Try Not To Eat Challenge | Odd Food Pairings
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Reactors try not to eat odd food pairings, prepared by our chef.
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Try Not To Eat Challenge | Odd Food Pairings


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    • Geewizard

      Try not to eat challenge Idea! Halloween edition! And Include the chicken dinner from Coraline!

    • Taylor McLeod
      Taylor McLeod

      REACT May you please do a try not to eat princess and the frog edition

    • Reuel Lucas
      Reuel Lucas

      Try Not to Eat: Regular Show Edition. Reward food: the Ultimeatum with Himalayan ketchup. Punishment food: Margaret’s burnt and raw pie.

    • Melissa Cervantes
      Melissa Cervantes

      REACT omg I just started watching and I am just like wow

    • Andrew Niemiec
      Andrew Niemiec

      TRY NOT TO EAT CHALLENGE Food wars Shokugeki no Soma 3 I especially would like to see bear meat




    Brandon speaking nothing but facts at 8:54

  • Tatum K.
    Tatum K.

    6:16 Brayden is the hot chocolate to Jordan's cheese. They're so cute together

  • Jessica Nguyen
    Jessica Nguyen

    Oh goddd Brayden and Jordan r so cute together but I likeeeee Brayden's cute cutee😅😂

  • Joe Myler
    Joe Myler

    Eserssethtdbgccghfgnghjghjyjtugjuliluiiuoiuouioiuoiouuykhggfnvgngfnhfgfxzeraeeaawawqqwdtrhhrtfhnhfnfgngncfdgfxzdfsrgdthiuuouoioyyukukgygjygjygjyfjygjygjygjygjjyyyutyfyufcxfyftxtrxrxttrxxrgxfgfchfchgchgjvhvjhvjhgjhgjjvghgrdfdrdseawwaessrrsfdhfhgyhffyhfyh I just fell asleep on my keyboard

  • Rosh GT
    Rosh GT

    If I was in that video and if I eat the food I will eat all continuous all the food because they will just give me a punishment at the end if I ate 1 food

  • Lianne Ilejay
    Lianne Ilejay

    ok but Brayden and Jordan are a winning combination...just encouraging each other to lose all the way to the end XD SCRATCH THAT I SAW THE END THEY WERE WINNING ALL THE DAMN WAYYYYY

  • new york
    new york

    They were all good actors when Brookside came up

  • MC Anwar
    MC Anwar

    Brayden and Jordan : let's eat all of them. We won't be punished

  • werealldead_ _
    werealldead_ _

    7:07 lol my mentality

  • Evelyn Lara
    Evelyn Lara

    You should do try not to eat food from princess and the frog

  • Hazelyn Maniquez
    Hazelyn Maniquez

    I ship Brayden and Jordan , lol


    If you forget what round it is, just look at Brayden and Jordans ate score.

  • Ibrahima Traore
    Ibrahima Traore

    Alberto I wouldn't eat this again takes another bite

  • Marissa Daily
    Marissa Daily

    Who’s else had flashback to elementary school lunch combining weird concoctions ? Just me 😂

  • AnnaMac

    every comment: brayden and jordan 💞 i ship it

  • Aiball

    Bruh they're so excited for the Brookside chocolate cuz they're gatting paid more.

  • Happy Go Lucky
    Happy Go Lucky

    Hello early squad

  • J G
    J G

    shipping real ppl is creepy & disrespectful

    • QuaxEnn

      J G ok mom

  • J Sparky
    J Sparky

    Jordan and Brayden ❤️

    • werealldead_ _
      werealldead_ _

      J Sparky I would’ve been the same

  • Devonte Eru
    Devonte Eru

    I'm from New Zealand and in New Zealand we call each other kiwis

  • Mark Almencion
    Mark Almencion

    Texture friendly.

  • my husband is big marvel
    my husband is big marvel


  • Rahmat Hidayat
    Rahmat Hidayat

    Brayden and jordan are the real winners

  • AikenDoIt

    6:16 Jordan: We ship it Me: *I SHIP YOUUUUUU* 😂😂

  • AikenDoIt

    Is *Brayden* A *Filipino??*

  • AikenDoIt

    Brayden: *Moans In Disgust* Jordan: What is that!😂😏😏😏

    • AikenDoIt

      at 4:58 😊

  • Star Light
    Star Light

    Brayden: You should try it Jordan: I should? Jordan: *laughs* I can't say no to you Brayden: Aww *laughs*

  • Via Coffey
    Via Coffey

    When you have a crush on Brayden but that means you’re cheating on your other crush 😔

  • Mlinda H.
    Mlinda H.

    yo Brayden cute tho, get it Jordan I see yall flirting lol I ship

  • Blomstermark

    Pizza with banana some curry, chili and garlic.. do wonders in my book.

    • Blomstermark

      @Fabi fabi you dont need that much chili 🤣

    • Fabi fabi
      Fabi fabi

      Wonders in the toilet

  • Anti.grounder _stick
    Anti.grounder _stick

    bell peppers and caramel

  • Maddie iscool
    Maddie iscool

    I ship Brayden and Jordan they look are so cute together💜🥺

    • Lola Charlaine
      Lola Charlaine


    • Elizabeth Nguyen
      Elizabeth Nguyen

      Maddie iscool what I was about to say!!

  • Mike Van Der Vegt
    Mike Van Der Vegt

    Jordan 😍

  • Taekook VK
    Taekook VK

    Brayden and jordan r my favorite here

  • 3lc0rr3A

    Jordan and Brayden should make a collab youtube channel I live their chemistry from this video.

  • Jena Magtinguha
    Jena Magtinguha

    Brayden and Jordan are so cute

  • Xang Xung
    Xang Xung

    In indonesia, cheese and chocolate is a hot couple. We pair them in many dishes. Not to mention we've also got banana, cheese, and chocolate. My australian friends were quite surprised knowing that in Indonesia we often pair cheese with sweet dishes

    • Veronika Daniar
      Veronika Daniar

      Yup, favourite d'crepes flavour 😂

    • Xang Xung
      Xang Xung

      @Andre Darius agree. It depends on what kind of cheese we use as the pair

    • Andre Darius
      Andre Darius

      As a fellow Indonesian, can relate, but also our cheese isn't really any strong cheese, just some soft cheddar with a hint of butter. But for european countries, their cheese is strong and salty, it goes better with more acidic or meaty product than sweet one, and even I wouldn't try any strong cheese with chocolate. But then again, I have a sweet tooth so this is great

  • Zach Pohlman
    Zach Pohlman

    Remember folks....if nothing else is taken away as a lesson from this entire video....please remember not to just slather some grape preserves on your wieners.

  • Thomas Cook
    Thomas Cook

    eh... I hate chocolate so... the ONLY item I eat with chocolate really that I love is Reese's peanut butter cups and Hersheys white chocolate even though.. the white chocolate isn't even chocolate

    • Thomas Cook
      Thomas Cook

      @Ellie LunnonAYE <3

    • Ellie Lunnon
      Ellie Lunnon

      I'm eating reeces peanut butter cups rn😄😂

  • Kris Rivera
    Kris Rivera

    In Philippines we fried hotdogs with sugar its really good

    • Kris Rivera
      Kris Rivera

      @Mark Lopez yeh

    • Mark Lopez
      Mark Lopez

      We do? Tf hahaha

    • Kris Rivera
      Kris Rivera

      @P a u l i n a You should try it

    • P a u l i n a
      P a u l i n a

      Never have that one

  • Dana MSA
    Dana MSA

    I want a friendship like Brayden and Jordan

    • Zach Pohlman
      Zach Pohlman

      Pretty much how me and my best friends' friendship is.

  • DeeDee Chillin'
    DeeDee Chillin'

    Is there an opposite version of this? Like you Have to eat what's in front of you

  • caronina

    In Colombia a regular hot dog has pineapple jelly and we really love chocolate and cheese 🥰

    • mmmwenas she
      mmmwenas she

      @Jeily Rosario a man with culture.

    • Jeily Rosario
      Jeily Rosario

      I’m dominican but my best friend is Colombian and BOYYYYY I love chocolate and cheese so bad with almojabanas 😍

  • jaiden santiago
    jaiden santiago

    if i were in this challenge: I can’t have this sandwich i’m allergic to gluten I can’t have this oyster or kiwi i’m allergic to shellfish and kiwi I can’t have this hot chocolate and cheese i’m lactose intolerant 🤧🤧 i can’t enjoy foods man

  • Maria

    Chocolate with cheese THAT IS AWESOME in Colombia we love it

  • Ruba El-mugamar
    Ruba El-mugamar

    Does anyone else ship brayden and Jordan??? 🤩

    • Ana Lívia
      Ana Lívia

      are they friends or they were flirting? i can't say

  • JustAnotherTechGuy1

    10:39 I was half paying attention and I swear I thought he said “we love some pus*y”

    • Litty girl07 Goode
      Litty girl07 Goode

      JustAnotherTechGuy1 I had to turn my caption on to see what he said c

  • Maria Melendez
    Maria Melendez

    Chocolate and Cheese are the best thing to eat/drink before bed.

  • EasyEliVids

    Brayden and jordan really love to eat!😄😁😁😁😁

  • Rheanna Shakira
    Rheanna Shakira

    If you do another movie or show one Then u should do tokyo ghoul series

  • Sierra Walsh
    Sierra Walsh

    You guys should do a try not to eat challenge but with cakes that look like real life objects.

  • Alyssa Gutierrez
    Alyssa Gutierrez

    Do Teens react to Dear God! by Drax

  • Nutter & Butter The Cow
    Nutter & Butter The Cow

    besides chocolate ifruit I love blueberry and pomegranate

  • Alex C
    Alex C

    Brayden is Jaxon with a touch more color and I'm living for it!

    • fluffehtae min
      fluffehtae min

      i thought i was the only one who saw the resemblance lol

  • Jonathan Levu
    Jonathan Levu

    Shar: Same, however, however, this might work.

  • GhOsTxReCoN

    I love sweet and sour sauce on pizza :o

  • Evie North
    Evie North

    Branden and Jordan shipp😂

  • ReVo's Residence
    ReVo's Residence

    Also, high people react to... this

  • ReVo's Residence
    ReVo's Residence

    Wait so you are punshing them for trying new foods?

    • Kleave

      watch till the end , they got a reward instead of a punishment

  • mary

    omg brookside chocolate is my favorite

  • Laugh N Half
    Laugh N Half

    Try not to eat One Piece food

  • ً edit.mp4
    ً edit.mp4

    jordan and brayden are people i wanna be around with

  • Marcos Braga
    Marcos Braga

    Pizza de banana é muito famosa aqui no Brasil 🇧🇷

  • Jayquill Berry
    Jayquill Berry

    A month's worth of free chocolate?!!! Lucky!

  • Jayquill Berry
    Jayquill Berry

    Cheese and chocolate are usually served at wine tasting. Sweet and salty. I hate Onions. I HATE them. The only good onion is Green Onions.

  • nc lp
    nc lp

    Cheese with hot chocolate is the best. People eat it alot here in Colombia

  • a

    Jordan and Brayden are my favorite they're so cute

  • Mindy Ti
    Mindy Ti

    i really like eat weird food. i can eat cereal with bakso soul taichan shrimp with matcha ice cream dipping.

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