Turning My Foot Into a Jolly Rancher
The King of Random
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Today we're creating a cast of Nate's foot and seeing if we can make a perfect replica out of candy.
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  • S Jackson
    S Jackson

    Hey Nate and Callie, there's an easy way to reduce the amount of bubbles when working with candy and silicone! If you take a kitchen grade blowtorch and apply heat to the candy you are casting, a lot of the oxygen whipped into the candy will rise to the surface and dissipate. Direct heat from the flame (in controlled, small amounts) doesn't typically effect any sugar based candy that much, it only heats the trapped air inside the liquid. This method works best for small or shallow molds for the best distribution of heat. But when using a very large one, such as this mold of Nate's foot, you can do this in layers! Simply pour the candy in, heat it, and repeat. Like this comment if you think TKOR should do more candy casting, and if you want them to see it!

  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson

    Roses are red violets are blue what you are here for is 8:52

  • Mayank Jariya
    Mayank Jariya

    try using spray Teflon on the silicon....

  • Will Hickey
    Will Hickey

    e w

  • IJ LegoFilms
    IJ LegoFilms

    tell me thats not his foot...

  • Sara Day
    Sara Day

    Throw a nive at the foot or a water bottle

  • Josh Church
    Josh Church

    Callies face at 8:12

  • Brooklyn Hablitzel
    Brooklyn Hablitzel


  • Cala Starr
    Cala Starr

    put lafy tafy in the foot mold

    • Cala Starr
      Cala Starr


  • SparkelEye Studios
    SparkelEye Studios

    Take a mannequin and cast the whole body and make a jolly rancher statue!

  • Danielle Lopez
    Danielle Lopez


  • ItzYo BoiLance
    ItzYo BoiLance

    Should it be a jolly foot instead of ranchers?

  • Lucy Jordan
    Lucy Jordan

    You should try eat that in an hour

  • Kassi Thomson
    Kassi Thomson

    Hahaha Disney 2019: Disney and Pixar Disney 2020: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic. So pretty much all movies!🤣

  • Archduke Radical Carrot
    Archduke Radical Carrot

    You didn’t eat the foot! :-(

  • erin cutro
    erin cutro

    You guys should make a gummy casting of his foot

  • Infinite Games
    Infinite Games


  • DarkGengar94

    Make a gold replica of your foot

  • DarkGengar94

    Sad left foot noises

  • Hindustani Titanium
    Hindustani Titanium

    Main video start from 4:40 Thanks me later 😀

  • Bushra Emhemed
    Bushra Emhemed

    Wow Nate has big feet

  • Hoodie Kinney
    Hoodie Kinney

    So we sucking toes now? Hmmm

  • Mason Palmer-new
    Mason Palmer-new

    Make a cake with the mold

  • Thisuri Perera
    Thisuri Perera


  • Bryan Kent
    Bryan Kent

    gummy foot

  • xd Pugg
    xd Pugg

    Gummy foot

  • John Cunningham
    John Cunningham


  • Hollow_Mage

    Foot fetich people love this video

  • Chase Lax
    Chase Lax

    Wow! 🤩

  • Jack Wiliams
    Jack Wiliams

    0:04 bottom left corner is a dab pen i love that they are stoners like me

  • Keila Escobar
    Keila Escobar

    bruh this reminds me of that movie cloudy with a chance of meatballs

  • JG03 Games
    JG03 Games

    Make a mold of my grandpa sike he was a guy so he got drafted to Vietnam and has ptsd lol


    I aim eat that

  • Sunshine Taddeo
    Sunshine Taddeo

    Eat it all

  • UGD - The UltimateGamingDevil- Gaming and more!
    UGD - The UltimateGamingDevil- Gaming and more!

    This is randomness legit

  • Toaster having a bath
    Toaster having a bath

    We have a nate

  • Hailey Teta
    Hailey Teta


  • Danielle Luteran
    Danielle Luteran

    Chocolate foot

  • Kory Card
    Kory Card

    Why the right foot

  • Mr. Collins
    Mr. Collins

    I dare you to make a full body (you can use a skeleton prop for that but make it ) and use jello

  • Gerstein03

    You guys do the strangest things with jolly ranchers

  • t12is_10

    If You Just Put Your Foot There In The Jolly Rancher It Going To Taste Like Foot

  • StickySauce101

    the human version of the Zootopia candies Nick kept trying to con people with.

  • Britton Robertson
    Britton Robertson

    Chocolate molding of the foot

  • RobertTheBruce

    What the French toast?

  • Skycruz 2020
    Skycruz 2020

    This is how many times they said silacome

  • Rickypol 007
    Rickypol 007

    Lego:finaly a worty oponent

  • Pride Queen
    Pride Queen

    Is it bad that this my first time watching y'all XD

  • Idontknowgoddamnit OwO
    Idontknowgoddamnit OwO

    I kinda just wanna take that foot and mine it with a pickaxe to see what would happen

  • krazygoodnugget

    jolly foot fungus



  • Ultimate Gamer
    Ultimate Gamer

    Hopefully he did not die or became One-Footless

  • Ekamnoor Singh
    Ekamnoor Singh

    Please make silicon Mold of your leg till your knee

  • Maxfield "Max" Kline
    Maxfield "Max" Kline

    Pretty bizarre.

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    menas outdoor adventures


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    Steven Harder


  • Steven Harder
    Steven Harder


  • Steven Harder
    Steven Harder


  • Steven Harder
    Steven Harder


  • Deloris Colvin
    Deloris Colvin

    Make a Arm

  • Joshua Mathew
    Joshua Mathew

    Can you try making a warhead foot

  • hazyturnip

    How you gonna get them off nerd

  • Tim Clabau
    Tim Clabau

    Make a full body mole 😁

  • You look like a burnt chicken nugget
    You look like a burnt chicken nugget

    Why does it have to be nates foot the only one showing his foot every video I think her foot is crusty

  • Indigo Leong
    Indigo Leong

    Make a foot hammer

  • Max's vlogs 7s5
    Max's vlogs 7s5

    Make a another foot on your left and you’ll have jolly rancher shoes

  • JessieJamesPlays

    foot fetishes on a whole new level

  • angel ballew
    angel ballew

    At least you can eat your own foot 😉 😉😉😉😉

  • Ed Banz
    Ed Banz

    I wonder if a melted soap bar would show more details of Nate's foot and Cali's hand. Would be interesting to see all the finer lines from the mold.

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