VFX Artists React to CGi Magic (ft. Zach King)
Corridor Crew
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The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Zach King's zestiest CGi magic moments!
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  • Rod Vajai
    Rod Vajai

    It's done well... Just awesome!!!

    • Roberto Keks
      Roberto Keks


  • Karthick Krishna Kumar
    Karthick Krishna Kumar

    So this is my guess,this shot at 4:00-4:05 and 4:15-4:21 are taken without ladder but with optical illusions at two different angles. Then there is a shot with ladder from 4:05-4:14. Also i think there is a fourth shot where there is only frame where Jake just shows his face on the terrace. At last, they glued these cuts to perfection. Great job!

  • Big Boi 125
    Big Boi 125

    No editing, just magic

  • VivianDoesStuff !
    VivianDoesStuff !

    So is no one going to point out whats happening in the background?

  • Umar Vayani
    Umar Vayani

    I know how the ladder one is done When he said there was real paint on set I understood what happened

  • Yun Jin Fetters
    Yun Jin Fetters

    React to the Nigerian Kids who are making sci fi movies on smartphones. Are we just going to ignore the dope hand pan music? My theory for the ladder.... it was all filmed in reverse.

  • amit dev
    amit dev

    One dialogue r u kidding me?

  • selly Kandie
    selly Kandie

    Its magic

  • iaarush __
    iaarush __

    14:42 what was that guy doing at the back

  • Carter Clover
    Carter Clover

    Ari faroy

  • Terron Ashmore
    Terron Ashmore

    Sin1:3D shapes cause ponegormal 3D PLUS-they have vile potential things and/or 3D Greek account

  • Digital Wolf RC
    Digital Wolf RC

    you guys should record tunez

  • Shreyansh Raj
    Shreyansh Raj

    They broke that tv after some time with nerf bullets..🤣

  • lordrazorfoot

    What's the Instrument they are playing at 15:20?

  • Faisal Xpro
    Faisal Xpro

    Zach is an alien and everything is real

  • Wang Isabelle
    Wang Isabelle

    WoW i didn’t expect him to Zach to be so chill!!

  • Jayden Playz123
    Jayden Playz123

    David hassle hoff

  • Samhil Jamadar
    Samhil Jamadar

    Kgf movie...pls

  • Adam Odens
    Adam Odens

    Please react to Monty Oum

  • Master B
    Master B

    Lol go to time 14:48 14:52 in the back round you could see someone he’s like dang it their recording

  • Anthony Goimco
    Anthony Goimco

    12:25 what is that sound

  • Bob the Small dog
    Bob the Small dog

    I watched that loop like 100 times Lol 😂

  • Saharsha Adhikari
    Saharsha Adhikari

    the alarm scared me

  • Eddie Carranza
    Eddie Carranza

    I understand how Zach does it

  • Brick King
    Brick King

    Coffee Man: The Mini Movie

  • Beo Wulf
    Beo Wulf

    This technique of Chaplin they used is Stil the best if done right.

  • only257

    Great 👍

  • Resolve King
    Resolve King

    watch the sun it just moves fter sme tym

  • guymee

    Projection mapping, there was never a ladder, a guy ran in a small stepladder for Zach

  • sajan kc
    sajan kc

    Corridor crew is jealous of Zach look at their faces

  • Alex


  • Ádám Vörös
    Ádám Vörös

    You should do an episode with captain disillusion

  • Chicken Scrip Kids
    Chicken Scrip Kids

    they ladder was painted the color of the building but zack just spray painted it??

  • Suar Suar
    Suar Suar

    Is jack really sitting there??

  • Karl G2
    Karl G2

    1:14 ohw what kind of VFX expert are you

  • Divy Jetani
    Divy Jetani

    4:07 Zach's shadow on the wall is.....not match (watch it carefully)""""******


    Idk if corridor crew are real or cgi


    08:03 Joey was right hand twin exist

  • Daniel Duggan
    Daniel Duggan

    The ladder was painted on the wall after u got the shot of climbing a real ladder?



  • Sophia Sánchez
    Sophia Sánchez

    The point is that he is amazing🤩




    About the ladder there was always a ladder so there’s only one cut

  • Jimmy Neutron
    Jimmy Neutron

    I just got an ad for Zaxby’s 😂

  • The3 muscabros
    The3 muscabros

    When he said hey there was no ladder

  • The3 muscabros
    The3 muscabros

    He had a real latter

  • Mr. Obtuse
    Mr. Obtuse

    What’s that metal instrument at the end?

  • Shannon Nelson
    Shannon Nelson

    What the hell is that drum thing called???? I want one.

  • Make 1
    Make 1

    The ladder one is really hard to guess

  • Jorge Alduncin
    Jorge Alduncin

    the ladder one there is match cut of zach king with rotoscope after painting the ladder, you can see through his legs how the stair is crooked within the wall angle and after he goes in front of it the crooked part of the ladder is corrected as the shot with real ladder comes in so is a match shot with rotoscope to correct it, later on when the cop comes in , they didn't use a shot with the painted ladder, that is the actual ladder they just rotoscoped the policeman on top of it

  • Uli Schmidt
    Uli Schmidt

    i’d say he is a vfx magician

  • PushPenPro

    What instrument is that???

  • Z Hkim
    Z Hkim

    maybe u should react this youtuber form malaysia vn-my.com/uservideos-Ridersman96

  • Moush

    ◑.◑ *cooooooool*

  • Yummy Minty
    Yummy Minty

    Shootatime FX you should do one of these with him

  • Torin Miner
    Torin Miner

    For the sub part what was the black dot when they switched it out

  • Danielle Hyde
    Danielle Hyde

    When I saw this I figured the key to a main transition was at about 4:15. The red rattle can top is the marker for the ladder to line up with the fx ladder and the cut is at 4:16. They film the security guard running twice. One with the real ladder, one without and put them together. At 4:16 there are issues with lighting/shadows with the guards feet and it doesn't match the other shadows in the shot. Plus Zach "loses" the cap to the red paint in his hand at 4:12.

  • Itzthat_weeb

    Plot twist: there was nothing on Niko's paper


    Zach is the king of vfx.. ........big fan......😁



  • Jehoia Chin Cabalhin
    Jehoia Chin Cabalhin

    9:35 this is a Doraemon Reference. For those who don't know Doraemon, it's 80-90s anime about a Robot Cat from the future who helps his new master/friend in his everyday problems. Watch that anime, it's fun.

  • Jehoia Chin Cabalhin
    Jehoia Chin Cabalhin

    9:35 this is a Doraemon Reference. For those who don't know Doraemon, it's 80-90s anime about a Robot Cat from the future who helps his new master/friend in his everyday problems. Watch that anime, it's fun.

  • Johnpaul Wolf
    Johnpaul Wolf

    he was pulled up by a winch???

  • Yalon Carter
    Yalon Carter

    My guess is that he sold his soul to vfx Satan ...

  • Amirhameed Amirjalali
    Amirhameed Amirjalali

    You guys should bring cggeek!

  • Möönlxght

    I watched this for 43 times

  • Gel Canaria
    Gel Canaria

    Zach is the king!

  • Brabbit

    simple but tedious...genius

  • Edivel Sandoval
    Edivel Sandoval

    FVX and zach king ARE IN THE SAME BUILDING

  • Jasper

    I think there are cuts around 50 seconds and 1 minute and 1 second then the ladder suddenly stops vibrating and to get to the roof you just climbed the roof with a ladder and hang on the edge and in the part where you color the heart is done for the piece that you paint the ladder just as the piece where you crawl on the roof

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