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  • Rita Leite
    Rita Leite

    love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu TXT

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    0 0

    It's almost too cute. I like how they aren't going for normal gender perspectives/roles visually like these guys can be as cutesy as they want and I respect that but my heart can't take this cuteness overload 😍😍😍

  • Hà Phương Ngô
    Hà Phương Ngô


  • Hà Phương Ngô
    Hà Phương Ngô

    100m. 5ting

  • Trang Dang
    Trang Dang

    Hello can you hear me

  • Laura Stefanowska
    Laura Stefanowska

    They're so cuteee

  • clodoaldo crispim jose
    clodoaldo crispim jose

    Eu quero um show de vcs amo as músicas de vcs!!!

  • bivch cheesylasagna
    bivch cheesylasagna


  • Rym Boughamsa
    Rym Boughamsa

    Army:cutie please Big hit:watch this mv of txt cuz bts are just for adult and you still young Bts ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ TxT☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  • Sofía Grimas
    Sofía Grimas

    Los amo ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Салли Кромсали
    Салли Кромсали


  • Lesly hoseok
    Lesly hoseok

    Me encanta

  • D Day
    D Day

    VILLAINBOYS 'Flower Rose' M/V

  • Maria Silva
    Maria Silva

    let's gotogether for them please 100m 🙏🏻

  • P R O M I S E
    P R O M I S E

    Like al mv ;"{

  • Julie Z
    Julie Z

    Soobin i love you

  • Allana Ribeiro
    Allana Ribeiro

    Amo txt

  • Christine Suntay
    Christine Suntay

    Can't wait for them to rock all the stages 💕

  • Ana Julia
    Ana Julia

    Amooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤❤❤

  • J I
    J I


  • somya Rawat
    somya Rawat

    Big hit is being overloaded with talented gems

  • Nia Hevarna
    Nia Hevarna


  • Pancake :D
    Pancake :D

    me dan ganas de abrazarloooos

  • Jojo Tan
    Jojo Tan

    Like 3,5jt viewrs 68jt Yg like 2jt bisa 117jt viewers ? Gimana sih ytb!

  • Jojo Tan
    Jojo Tan

    Adik bts kan ini? Yg populer itu? Koh viewersnya bisa kalah jauh sama itzy yg gk ada apa" nya ? Tolong jelaskan !!

  • bri-anna evans
    bri-anna evans

    I saw the video when it was first posted on VN-my and thank you big hit for the new group I love them and bts so much

  • Jess S
    Jess S

    *(BTS)Map Of The Soul: Persona and (TXT)The Dream Chapter: STAR are currently the only Korean albums to rank NUMBER 1 on this year’s Billboard Independent Albums as of May 2019. BIGHIT Event only!*

  • ꜱ ᴜ ɴ ʜ ɪ
    ꜱ ᴜ ɴ ʜ ɪ

    beomgyu is so cute here

  • Dark Aquarius
    Dark Aquarius

    Ill add a 👑 for every like ☺

  • Norjannah janah
    Norjannah janah

    Huangkai ilove you

  • Yuki SAI
    Yuki SAI

    Ame seu chifre *-*

  • Jimin's jams
    Jimin's jams

    Their hair there was so good... now they look like coconuts i'm sorry😂

  • Jej Jomanjia
    Jej Jomanjia

    How is every single one of them is the cutest thing in the world wha-

  • raquela urbaneja
    raquela urbaneja


  • raquela urbaneja
    raquela urbaneja

    Alguien mas piensa que no se cansa de escuchar esta canción aunque la escuche mas de 100 veces.

  • putu sugihartha wibawa
    putu sugihartha wibawa

    Perfect ♡♡♡☆

    • raquela urbaneja
      raquela urbaneja

      Exact xd

  • raquela urbaneja
    raquela urbaneja


  • raquela urbaneja
    raquela urbaneja

    Go!!!! Fighting

  • raquela urbaneja
    raquela urbaneja


  • raquela urbaneja
    raquela urbaneja


  • hihyenmi

    I can’t stop to listening this music They are so cute, I think I’m in love

  • ARMY Phan
    ARMY Phan

    Kim Nam Joon Kim Seok Jin Min Yoongi Jung Hoseok Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook BTS Choi Soobin Choi Yeonjun Choi Beomgyu Kang Taehyun Huening Kai TXT ARMY💜BTS Young One💜TXT BIGHIT We are a family

  • Angeles hope
    Angeles hope

  • MC606 Mystic Charmagne
    MC606 Mystic Charmagne

    Crown 80M before 3rd monthsary!

  • zhoanne tayo
    zhoanne tayo

    Hi guys . just wanna ask. how many points or numbers will add in every streaming? thanks for answering

    • kychu bangtan
      kychu bangtan

      zhoanne tayo 1 stream = 1 count?

  • Atfaal Farrukh
    Atfaal Farrukh

    Kill this love and Crown sound similar in the beginning bp copied them :( Credit goes to some person who wrote that in the replys Bye I 💜you

    • Nour NUGA
      Nour NUGA


    • Atfaal Farrukh
      Atfaal Farrukh

      +Bea :D I saw it to see how more crapy they got bp are such a lame copycats ;|

    • Bea

      lmao try harder no one will go see that video

  • Osman Pompik
    Osman Pompik

    It is so clear that we are going to have a comeback around June or July AND I’M HELLA READY FOR THAT

  • E.C. Erkelenz
    E.C. Erkelenz

    😍😍😍😍😍😍 Txt is the little Bts 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • 해보라

    Why we're so slow though, let's keep str34ming guys

    • kychu bangtan
      kychu bangtan

      해보라 it took 1 week to get 1m veeew tho

  • binnie binnie
    binnie binnie

    omg 5 milions √ 10 milions√ 20milions√ 30 milions√ 40 milions√ 50milions√ 60milions√ come on guys lets make it to be 100 milions I am serious lol

  • Bts Jimin
    Bts Jimin

    Sobin 😍😍😍

  • Thu Nga Nguyễn
    Thu Nga Nguyễn

    one member like V. OMG, I dont know his name!! ^^

    • Waeng Nation
      Waeng Nation


  • lisha ra
    lisha ra

    69M FIGHTING !!!!!

  • aes thingy
    aes thingy

    Let's make this 100m owo 💓 lezzgo bighit stanssss

  • kim I'm
    kim I'm

    واوو المونتاج ايخبل والأعضاء كيوتين والاغنية فخامة I love you txt :)

  • btsvfacegenuis muggleking
    btsvfacegenuis muggleking

    Raise who stream crown now 🙋✋

  • Richelle Yusanto
    Richelle Yusanto

    Do you like your brothe bts

  • Lykalani Letawersou
    Lykalani Letawersou

    You guys are all very CUTE

  • Zonora Park
    Zonora Park


  • Park Nora
    Park Nora


  • Jn7_SwagSuga

    69M soon!!!>

  • Enny Elena
    Enny Elena

    Gayest group i've seen in my life

    • Bluemoon_6903

      And that's a good thing

  • Riza Remandaban
    Riza Remandaban

    I like khai

  • Min Yoongi seine Mutter
    Min Yoongi seine Mutter

    OMG I love this so much ❤

  • samin labib
    samin labib

    Don't you think that txt success is gifted like its been 2 months they already have a full booked concert in the US if they don't face the hardship they will never have that special stage presence like bts

  • Ilia Harkins
    Ilia Harkins

    Very cute!

  • orquidea juega
    orquidea juega

    Me encanta esta canción de las nuevas bendiciones de omma jin y oppa nam:v

  • UhSophie

    im getting tutting vibes from musically skkksk

  • J I
    J I

    Lets keep str34ming guys dont loose hope

  • 카카로트

    와 얘네 노래 좋네~~ 애들도 다 잘생겼구만~

  • hong nhung Thach
    hong nhung Thach

    Bts ai txt txt 💜💜💜💝💝

  • Elizabeth Midford
    Elizabeth Midford

    I just entered the fandom yesterday. They are all visual and talented!!!!!!

    • Andrea Tapia
      Andrea Tapia


    • Kim Pierce
      Kim Pierce


    • Bea

      welcome <3

  • F B
    F B

    69 fighting!!!!

  • LegitStarHu

    Ok since 100m before May end seem Impossible, 80m at least ?

  • Jmmanuelaa 88
    Jmmanuelaa 88


  • Thaiza Costa
    Thaiza Costa


  • lynn

    what is up with the devil horns on the head and everytime they say i love it they put their hands on their groin and do a pelvic thrust...weird.

    • Taka Kun
      Taka Kun

      lynn there’s story behind that and maybe you can search the debut album and its background story and you’ll be amaze.

  • Cesar Pando
    Cesar Pando

    Prefiero a bts que ha estos voy viendo dos musicas y son horribles

  • Cristina Park
    Cristina Park


  • 김우주

    txt 노래 수록곡까지 잘뽑아놓고 방탄노래는 역대급으로 별로네

  • txt 4 ever
    txt 4 ever

    Thisss video is lit

  • Jimin Or Mochi
    Jimin Or Mochi

    Most of these vi€ws are from me since I listen to this song 104/7

  • Candela Siegfried
    Candela Siegfried

    Not use courn

  • Ayano Janes-Lee
    Ayano Janes-Lee


  • clara santos
    clara santos

    Meus piticos ♥️

  • Teddy Alfred
    Teddy Alfred

    we gained +234,028 views in the past 24 hrs. not bad but i hope we can increase this, fighting TXT lovers! 💪🏻

    • Taka Kun
      Taka Kun

      Teddy Alfred actually it’s always more than 500k way back. But now I think some fans are getting lazy and I hope they’ll back to watch this again.

  • Ren Takayama
    Ren Takayama

    Такие классные. Уже их обожаю. Такие талантливые. А голоса.. У МЕНЯ ощущение такие, когда я первый раз увидела и услышала BTS. Будто вырастают крылья и просто Хочется улететь далеко) а внутри будто тысяча фейерверков!!!)))

  • cup of joon, extra suga
    cup of joon, extra suga

    In their MVs: dance and sing well Around BTS: can’t function

  • beomgyu's waeng
    beomgyu's waeng

    so close for 70M

  • Maritza Mendoza
    Maritza Mendoza

    I love beomgyu!!😍😍 I love txt!!😍😍😍👄💖💕💓 Sus canciones de txt son las mejores porque me hacen enamorar cada dia que mi las canciones de txt Los kiero I love beomgyu!!!😅😍😍😍 No dejo de mirar sus canciones me facinan un monton... Los amo y los kiero mucho..😅😍😍 I love txt!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Emma Betille
    Emma Betille

    Ils sont trops mignons ❤❤❤❤

  • Astha Pragya
    Astha Pragya

    It's Beomgyu and Huening Kai my bias! Hahaha finally decided

  • Astha Pragya
    Astha Pragya

    I have finally decided that my bias is....ok wait. Forget it

  • Armando Aguilar
    Armando Aguilar


  • Choi Dabyul
    Choi Dabyul

    Steamed ✋

  • Lhot Reyes
    Lhot Reyes

    Listening to this song every is in my daily routine now...

  • Bolinho Do evereste
    Bolinho Do evereste


  • Jackie S.
    Jackie S.


  • Mônica Silva
    Mônica Silva


  • Mira Lika
    Mira Lika

    Let make it 100m 4m like Dont stop streaming

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