Tricking Ex Best Friend on First Date with Crush for 24 hours! (Extreme Hide and Seek Challenge)
Matt and Rebecca
After Rebecca Zamolo created the BEST FIRST DATE WINS KISS in Real Life Challenge! (Secret meeting w/ ex Best Friend), Matt and Rebecca uploaded Trapped for 24 HOURS Overnight in Garage by Best Friend Hacker, Escaping at 3am, then the Game Master Incorporated made Confronting My Crush’s Boyfriend to find the Truth and the Real Game Master Network tried to be Disguised as Game Master for 24 Hours to Trick Hacker! Now Agent R said he pranked her and is now tracking his ex crush by giving her back the necklace. Before Agent R goes back on his first date again we need to get him ready. Rebecca and Maddie go to the store to get picnic food and Matt and Agent S stay back to help him get on some new clothes and dress up. When they arrive at the hidden park area we have to make sure Alice is not a hacker so we set up secret spy cameras. Rebecca and Maddie show up but have prepared a prank without us knowing by putting milk in the Diet Coke. We need to get more information to find out the plans of Alice. After multiple questions they finally found out that she is working with her family now. Who is her family? We need to stop her but also find Agent R a real crush. How will this work out? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
#Spying #firstdate
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  • Matt and Rebecca
    Matt and Rebecca

    What do you think Alice was doing before the date?

    • Heini Stewart
      Heini Stewart

      She was tracking agent R

    • Amelia Olive
      Amelia Olive


    • Amelia Olive
      Amelia Olive

      Heidi. Cavanagh Hello. Rebecer. and. Matt

    • Mr. Toaster
      Mr. Toaster

      Getting ready

    • Nevaeh Pryor
      Nevaeh Pryor

      I don,t like Alice

  • Madelyn Terrell
    Madelyn Terrell

    Hate Bubble suit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meli Lesli
    Meli Lesli


  • Simply Bubbly
    Simply Bubbly

    2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS BEST!!!

  • lieuwe Op t Land
    lieuwe Op t Land

    Do not

  • Chloe-Marie Rivas Acevedo
    Chloe-Marie Rivas Acevedo

    Let Maddie date

  • Meleny Mejia
    Meleny Mejia


  • Gilson Edward
    Gilson Edward

    Mr x is Alice's real Dad

  • Vicenta Chic
    Vicenta Chic

    Buebduebduebduebduebudbudbeub3ud3dub3infubdundu3bduebdurbcuncinncifnrinfrifnirfnirnfrfirnirncirncirncfnirndirnfirbfirfn7rfnifbirndibdr7fbribr7fb47fn4fr7brifnrbrifb3urfbrfubrurnfir firnfirnfir off tif je tif rjjrf rjned en en en effet 3jd ejdbrud eudeubeu3bdurfburvrybruveucbeubedubrufrubryrbubrubruebcuebcuebduebduebduebuedb3udbuedbeuxbe6dbeudbeudbi3dbuebuedbu3budebeud eudb3duebduebdue duebdudubdudbu3dnufn3udnuxneudenduendunzdie'd3dy3biefv6n7`

  • Sanh Khamchanh
    Sanh Khamchanh


  • Tanya Dovgalyuk
    Tanya Dovgalyuk


  • Toys and Me #Fan 101
    Toys and Me #Fan 101


  • Nancy Sanchez
    Nancy Sanchez

    The girl that said she has a rat in her pocket I think she is the redhood😦😦😦😦


    Take your suit off agent r

  • Carla Difolco
    Carla Difolco


  • Carla Difolco
    Carla Difolco


  • Joel lim
    Joel lim


  • Aerowyn B
    Aerowyn B

    yes do it 👇❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Grabriel Viruet
    Grabriel Viruet

    When Agent S was coughing, he said liar

    • Abigail Saunders
      Abigail Saunders

      agent r

  • Sophia Rose Stephenson
    Sophia Rose Stephenson

    Take it off

  • edna sanchez
    edna sanchez

    I don't know talking with her dad?

  • Rosie Hall
    Rosie Hall

    maddie dont listen to matt about not dating agent r #letmaddiedate

  • Kirsten Bartley
    Kirsten Bartley

    i love your vids! :D

  • Kirsten Bartley
    Kirsten Bartley

    i love you!

  • Lacey Handford
    Lacey Handford

    Why was Alice or Amanda I think her name is but why was in a zam fam t-shirt thats weird isn't she not your friend anymore

  • alaticia vickers
    alaticia vickers

    Yes do it do it do it do it😀

  • Mariah Nitollano
    Mariah Nitollano

    Show me at yourself🎃🐺

  • Poo Yea
    Poo Yea

    I think Alice was hanging out with her boyfriend

  • Poo Yea
    Poo Yea


  • Poo Yea
    Poo Yea


  • Kaylynn Moses
    Kaylynn Moses

    My favorite agent is agent R

  • Yereidy Monje
    Yereidy Monje


  • Laynie Buchholz
    Laynie Buchholz

    Me laynie buchholz

  • Fadi Abbo
    Fadi Abbo


  • Mark Salib
    Mark Salib

    Y are your not apploding to the VN-my channel

  • tia nachname
    tia nachname


  • Tawny Milton
    Tawny Milton

    yse delvon

  • jenette hicks
    jenette hicks


  • James Stevenson
    James Stevenson

    Getting ready also l,m your biggest fan

  • Taylor Reimer
    Taylor Reimer

    The box that the GM gave you guys is all about Alice!!!

  • jwEX perience
    jwEX perience

    Do the prank!!!!!!on Alice!!!!!!

  • Monkey Chloe
    Monkey Chloe


  • lakhvir singh
    lakhvir singh

    alice was trying to help Mr X from deleting your vidoe. MABEY

  • Charissa Keller
    Charissa Keller

    You can also do some of the stuff in

  • Raven Gellard
    Raven Gellard

    it is your 2 date .💋

  • Fadhil Abdulkadir
    Fadhil Abdulkadir

    i do not trust alice any more

  • Fadhil Abdulkadir
    Fadhil Abdulkadir

    that is realy bad

  • Fadhil Abdulkadir
    Fadhil Abdulkadir

    agentr eyes do not look nice in it only if he taks of his gmi glasses

  • Fadhil Abdulkadir
    Fadhil Abdulkadir

    change now listen to mat

  • Fadhil Abdulkadir
    Fadhil Abdulkadir

    or it will ruennd the date

  • Fadhil Abdulkadir
    Fadhil Abdulkadir

    yuor not slike or cool i told yuo to were somthing els how many times do i have to tell yuo agent r

  • Fadhil Abdulkadir
    Fadhil Abdulkadir

    agent r take of yuor gmi suit were somthing els why do yuo always were yuor gmi suite and do a rea l veal of yuor face now one has seen it

  • Fadhil Abdulkadir
    Fadhil Abdulkadir

    rbecca do it do it now

  • Najid Islam
    Najid Islam

    Mr d

  • Najid Islam
    Najid Islam

    Mr x

  • Najid Islam
    Najid Islam

    Mr s

  • Najid Islam
    Najid Islam

    Mr t

  • Najid Islam
    Najid Islam

    Mr e

  • Najid Islam
    Najid Islam

    Mr k

  • Najid Islam
    Najid Islam

    Mr f

  • Najid Islam
    Najid Islam

    Mr r

  • Najid Islam
    Najid Islam

    Mr c

  • Najid Islam
    Najid Islam

    Agent a

  • Tracey Reardon
    Tracey Reardon

  • ??

    I subscribed that I like and I followed and I see your TikTok but I always cringe 😬

  • Maria Ram
    Maria Ram


  • Vince Ngo
    Vince Ngo

    Yes yesyesyes😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😍😍😍😍😍😍😂😂

  • SalvardOr Macias
    SalvardOr Macias


  • toriah19

    Maddie why did you put milk in the Diet Coke do you like don’t like Alice that much that you suffer her nose like that well I don’t really like her either but I’m just saying why would you do that I’m glad the camera don’t have smelling senses just say and tell me if you have been a metal Rebecca fat fan up to 20 20

  • Zainab Alshammari
    Zainab Alshammari

    MattandRebecca Alex he lying

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