Try Guys Drunk Vegan Fast Food Taste Test
The Try Guys
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  • Choob

    McDonald’s hash browns aren’t even vegetarian...

  • Dk Nurul
    Dk Nurul

    Love how Ned's face changes from excited to ............. @8:21 😂 Fill in the blank guys

  • Eesha Sajid
    Eesha Sajid

    Best vegan video ever.

  • Potato Land
    Potato Land

    “No la Leche?” No the milk *intellectuals*

  • Stitch S.
    Stitch S.

    You should've gotten spicy potatoe soft taco, I get that everytime and I'm not vegan

  • Jett Usrey
    Jett Usrey

    Eugene was so fucking drunk 😂😂😂

  • ladydubhblossom

    arent McDonalds Fries sprayed with a meat flavor spritz before theyre frozen or cooked in beef fat or something? that's why they had a big issue in India in the early 2000s. they don't eat meat or meat products so they protested when they found out. I don't think that considered vegan or vegetarian but I could be wrong. edit: well should have waited 2 mins they said its not either lol.

  • Kurk Cloverfeild
    Kurk Cloverfeild

    Keith is mood af when he's drunk

  • V Jansen
    V Jansen


  • Kathryn Hand
    Kathryn Hand

    Are you gonna kiss me.. two men share a sandwich. I am crying

  • Jose Ramos Jr
    Jose Ramos Jr

    I loved Keith's Mary Berry impersonation XD

  • Hayden Wong
    Hayden Wong

    ned has an AMBER MOOOOON!!!!

  • Rudy Kaj
    Rudy Kaj

    Since about a year ago McDonalds in sweden serves the "McVegan" wich is actually not too bad for McDonalds

  • Michelle Carter
    Michelle Carter

    y'all slept on the spicy potato soft taco at Taco Bell!!!

  • jane garielle
    jane garielle

    i laughed so hard in "is wendy dead"

  • Man E
    Man E

    I'm pretty sure McDonald's fry oil contains beef bile? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong

  • carrotjuse

    ROFL! "Are you gonna kiss me?" "No, do you want me to?" Lolololol...

  • Raul Rameriez
    Raul Rameriez

    McDonald's is notorious in the vegan community for using beef tallow, how did you not know this

  • fishygoespootpoot

    the problem with chipotle being the best is that it isn't open when you're normally drunk.

  • Priscill Hamill
    Priscill Hamill

    Eugene and Keith didn’t seem that drunk but Zach seemed drunk and Ned was just hilarious you should make bed drunk in all the videos

    • Priscill Hamill
      Priscill Hamill


  • Mikel Marcil
    Mikel Marcil

    “Cheese is not that good” “step the fuck back” I’m dead😂 10:34

  • Triggerhappy938

    Wait how is Keith going to Eat the Menu if he's vegan now?

  • Jessica Prokott
    Jessica Prokott

    You guys didn't try burger king's impossible burger. I eat meat and I want to try it

  • Haley Hampsmire
    Haley Hampsmire

    why is keith so pissed about there being no guac.???

  • Lindsay B
    Lindsay B

    When I was vegetarian I ate a lot of potatoes and Mexican food tbh

  • A Bean
    A Bean

    I think the only thing worth not having vegan is pizza

  • A Bean
    A Bean

    Eugene’s Paul impression is ON POINT

  • em michelle
    em michelle

    so zach wasn’t drunk during this video cause he’s been sober since the beginning of 2019?

  • A Bean
    A Bean

    7:11 I dieddddd

  • Esp_Elite_08

    Do you know that everyone has cancer it just needs something to trigger it

    • Marion Wilson
      Marion Wilson

      Why are you like this

  • the best chef
    the best chef

    Zach: Is ThErE nO mIlK iN tHiS cRuSt.....THATS AMAZING me ( a culinary chef and home cook): 🤦‍♂️

  • Purva Mehta
    Purva Mehta

    free wheel does not exist y’all 😂😂 lmao i love zach zo much

  • Beatrix Hubbard
    Beatrix Hubbard

    Keith : Guacamole is vegan Me: Guacamole is vegetarian not vegan

  • lexi white
    lexi white

    the thing that says cutting meat and diary can cut your carbon foot print - completely false. if you have farm land and solely farm plants it’ll strip the soil of all its nutrients that’s why the uk can’t grow any vegetables. you have to do vegetables and then some kind of animal every 20 so ish years so that one takes the nutrients from the soil the other cows or chickens or whatever shits and it provides the soil nutrients so that you can grow better healthier vegetables

  • Dr. Dirty Dan
    Dr. Dirty Dan

    4:46 did Ned just say: “I could put the sauce in my dick” or am I hearing things

  • Jenna Cunningham
    Jenna Cunningham

    I love Ned😂😂😂😂

  • Helena Hernández
    Helena Hernández

    😂 no la leche??

  • Joshua Harris
    Joshua Harris

    7:14 Nobody: Not a single soul: Not even Kieth: Eugene: Are you gonna kiss me?

  • Rose Deli
    Rose Deli

    You go Keith, being a vegan!

  • K K
    K K

    Idk why but I loved the way Ned said “Fuck Salad”

  • Mr Happy
    Mr Happy

    Zach: Cheese is not that great. Me: ... what. Did. This. Man. Say.

  • Linnea Wagner
    Linnea Wagner

    Ned becomes EVERY wisconsinite at 10:38

  • thatgûrl pika
    thatgûrl pika

    Well starting of all of McDonald’s is processed even the vegan stuff

  • Pat Terson
    Pat Terson

    I'm sure someone has told you this already but McDonald's fries are not vegan in the USA or even vegetarian. They contain beef - and shedloads of other junk. The UK ones are vegetarian though and contain just a few ingredients. So considering the fact you clearly didn't bother to check the food, I doubt the rest of the food was vegan or vegetarian.

  • ליה שחם
    ליה שחם


  • ליה שחם
    ליה שחם


  • MistakenMystery

    Fuck veganism!

  • Hobbit Girly
    Hobbit Girly

    Nobody: Not a single atom in the universe: Eugine: Is he dead? Is Wendy dead?!?

  • jeff asmr
    jeff asmr

    Port Keith just wants his guacamole

  • first name last name
    first name last name

    They really don't seem drunk. Maybe Ned

  • Kaylee Lynn
    Kaylee Lynn

    When they are all drunk it’s the funniest thing! Drunk Ned though?? Had me laughing to the point of tears

  • A C
    A C

    Erin- that's not vegan

  • Mary Alexandra Powers
    Mary Alexandra Powers

    The first thing I thought when I saw this title was they probably just smashed a bunch of words together .

  • Summon Daemons
    Summon Daemons

    *NOTICE* Mc Donald fries are NOT Vegan. I'm not vegan but I'm here to help out. They cook them in beef stock before freezing them. Don't feel bad if u didn't know, it's not a normal thing :l

    • Pat Terson
      Pat Terson

      True, though they're vegetarian in the UK. The USA seems to love putting beef in all sorts of stuff, even cakes.

  • Amber Burch
    Amber Burch

    Eugene wasn't drunk enough but still funny

  • Rori Bailey
    Rori Bailey

    7:23 welp Ned got possessed 😂

  • Ben C
    Ben C

    Oh my god drunk ned

  • Spoopyschmoopie Xx
    Spoopyschmoopie Xx

    Ffs.. someone please tell me what kind of hat Zack is wearing? Those short sorta baseball caps?

  • VibesNation

    None of the bread was vegan

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    They put beef in potatoes!? Beef us a powder?!

  • Cutest Demon
    Cutest Demon

    Hashbrowns are Shite tbh

  • Brayden Jones
    Brayden Jones

    I feel Zach’s troubles. Being lactose intolerant sucks!

  • MidgetMan04

    Notice Keith at 10:35 😂😂😂

  • Victoria Camila
    Victoria Camila

    No one Not a single sole Drunk Ned: Ketchup is vegan?

  • Veggie Every Day
    Veggie Every Day

    So brave. Not sure I'd go on camera drunk. Oh wait, yes I would. Did I just challenge myself!? LOVE the "f&*$ salads" rule.

  • Sarah R Lewis
    Sarah R Lewis

    4:48 “I can put the sauce in my di...” *talks about diarrhea* “What’s with the diarrhea?!” OMG IM DEAD!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Brittney Benavidez
    Brittney Benavidez

    I like when there drunk 😂😂😂

  • andrea lawrence
    andrea lawrence


  • Matches_Malone

    If Ned holds the title of 'the most voracious meat eater', he should keep some cows for a couple of months, try to not get attached to them, and then personally take them to and witness their slaughter Like Gordon Ramsay did in that episode of The F Word

  • bananabuttersomethin

    I love that sweater on Eugene.

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