emma chamberlain
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-emma chamberlain

  • the dandelion that taehyung blew
    the dandelion that taehyung blew

    the coffee splatter on her beanie do be lookiN like coViD

  • Elizabeth Nguyen
    Elizabeth Nguyen

    "You wing it" -Emma Chamberlain *plays national anthem*

  • Miranda Vlogz
    Miranda Vlogz

    can u talk spanish

  • Miranda Vlogz
    Miranda Vlogz

    why do u try so hard to be emma chamberlain

  • hedwigz


  • Joshua Wee
    Joshua Wee

    the coffee matches her car

  • Joshua Wee
    Joshua Wee

    "omg this guy is staring at me lemme act like i'm facetiming." "yeah" "no" "yeah"

  • Christopher Palian
    Christopher Palian

    hey emma u probably won’t read this but i just wanted to say hi and i’m a girl so don’t be weirded out by the name chris so um hi 😂 i love you so much

    • Christopher Palian
      Christopher Palian

      also the reason it’s says christopher is bc i am using my dads email

  • Patrí Cia
    Patrí Cia

    8:48 Covid-19

  • No one Jut no one
    No one Jut no one

    Yo quarantine brought me again to this video.. I'm drinking coffee while watching this

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy

    It is mon for me today

  • BLKOKingz

    Me: trying every coffee shop I the WORLD Me:After *crying*, I can’t sleep

  • Zoe Damelio
    Zoe Damelio

    “ Omg this person is trying to back up in to my car” 😂😂 it’s in 7:26 😂😂

  • Rafael Esparza
    Rafael Esparza

    Never In a million years did I think that I would be entertained by a video of a girl trying every coffee shop in LA

  • Malia Justice
    Malia Justice

    It,s monday lmao 😂

  • TheBoyPresident !
    TheBoyPresident !

    Love yuur hands!!!

  • dolce

    when u don't find the perfect coffee place so u make your own coffee line


    hm.. What about Starbucks? lol

  • Jesus Morales
    Jesus Morales

    Emma looks cute in beanies

  • Huda Alsaleh
    Huda Alsaleh

    Can't believe u didn't go to Starbucks

  • Allison Reichard
    Allison Reichard

    kill the turtles sksksksksk

    • Mia R.
      Mia R.

      Shut tf up

  • Amari Brown
    Amari Brown

    You should try fast food restaurant coffee like this so she can see

    • Mia R.
      Mia R.


  • Megan W
    Megan W

    urth cafe is superior that's it that the whole comment.....

  • Dovie Dykes
    Dovie Dykes

    you are mr fav youtuber THANK YOU ok fuck it bye

  • Dovie Dykes
    Dovie Dykes


  • m e a g a n g r a c e
    m e a g a n g r a c e

    ppl in summer 2019: the logo on your hat looks like a coffee spatter!! so cute!! ppl in 2020: that looks like COVID

  • Korean Emo
    Korean Emo

    I just realized this 10 months later but, her outfit looks like the rocks iconic outfit

  • Harper Howe
    Harper Howe

    Emma: Coffee shops are gonna start closing soon Me: You have no idea what your in for

  • Selina Bug
    Selina Bug

    12:03 you look like the gay guy cher liked in Clueless

  • Emily Walelangi
    Emily Walelangi

    i only feel entertained when i watch emma’s vlogs


    I actually am watching this on a Monday

  • Avery Jane
    Avery Jane

    Is anyone else just binge watching her videos during quarantine? Just me ok

  • Maribel Haro
    Maribel Haro


  • Igna Paz
    Igna Paz

    im watching Emma drinking coffee while im drinking coffee and wondering if my coffee is good or not

  • Cayden Que
    Cayden Que

    Girls trying on bathing suits, Emma chamberlain trying all the coffe shops, lol i luv her

  • Kelly Vidal
    Kelly Vidal

    Every time I watch Emma I always want coffee

  • Luis Miguel Garrido Mata
    Luis Miguel Garrido Mata

    Alguien bino de un video de Angie o soy solo yayo 😶🙃

  • Koralea Roessler
    Koralea Roessler

    I live in Washington and there is literally a coffee place on every block I didn’t even know that wasn’t a thing in other places in the world that coffee isn’t on every corner until I left

  • Margo Speirs
    Margo Speirs

    I literally just started watching this and she was like "it's two pm" and literally I started watching this video at two PM on the dot 😲

  • Sienna Courchene
    Sienna Courchene

    emma you would love timmies

  • Hannah Cordukes
    Hannah Cordukes

    Me watching this as I am drinking my third coffee in 4 hours

  • Jackz

    This bitch is a MOOD

  • Sumaijay 11
    Sumaijay 11

    "Anti birch serum, ehhh"

  • Kasia Robichaud
    Kasia Robichaud

    Emma go to Canada and order a Tim hortons iced coffee with a shot of maple you’ll thank me later ❤️

  • GoldenFlare91

    I'm watching this at 5 am and I'm dying because I have to be quiet but I want to laugh

  • Sakina Master
    Sakina Master

    Emma on her third coffee ☕: "It tastes like soap" Me: "How does she know what soap tastes like?" 🤨

  • Suhaana A
    Suhaana A

    Anyone else binging emma in quarantine? lol

  • whateveritslisa

    i did this but toronto edition, and y’allllll don’t even understand the struggle of finding good iced coffee! i feel this struggle so hard 😭😭😭❤️❤️

  • Livy Lax
    Livy Lax

    Me who’s watching this on a Monday, You did it

  • Aya Alcodray
    Aya Alcodray

    whos here from 2020

    • ГаВкОш МыГ
      ГаВкОш МыГ


  • kainoo ii
    kainoo ii

    Honestly Emma I am getting bullied a lot and ur vids just make me laugh and make. Me happy 😊

  • Tanner Clendenin
    Tanner Clendenin

    “Goat has amazing prices” $200😂

  • Lorraine L
    Lorraine L

    PCP love a bit of em Sydney coffeeeeey

  • Rio Malito
    Rio Malito

    When Emma shows off her shoes how the fuck does her leg do that. Like it twists

  • Lemons Are Yellow
    Lemons Are Yellow

    omg youtubers listen up, if you do premiers you generate more money because of donations!!!!

  • Manu Bertolotti
    Manu Bertolotti

    I loveeee yourr nailsss soooo muchh

  • Ally Johle
    Ally Johle

    “Holy fu*k I’m sweating”

  • Catherine Smith
    Catherine Smith

    i’m a barista, and i was giggling the whole time because the vast majority of coffee places use the same recipe for iced lattes😅 two shots of espresso with milk and a few pumps of syrup for a 16 oz

  • kyliee


  • Serena Barron
    Serena Barron

    This was 9 months ago and she said it was Monday bbuuuttttttttt I was watching this on may 11th MONDAY!!!!!

  • Sara Siegler
    Sara Siegler

    it is monday rn

  • Abby Russ
    Abby Russ

    1:59 - Emma: there's nothing better than new clean air force 1's Emma's AF-1's: *have dirt on the toe

  • happy hour
    happy hour

    Coffee isn't a word to me no more.

  • Megan Hughes
    Megan Hughes

    Challenge for Emma' no cussing no phone no coffee impossible or possible Emma?

  • Hehehe

    I wanna start using “danger hazard”

  • Galia Mixon
    Galia Mixon

    literally love this! i laughed so so much!

  • ava vintis
    ava vintis

    if you dropped your phone on your face while watching this vid😭:

    • Cr Ab
      Cr Ab

      I dropped one of those big ass old iPads onto my front teeth once. Nothing broke but you just feel it all month.

  • Salima Tassir
    Salima Tassir

    70 degrees is what a Floridian considers cold-

  • sydney grace
    sydney grace

    who else finds it weird when philz is in like a "hot coffee cup"?

  • imawesome m88888
    imawesome m88888

    Please don’t buy fucking shoes on a Monthly payment 😂

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