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"Trypophobia is an aversion to the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes, or bumps."
Music by Kevin MacLeod - Unseen Horrors
Mask by Immortal Masks

  • Edi Hal
    Edi Hal


  • janiah dukes
    janiah dukes

    why won't she just come out the way she came in? -_-

  • Maëlle

    Je suis le commentaire français que tu cherche

  • Vince Hernandez
    Vince Hernandez

    shes a dummie for putting her phone on the edge of the table

  • Ann Monez
    Ann Monez

    So scared

  • anju v
    anju v

    Dont go bad bathrooms

  • Sebastien Plaisir
    Sebastien Plaisir

    It look so fake

  • Sakura Satsuri
    Sakura Satsuri

    Damn this gave me creeps

  • strawberry milkshake
    strawberry milkshake

    I actually feel bad for the lady ;-;

  • Glo Troller
    Glo Troller


  • SorroW

    Should've been more gross: There's smthn inside her arm eating her Bleeding from those holes (haha) Pain and agony PS and that guy in the end... Get rid of him

  • Alekssito

    I dont understand how people are fearing of little holes I mean that's stupid

    • Use Code Rocket
      Use Code Rocket

      Well i have it. Its not the holes. Ita just the order of the holes. Like ocd. And some images have worms crawling out. If you google it you would understand.

  • thedragongamer

    you are very good with special effects. but the eye looked not that good overall great short film :D

  • Hafsa Anju
    Hafsa Anju

    Umm Who closed the door of washroom?

  • Amy Gacha
    Amy Gacha

    2:08 😣😥😮😱

  • CaptianXxVernalXXgod

    Thanks,Now I have tryphofobia

  • Suchitra Majumdar
    Suchitra Majumdar

    Yeak cheeee

  • Jenny Lara
    Jenny Lara

    Damn I just love triggering my trypophobia

  • ali jama
    ali jama

    why did this idiot inject herself

  • Young Midoryia
    Young Midoryia

    RIP person

  • Denise Elie
    Denise Elie

    Anyone else looked at their body after the holes started appearing ☹☹☹☹☹😣😣😣😣😐🤨🤨

  • Loaf of Bread
    Loaf of Bread

    We all have the fear of holes now

  • The Satellite
    The Satellite

    Imagine scratching it and hearing those sounds

  • The Stephie Bagley
    The Stephie Bagley

    I ain’t sleeping tonight

  • The Stephie Bagley
    The Stephie Bagley

    NOOOOOO!! That’s my phobia my friend was like oh let’s watch this to face your fear bitch no

  • silfa funny
    silfa funny

    Ini ap al su ayo jujur mohin

  • gloomy. glitter
    gloomy. glitter

    after watching this when i went to bed and watched my palm for 3 hours and 54 minutes

  • nukapopper


  • valerie sumagpang
    valerie sumagpang


  • Neon Green apple
    Neon Green apple

    I dont like this...

  • Lover 20001
    Lover 20001

    This is horrifying

  • Janell Elias
    Janell Elias

    Who digs in a trash in a dirty bathroom dump it unless it's your house cause why would a needle with trypo vaccine be in your garbage can

    • Lynn Loud
      Lynn Loud


  • Brevard Smith
    Brevard Smith

    Just imagine Pornstars getting it.

  • Indramani Giri
    Indramani Giri

    Very dangerous video

  • Pixel Sword
    Pixel Sword

    I think I might vomit

  • Aaliyah Mendoza
    Aaliyah Mendoza

    Is this real....? 😫😞

    • Lynn Loud
      Lynn Loud

      Looks real but yes it’s a real disease

  • Narwhal Gacha
    Narwhal Gacha

    Clean up on isle 4

  • Narwhal Gacha
    Narwhal Gacha


  • Ariel Texidó
    Ariel Texidó

    Lady *gets injected* lady:F***

  • Ariel Texidó
    Ariel Texidó

    Lady *gets injected* lady:F***

  • lovley ??
    lovley ??

    Que asco

  • Joshua Chambers
    Joshua Chambers

    Decent little body horror short. Nicely done. Sharing it to my Facebook as part of my all month long October Spook-a-thon.

  • ramune Pups art
    ramune Pups art

    Ok I just watched this because I do a thing where I watch a horror movie everyday and I didn’t wanna watch a full length movie because I’m busy-

  • Sagita Pricilia
    Sagita Pricilia

    anjing. kenapasih harus muncul diberanda gw. jijik bgt liatnya

  • Young Yahweh
    Young Yahweh

    You ever realize that people with this condition can't cook pancakes?

  • Subliminal

    Who the f*** does this? 1:50

  • Draco Barland
    Draco Barland

    you must be in the hood to be in that bathroom lmao

  • Fiery Saint
    Fiery Saint

    Yeah just why not go into that gang fested bathroom!

  • *fart uh oh stinky shit
    *fart uh oh stinky shit

    Silent but deadly

  • Pop Hnter
    Pop Hnter

    I think thing like that weirdly satisfying

  • princesa crystal shine
    princesa crystal shine

    when you don't have this phobia yet you find it disturbing---

  • Rakeshwar Thangavadivel
    Rakeshwar Thangavadivel

    why didn't she just call 911

  • MynxAlexandria

    Tyrophobia really not that scary to me

  • Scrubs fan For life
    Scrubs fan For life

    Why don’t just dump out the trash can in the first place

  • Alien Boi
    Alien Boi

    It ain’t gonna work if the water is dirty af or any dirty things touching it

  • Chichi Melon
    Chichi Melon

    *i want to die*

  • Mangle001

    This is the biggest shit i have ever seen lmao

  • Moonbow Entertainment
    Moonbow Entertainment please watch this short film based on fear and anxiety..

  • TeXtream X
    TeXtream X

    gifther mac pro 2019 with 1000$stand

  • gilanocoolsEvilTwin gfs
    gilanocoolsEvilTwin gfs

    I always had a nightmare that something weird would happen to my body... Puberty

  • Manoj Rawat
    Manoj Rawat

    Teri maa ki chut Bahan chod dugaa Teri maa ki chut ye Kya laga Rakhaa ha Madchod Kutaa saalaa bekuf bante ha

  • Cody Chase
    Cody Chase

    Note to self: don't root through public bathroom trashcans :(

  • Duolingo Owl
    Duolingo Owl

    step 2: leave your phone in a trash in a creepy dirty bathroom

  • sataellite moon
    sataellite moon

    and why is the girl searching something in the trash and got inject in tripophobia

  • sataellite moon
    sataellite moon


  • KennyIsClumsy

    I’ve done it in the shower,since I used warm water and soap.... But it’s not,it’s just like thank goodness....

  • r_o_s_i_e q_u_i_l_t
    r_o_s_i_e q_u_i_l_t

    I’m not even trypophobic but this this scares me

  • stranger make crafts
    stranger make crafts

    Thanks for giving me a new phobia


    Trypophobia is SATISFYING

  • Devdatta Dhokane
    Devdatta Dhokane

    Kahala pathavta aahe videos

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