Try Not To Eat Challenge | Odd Food Pairings
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Reactors try not to eat odd food pairings, prepared by our chef.
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Try Not To Eat Challenge | Odd Food Pairings


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    • Elisha J.O
      Elisha J.O

      React to michael jacksons commercials

    • Geewizard

      Try not to eat challenge Idea! Halloween edition! And Include the chicken dinner from Coraline!

    • Taylor McLeod
      Taylor McLeod

      REACT May you please do a try not to eat princess and the frog edition

    • Reuel Lucas
      Reuel Lucas

      Try Not to Eat: Regular Show Edition. Reward food: the Ultimeatum with Himalayan ketchup. Punishment food: Margaret’s burnt and raw pie.

    • Melissa Cervantes
      Melissa Cervantes

      REACT omg I just started watching and I am just like wow

  • EclipsE

    Am I the only one who dips Lays in Pepsi and eat it?

  • Shadosnow

    So... some are more shocked (like litteraly shocked) by onion mixed with peanut butter but are like ''oh cheese and chocolate ?! What a nice funny and good idea ! Let's try at least a bite before saying it's bad'' I'm agree that it can be good too but when in the world this is more basic and normal than onion with peanut butter lol .... Oh and btw guys seriously.. can u get shar out for those .. Looks like u invited the queen of england to mcdonald ... --'

  • Ana Garcia
    Ana Garcia

    Banana and Cheese go really well together. I'm portuguese, and I grew up eating sandwishes with banana, cheese, butter and a bit of sugar. It's amazing.

  • Mavrick Kickhaver
    Mavrick Kickhaver

    Foods I would have no trouble not eating: Peanut butter and onion sandwich, Kiwi and oysters, and Bananas And pizza Foods I would want to eat: Hot Chocolate and cheese, hotdog and jelly, and dark chocolate Would I like the reward (Free Chocolate )- Yes

  • Demonic Soul
    Demonic Soul

    They should make a Try to eat challenge and there’s a punishment for avoiding the food

  • Jon Erlend Syvertsen
    Jon Erlend Syvertsen

    I love banana piza

  • Rylee Sings
    Rylee Sings

    Litterally ALL the comments are about Braydon and Jordan hahaha

  • Isadora Rocha
    Isadora Rocha

    banana and pizza is just so common in my place, like with dried meat, is a famous flavor

  • Imane _El_Ahmadi
    Imane _El_Ahmadi

    2:06 so cute together 😍🥰

  • Leonardo Xavier
    Leonardo Xavier

    peanutbutter and onion sandwich, hotdog jelly, and hot choco and cheese were my favorite foods on my family farm. Now I know where they get the ideas now.

  • Riyansyah Dwi Putra
    Riyansyah Dwi Putra

    I'm surprised that chocolate and cheese is considered weird food pairing

  • deva evlista
    deva evlista

    jordan like, i can't say no to u

  • Zora Kinani
    Zora Kinani

    i love Jordan, she always tries out the food

  • Anderton Chigoneka
    Anderton Chigoneka

    I am a winner in life

    • Bored Oreo
      Bored Oreo

      Good for u!

  • Lily Bug
    Lily Bug

    “It’s smells like a locker room now, get it out of here!” I LOVE THAT GIRL SM ❤️❤️❤️✨✨

  • Sienna Crippen
    Sienna Crippen

    These react videos are right up my alley. So entertaining 😍💯


    The cheese-hot chocolate combination is basically Fondue....which i LOOVVEE! 😍

  • Mox Box
    Mox Box

    Girls who cover their mouths when they chew are ridiculous. Who the hell cares if you're eating something. Stop that shit

  • M.S.J.J G
    M.S.J.J G

    Damn I love that chocolate I would love to have it for free for a month 😍😍😍. But some things I would never try. Like that onion sandwich 🤮🤮 I hate onions

  • Michel Novoa Rivas
    Michel Novoa Rivas

    I´m from colombia. I mean, hot chocolate and cheese it's like the best combinatión in the entire world. I love it

  • Alan Flores
    Alan Flores

    “The way you said “wiener” was funny” -Alberto 2020

  • Christin Hood
    Christin Hood

    I love Brandon and Jordan lol there so funny

  • kevotnta

    This was so fun I'm so happy I found this channel! I subscribed!😁

  • Kelley Woodruff
    Kelley Woodruff

    Dis show has a bunch of followers & no leaders LoL, if they partner wanna try..... they'll do it 2 😂

  • Silvia Fernanda Galvis Barrios
    Silvia Fernanda Galvis Barrios

    Wait, what? I thought all the world eats hot chocolate with cheese. ._. I can't drink hot chocolate without a big piece of cheese inside. By the way, I'm Colombian. Xd

  • Oumie Abdella
    Oumie Abdella

    I ship Brandon and Jordan

  • athhar izan
    athhar izan

    I have another odd pair one, strawberry ice cream with a touch of hot sauce

  • Pink Guava
    Pink Guava


  • Lucid_Melly

    My ocd is so pissed that no one won

  • Lucid_Melly

    I wanna try kiwi an oyster but im allergic to kiwi😖

  • angel guzman
    angel guzman

    i LOVE seeing brayden and jordan together 🥺 they’re so cute and fun together

  • Ethan Kim
    Ethan Kim

    Damn that Jordan girl tried hugging the guy at the end but he gave her a high five lmao

  • EonKiller 4757
    EonKiller 4757

    This Video Is Literally Just Jordan And Brayden Either On A Date Or Flirting With Each Other

  • Brianna Howard
    Brianna Howard

    I ship Jordan and Brayden

  • Sarada Uchiha
    Sarada Uchiha

    Another try to eat episode of Jordan

  • Sussan Pulido
    Sussan Pulido

    Chocolate with cheese is delicius! 🤤 Colombia presente! 🇨🇴


    I like how the others thought they won Wile on the other hand Jordan and Brayden got a month of free chocolate

  • Mrs. Man
    Mrs. Man

    bro Brayden be the hot chocolate and Jordan be the cheese that I ship

  • Jacob-Kun

    Jordan and Braden are perfect 😂 They are so cute together They both walked out with a new best friend :,D

  • toli bello
    toli bello

    How does Brandon laugh like that all the time... I hardly ever find things funny.. 💞💞👍

  • Miz, Evie
    Miz, Evie

    Brayden and jordan is my two favorites they were just so happy😂😂

  • Lily & Rosie
    Lily & Rosie

    The dough on the pizza looks do-licous

  • Rye Micaels
    Rye Micaels

    Would have been better if they had to try it for points 🤣

  • Faith Madi
    Faith Madi

    This is like the third try not to eat and this time I actually have food, so.. PROCEED

  • Regular Human
    Regular Human

    notice how nobody won

  • Little Ms. Nightmare
    Little Ms. Nightmare

    I would taste literally all of them except for the first ONLY BCOZ OF THE RAISINS 🤢

  • N frame sprites
    N frame sprites


  • Kyler Fitts
    Kyler Fitts

    Nobody: Absolutely Nobody. The comments: Yo Jordan and Brayden

  • Jackie Torres
    Jackie Torres

    I want to try the oysters !!

  • Anila Saifullah
    Anila Saifullah


  • chi kaleta
    chi kaleta

    02:06 aww i really ship JorDen/ BrayDan who's with me? more episodes with these duo pleaseeee

  • chi kaleta
    chi kaleta

    02:06 aww i really ship JorDen/ BrayDan who's with me? more episodes with these duo pleaseeee

  • Laura Orlacchio
    Laura Orlacchio

    I ship brayden and jordan

  • Joel Mejia
    Joel Mejia

    My dad actually eats grape jelly and pulled pork lol

  • DiCostanzo Twins
    DiCostanzo Twins

    i love brayden and jordans energy

  • Hanna Hoang
    Hanna Hoang

    All the frickin comments... I SHIP BRADEN AND JORDAN Me: Anyone gonna say something about dis? Guess not

  • Sabbir S.A.
    Sabbir S.A.

    Every time pineapple is putted on a pizza an Italian dies. Now think about what would happen if an Italian watched this?

  • Nattalia Villalssenor
    Nattalia Villalssenor

    Hahahhaha idk whyy they keep on putting jordan in ther try not to eat videoss because she alwayss eats everythingg but i freakingg love herr and if i where her i would probably do that too❤️❤️

  • Miyuri Miyazaki
    Miyuri Miyazaki

    I ship brayden and Jordan

  • secretdrama_love

    *BraYdeN iS sO cuTe gAHh 💖*

  • Creampuff Lover
    Creampuff Lover

    i think that this is the most creative channel ever

  • Sara Boo
    Sara Boo

    Jordan is my spirit animal. “I’m not even gonna pretend I don’t want to eat it”

  • MJ the MerciusJambe
    MJ the MerciusJambe

    Even if there was no punishment, I still would have won this challenge with a 0 score. That's just me.

  • Idek

    Why do I ship Brayden and Jorden so much

  • Maite Heredia
    Maite Heredia

    my gal jordan always going straight for the punishment, i relate so much

  • if you see this tae loves you
    if you see this tae loves you

    hey instead of shipping the chocolate and cheese why not jordan and brayden

  • bad lil vibe
    bad lil vibe

    brayden and jordan are my favs

  • reign

    Take a shot everytime brayden says bomb

  • CJ Namdaklee
    CJ Namdaklee

    Wish I could go out on a date with @Jordan❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰🥰🌹🌹🌹🌹😍😍😍Love Her

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