♥️♥️♥️🤣🤣🤣 boy was I wrong 🤣🤣🤣

  • Aaishah Ibrahim
    Aaishah Ibrahim

    Inga: one by one! Chris: four at a time!

  • Konoha Miyagi
    Konoha Miyagi

    3:44 did she put it in her mouth and then put it back🤨

  • Savannah Millheim
    Savannah Millheim

    Anyone notice her put the fork in her mouth then back in purée

  • Viviana Diaz
    Viviana Diaz

    "HeY, I have a big forehead, I'm ChRis." I felt that so hard.

  • Manca Petrič
    Manca Petrič

    I guess trendy pancakes are trendy for a reason. is what chris thought about when he lost

  • Manca Petrič
    Manca Petrič

    I guess trendy pancakes are trendy for a reason. is what chris thought about when he lost

  • Emmy Pie
    Emmy Pie

    Come on do some more ep you haven’t dine one in a year

  • Baby Doll
    Baby Doll

    Omg the pink ones on the bottom look like raw meat ew

  • Arnav Shrivastav
    Arnav Shrivastav

    Please do more videos like this when you do those types of videos like "5 holiday desserts everyone will enjoy" with no voice over and just music. It seems... not homemade? I think you get what I mean. It feels kinda of sinister and reminds me of something like 5 minute crafts or some other weird channels.

  • Greg Bey
    Greg Bey

    I wanna hang out with Chris and I wanna take Inga out on a date.....and then make them pancakes.

  • gummyfied

    buzzfeed, PLEASE put big forehead guy in more videos!

  • Sophia Shing
    Sophia Shing

    6:20 that looks as something from an American diner Me : that looks like it’s coming from a Japanese cafe Him : looks like from Michelin five star restaurant

  • tae’s wife periodt
    tae’s wife periodt

    british pancakes >>>>>

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