Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!
Dolan Twins
We relived our first bonding experience of all time...
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  • Brooklyn Webber
    Brooklyn Webber

    This makes me uNcOmfoRtAblE

  • Annie Spade
    Annie Spade

    What did I just watch

  • Beli B.
    Beli B.


  • Lauren MacPhail
    Lauren MacPhail

    they should have gotten there moms pregnancy cravens

  • Amanda Brown
    Amanda Brown

    Litery a pound more my twin was 8.7 pounds and I was 4.6

  • X That_One_Weirdo X :3
    X That_One_Weirdo X :3

    Did anyone notice that they kept saying that mom ‘eated’ during trimester two?

  • Arissa Josey
    Arissa Josey

    I made a dolantwin fan account...pls follow @vhdols I’ll follow you back!!🥺🥰

  • Loren Rodriguez
    Loren Rodriguez

    give me a thums up if you love Ethan💕❤

  • becinabubble


  • Ali Snellen
    Ali Snellen

    Everytime they say something the doctor looks confused 😂💀

  • bella_2006 _estep
    bella_2006 _estep

    U r considered alive because a baby has a heartbeat at just a few weeks old

  • Nathaly Kim
    Nathaly Kim

    that doctor seemed to think they are stupid af lol

  • Jamileth Hernandez
    Jamileth Hernandez

    Omg the doctors face when the said wombmates 😂

  • iChewGum

    The doctor is lookin at them like “are they serious”

  • AësthëticCøttonCåndy Skïes
    AësthëticCøttonCåndy Skïes

    I guess you can say they were womb-mates No?? Oki Ill leave 😂😂

  • fangirl

    why this whole time i thought grayson is the older twin??!!

  • Linda Ndadi
    Linda Ndadi

    Dolan twins: ask a question Doctor: Nods head* suureee...

  • Stephanie v
    Stephanie v

    This is like watching step Brothers getting interviews.

  • Abbie Ettles
    Abbie Ettles

    This doctors like "it's been a privilege" when they start to leave. When their gone "OH MY GODDDDDD!"

  • Sparkly Sarah
    Sparkly Sarah

    When they asked if they can communicate but without talking the doctor looked like “ these boys are so sure bish we can hate all the conversations out here buddy⚪️

  • Amanda Barnhill
    Amanda Barnhill

    The doctors face tho😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • officialfattie

    22:42 😳

  • Mia Ahsyis
    Mia Ahsyis

    Grayson is fucking sexy omfg

  • Celestial_ NV
    Celestial_ NV

    Gray: well a lot of water Ethan: well it’s piss

  • Floarea Putan
    Floarea Putan

    they sound so dumb

  • michele lat
    michele lat

    The cutest dumbasses I'll ever know

  • Abigail Knapp
    Abigail Knapp

    I have a twin sister but we’re not identical but faternal 😎

  • B y e •
    B y e •

    Why though.

  • Vine Rug
    Vine Rug

    gretheans angry

  • Hi

    “ I am very glad to be out of that placenta “ -Grayson Dolan 2019

  • Declan Jordan
    Declan Jordan

    For sure for sure for sure for sure

  • Jade Diaz
    Jade Diaz

    The dr is like tf is happening

  • Danny Thiessen 2.0
    Danny Thiessen 2.0

    This was great

  • Erhino

    *well at least now we know that the camera man in a camera woman called cam*

  • Bob Duncan
    Bob Duncan

    Um what the fuck

  • イムズ乇のTakeo

    20:54 more than hands 😖😨

  • Reyna’z World
    Reyna’z World

    “ whe don’t remember what it was like “ me: what????? I totally remember 😂

  • KC Reyes
    KC Reyes

    They look younger than usual

  • Kenya K
    Kenya K

    WOAAAAAAH IK YALL SAW 22:42 paused

  • The Collopen Twins and their lives dogs
    The Collopen Twins and their lives dogs

    My identical twin sister and I are big fans of you guys and think you are so funny and the best youtubers ever and we love you so much.

  • Sophie Ratsch
    Sophie Ratsch

    Grayson sneezes “I’m trying” *instantly likes the video*

  • MiniGacha Corn
    MiniGacha Corn

    I love your guys’s channel a bunch! And not because you guys are cute, but because you guys are hilarious and I love your channel. 😊

  • Afraa Khanum
    Afraa Khanum

    Starts at 14:00 Thank me later 😌😌

  • avajnae St. John
    avajnae St. John

    If you guys were one that means one of you were a mistake

  • lisa lui
    lisa lui

    "Half of a 2 litre bottle..." Me: "1 litre?"

  • Grace Olivia
    Grace Olivia

    They sound like idiots not gonna lie

  • Jasmine Allen
    Jasmine Allen

    Don’t you have to start off small anyways

  • Heaven G
    Heaven G

    This is one of the weirdest and funniest video ideas ever 😂

  • SadieLady 116
    SadieLady 116

    7:04 or you could just say one liter...😂

  • Emily Foster
    Emily Foster

    everytime they said "tummy" I died a little inside

  • Lisa Cunningham
    Lisa Cunningham

    “mom made AVOCADO TOAST!” Joanna Ceddia anyone?

  • Skilyn Reppert
    Skilyn Reppert

    Ethan's notes are so funny😂🤣

  • Annabel Cox
    Annabel Cox

    Half of a 2 litre bottle... so 1 litre?

  • Lauren Garcia
    Lauren Garcia

    the doctor looks scared

  • Tianna Lockhammet
    Tianna Lockhammet

    13:34 stop smacking mom!!!! Killed me

  • savannah shaw
    savannah shaw

    Grayson: holds ethan under water Ethan: I can breath fluid Grayson: Holds ethans head under water *looks at the camera* he can not breath fluids. I died. 😂😂

  • Isabella Olzak
    Isabella Olzak

    why is no one talking about how ethan’s toes were painted

  • Zoe Perez
    Zoe Perez

    the doctor look creepy af

  • Daniela Silva
    Daniela Silva

    Your dick is big.

    • Daniel Budik
      Daniel Budik

      Um, stop.....

  • Gatcha Kaykay
    Gatcha Kaykay

    You guys said womb so much it sounded like you were saying room wrong!

  • Breonna Amerson
    Breonna Amerson

    Grayson:can babies get food babies Me:wait can they

  • Lexi Meyer
    Lexi Meyer

    Isn’t ethan constant sayin they are fraternal? But he said identical like 70 times in this video. I mean obviously they are identical but it’s series cause he always the opposite

  • Sarah Carrasquillo
    Sarah Carrasquillo

    They literally have bigger breasts than me and I’m jealous 🙄

  • Taylor Higens
    Taylor Higens

    Technically Grethan was a girl

  • Grace Danehy
    Grace Danehy

    This is the funniest shit I’ve seen in a while

  • ezaz azaz
    ezaz azaz

    Umm I thought yall were triplets what about nolan

  • Ava Trawick
    Ava Trawick


  • Grace Danehy
    Grace Danehy

    We were “goops” I can’t breathe

  • Maraschino Cherry
    Maraschino Cherry

    This would have to be the most weird video I have ever seen ever

  • Sabrina & Alex
    Sabrina & Alex

    Check us out Hey guys 😍💖😘

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