emma chamberlain
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-emma chamberlain

  • Samara Dean
    Samara Dean

    She had 8 coffees not 7

  • Chloe Boom
    Chloe Boom

    Emma driving with her leg up hahahaha

  • Haya Alkubaisi
    Haya Alkubaisi


  • Holli Dizdarevic
    Holli Dizdarevic

    I’m drinking coffee while watching this. I make some tasty ass hot coffee I can’t lie.

  • Tom Pounder
    Tom Pounder

    I love Emma but she always uses so many straws, and when she got two coffees in this video she had plastic straws in both. Please change ur habits, but your still an amazing person em and I hope I didn't offend you

  • Jamuel Lonei
    Jamuel Lonei

    Not' hay I' amggaud to.. mey can kilep a the waliog esp uorre dug lone huand opesued kile Watte patite for

  • edda Smith
    edda Smith

    Driving around polluting the earth so you can buy plastic and waste coffee

  • Savannah Lobb
    Savannah Lobb

    i am watching this monday

  • Йоана Георгиева
    Йоана Георгиева

    Only Emma can make a video about drinking coffee in car and just look so interesting and cool

  • J Bk
    J Bk

    And just when I thought I was the most coffee addicted person on this earth I discovered yoooouuu😂😂😆😆😝🤪☕️☕️

  • Hailey & Laila
    Hailey & Laila

    It’s Monday

  • Pumpkin Lover
    Pumpkin Lover

    Hey Emma why don’t you do a 24hr challenge to NOT drink 1 cup of coffee. If you lose you have to do something.

  • Michele Khefets
    Michele Khefets

    “Great prices” Goat: 200+

  • Taylor Anderson
    Taylor Anderson

    hang out at intelligentsia

    • Taylor Anderson
      Taylor Anderson

      wow imma weirdo. night

    • Taylor Anderson
      Taylor Anderson

      let me go to coffee shops w you

  • Pavanita Mallavarapu
    Pavanita Mallavarapu

    8:42 Emma: I need to take my beanie of but before I take it off fully *Takes her beanie off* Me: ....

  • Xxixl 88
    Xxixl 88

    مين جاي من خطافيه😂😂❤️

  • Tess Ortiz
    Tess Ortiz

    6:54😂 eww/ burp

  • Isabelle W
    Isabelle W

    I was just wondering what editor do you use? anybody know?

  • Krazy Koalas
    Krazy Koalas

    Does any one else notice the sign in the back at 5:12 ?

  • Mishi B!
    Mishi B!

    have you ever tried alfreds- where alisha marie goes

  • emptincss

    i’m going to LA in about 20 days so i’m watching this to try some out :)

  • It’s Crystal
    It’s Crystal

    The place I’ve been dying to try is Rad Coffee... baddddly

  • Meresa Miller
    Meresa Miller

    “Coffee shops are gonna start clothing” “Coffee sharp” “Coffee shops are gonna start clothing” *looks surprised asf * Me too 😂


    right when Emma said she knew where she was going for the last one i KNEW it was Philz

  • Meegs B
    Meegs B

    Please research the flat Earth!

  • Kaytlen Btw
    Kaytlen Btw

    😂 how are u so funny

  • Anna Augart-Welwood
    Anna Augart-Welwood

    It actually is Monday when I’m watching this

  • That Cheerleader I'm not Vsco
    That Cheerleader I'm not Vsco

    Emma: "Its not gonna be a Monday when you watch this" Me: "But it is" 9/30/19

  • Hayley

    my biggest concern is... How many cup holders does emma's car have 😂

  • Maxime Elizabeth
    Maxime Elizabeth

    11:31 i thought it was my stomach

  • Vampy

    You should try your subscribers coffee order, bc ik you get the same thing everytime 😂

  • Jayda With Flava
    Jayda With Flava

    I always wondered who emma was and why did everyone love her sm but now i see why lol. I been binging her videos for the last week and i freakin ‘ stan❤️. #newsubbie !

  • Obliviate

    I just wanna drive around with emma and just do this coz i love coffee so damn much

  • Buttacup Jones
    Buttacup Jones

    This chick is wayyyyyyy to spazz yet funny🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

  • Annali Brown
    Annali Brown

    Emma : mOrE Espresso less Depresso Everyone else :

  • Kayla Blow
    Kayla Blow

    I know what you mean by the soap taste I have that problem alot

  • Amy Robinson
    Amy Robinson

    What do u edit your videos with ? X

  • caitlyn o'neil
    caitlyn o'neil

    if only she had been using a reusable straw…🤔

  • Lily Quijano
    Lily Quijano

    Mikey Cyrus???

  • andrea 777
    andrea 777

    Girl I can’t stop rewatching all your videos, love you

  • AdeenPE

    what about starbucks? I wanna see her rating for that

  • Jessica Toor
    Jessica Toor

    I love you so much you are so awesome and funny

  • Lily Ryan
    Lily Ryan

    why did i watch this on a Monday

  • Talia Judith
    Talia Judith

    where is her lock necklace from?

  • Jaz N gb Twinz
    Jaz N gb Twinz

    What do u use and how to u get those edited filters or whatever tf it’s called

  • Blue!

    woah is that plastic sskskskskskskskksksksksksksk lmao

  • megajman37

    "It's summer" Wears black long sleeve and a beanie... Makes sense...

  • Zana Ramovic
    Zana Ramovic

    Emma talks ti camera:Can You see,Can You see? Emma inside of her:You talk to camera but its ok bc this is Yours 3th coffe😂

  • Addison Lennox
    Addison Lennox

    Your so funny I love you

  • Tony Wirth
    Tony Wirth

    just get a doouble espresso. strength and flavor are different

  • Andy Better
    Andy Better

    That's a fuck ton of plastic

  • Kayla B
    Kayla B

    Coffee is life

  • WooMaker

    she's going through some stuff.. i can see it, but I can also see, that she's goin the fuck back asap

  • Nathaly Alfaro
    Nathaly Alfaro

    Sis you should have included prices as well.

  • Jemella Hazlewood-Owens
    Jemella Hazlewood-Owens

    Dont mind me just watching old Emma videos until i get tired. Just something i do on a nightly basis. Ive watched this video so many times its not even funny .... But its fine cause i love her.

  • Zara Garwood
    Zara Garwood

    what kind of coffee do you drink anymore?

  • Itzel Garcia
    Itzel Garcia

    Emma pretending to be on FaceTime cuz she feels awkward is literally me all the time in public 😂

  • VlogSquad CTM
    VlogSquad CTM

    I came here for the slurping sound effects and that’s what I got

  • William Moore
    William Moore

    When u look at that the truck it looks like it's about to run her over

  • Gryffindor X slytherin
    Gryffindor X slytherin

    Your so entertaining

  • Marina Jazmine
    Marina Jazmine

    Goat sounds goooooorrraaaatt

  • Julia

    If you wonna something that taste strong, you should try the italian espresso or the Brazilian one, so...come here in Milan, maybe for the fashion week, yeaaah why not?!

  • Evie England
    Evie England

    Now I want coffee.

  • Gabi Phifer
    Gabi Phifer

    duluth coffee company is the best coffee in the world

  • lolo OoOo
    lolo OoOo

    Emma you are a fucking pretty 😂💙💙

  • hammily1

    Unfortunately things like driving around in your car all day for no reason or buying more coffee (in plastic cups with plastic straws btw) that you wont even drink is the worst thing ever! I get it it´s fun, I would enjoy it as well, but you know: People cannot live they way and do all the things they want, the earth cannot sustain this way of living!!! A bit more responsibility, especially with that large platform that you have, wouldn‘t harm.

  • Zoidluvsyou

    Whitest of the whites

  • Emm

    The best part about coffee shops is enjoying the atmosphere but I feel like she just went in and ordered and left😅 Don’t drink it in your car💔

  • John Grimi
    John Grimi

    It is Monday!

  • 3 Cadettes
    3 Cadettes

    Funny thing, it is a Monday when I'm watching this.

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