VFX Artists React to CGi Magic (ft. Zach King)
Corridor Crew
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The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Zach King's zestiest CGi magic moments!
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  • Dave Allen
    Dave Allen


  • a5crub

    You should get Captain disillusion!

  • Tom J. McCoy
    Tom J. McCoy

    Haha I know that actor in that clip when he changes the clock. A nice surprise.

  • UNG Kid
    UNG Kid

    "Randy's Nuts

  • Sanket Jadhav
    Sanket Jadhav

    Didn't realise how talented this guy was .

  • Ponninftw

    anyone please tell me what that drum is called that they play from 15:08

  • saugat pandey
    saugat pandey

    Hey mate, could you please react to dhoom 3 and krish 3

  • TagForcer TLX.14
    TagForcer TLX.14

    Dear Corridor Crew & Zach King, So for the ladder trick, I was thinking (this is my theory and also I'm *NOT* an VFX Artist) that they had to paint the ladder at least in different ways and had to clear it out and repaint the wall to cover over the fake ladder, and also had to put a real ladder on it. The way he got to the roof is buying actually going through the stairs of the building on the inside and look down to make it look real. But remember, it's just a THEORY, *A VFX THEORY* thanks for reading. Regards, TLX.14

  • Shayne Stark
    Shayne Stark

    0:11 Gets shot only a few weeks later.

  • SpeakYourMind Lea
    SpeakYourMind Lea

    can you react to bad NASA vfx

  • Kritz _
    Kritz _

    Kinda sounds like Ryan Reynolds

  • Xirtlem !
    Xirtlem !

    Why were yall playin minecraft music at the end there?

  • Ashwin Krishna Ranganathan
    Ashwin Krishna Ranganathan

    it was first painted then they replaced the ladder and they changed it to painted

  • Rex Longfellow
    Rex Longfellow

    I'm gonna need a ten hour mix of y'all playing space music.

  • ThiccGuumba

    It was done with a computer

  • Pyro Weeb
    Pyro Weeb

    ok my guess for the ladder thing is he has telekenisis

  • Srivathson Sam
    Srivathson Sam

    5:58 Walter white & Jessie pinkman😍😍❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥😎😎

  • Jackson Belt
    Jackson Belt

    Me me do me pls

  • FlippyFarkle

    Wow best ad ever!

  • David Hofberg
    David Hofberg

    I'm guessing: you used a computer program to alter the video to display a trickery with skill. Next.

    • ChrisBow Piloto
      ChrisBow Piloto

      @David Hofberg LOL sorry. If I had a dollar for every time someone seriously said something like that I would be pretty rich!

    • David Hofberg
      David Hofberg

      @ChrisBow Piloto never in a million years did i ever think somebody was going to take that answer seriously.

    • ChrisBow Piloto
      ChrisBow Piloto

      This video was not made for you. "using a computer program" is not at all what you think it is

  • Kris Mazak
    Kris Mazak

    CGI rendering?

  • cryo saber
    cryo saber

    I have an idea. So I think that the ladder is real until the Zach is off it. Then while the cop is running they cut and remove the actual ladder and either paint in the new or it's already there. Then for Zach climbing up the painted ladder, when they cut it while the cop's running then Zach goes down the real ladder and gets on the roof. Then the co runs through the fake ladder and it pans up to Zach climbing on the roof. I think him painting the ladder at the beginning of the clip was filmed after he got on the ladder and it's him finishing the painting that the guard runs through.

  • Paul Luckett
    Paul Luckett

    What the heck is that space instrument, das cool

  • Xericros Edit's
    Xericros Edit's

    The donut is a CGI model and the real was made with sponge. And the Zack disappear when police came the table and Zack was green screened.

  • Sridevi J
    Sridevi J

    He made an 3D painting on the wall and had a ladder there then he masked out the real ladder and climbed up not only that but the whole wall is inverted

  • LudicrousEducation


  • Shalabh Bhavsar
    Shalabh Bhavsar

    Please react to Death Stranding

  • Ihave Crabs
    Ihave Crabs

    Impressive but can you play Africa by Toto on that thing?

  • Ch Furqan
    Ch Furqan

    5:04 you went up the roof and then climed down and in camera they showed you are climbing up

  • Graphic maker PRO
    Graphic maker PRO

    What's that good music at the beginning?

  • Tinashe Sadazi
    Tinashe Sadazi

    I love how he kept on mentioning Charlie Chaplin...

  • علی عربی
    علی عربی

    Nice episode! Please react Aquaman cgi

  • Damian Kordun
    Damian Kordun

    I will guess that the ladder is painted white so it looks like its gone and then he painted it black again and they cut it so its gone and drew it on the wall so the police cant get him

  • Hannah R
    Hannah R

    The alarm one I literally touched my iPad because I thought it was my alarm

  • Jeff Flores
    Jeff Flores

    Rip vines😢

  • Eucalyp555

    ATOM visual a french guy already demistified a lot of those videos!

  • Ash Leey
    Ash Leey

    So... Nobody's gonna talk about the thing Clint was playing the sponser music?

  • Soybean Does Everything
    Soybean Does Everything

    There is this VN-myr called “Buttered Side Down”, he does CG and practical effects

  • Fortnite Crazy dude games
    Fortnite Crazy dude games

    LG stands for life’s good

  • Mr Omega
    Mr Omega

    I love Rady’s nuts. Wait..!

  • That Slav Named GameBoyYT
    That Slav Named GameBoyYT

    I think that with the ladder thing you had a greenscreen part of the ladder and then sprayed it.... But how you climbed up... Nope maybe an angle of shot But i litreally dont know

  • Ryan Lanum
    Ryan Lanum

    What's the instrument at the end called?

  • Thunderheart2186

    I need more Corridor Digital with the Hand Pan! That was a sick rendition during the sponsor add.

  • Saandheep Parisineti
    Saandheep Parisineti

    There's a tollywood movie named 'Eega' check that movie

  • Pui Ka Lau
    Pui Ka Lau


  • Lock movie
    Lock movie

    its really awesome bruh ,

  • keith banks
    keith banks


  • JimsReviewRoom

    I'm more curious how they're able to do 75 - 100 takes outdoors and the lighting is identical. Crazy impressive. Insane

  • Jeffery Epstein
    Jeffery Epstein


  • isaac surbey
    isaac surbey

    you guys should have captain disillusion on

  • majestic sloth09
    majestic sloth09

    My older cousin was on the set helping so I no tell how

  • Molly Fuller
    Molly Fuller

    aaah i've watched his tiktoks!! they're seriously amazing

  • Abike Rider
    Abike Rider

    Captain dissilusion

  • elias tafese
    elias tafese

    Best men

  • Edwin Bonsrah
    Edwin Bonsrah

    Please react to final fantasy XV kingsglaive on your next VFX artist react episode

  • Qwerty Damnboy
    Qwerty Damnboy

    Shopee 11.11 shop na

  • Angus Macmillan
    Angus Macmillan

    Captain Dissilousioun?

  • Miguel Parra
    Miguel Parra

    If there's something I have learned from Zack King is that it's in what here...that matters.

  • Scott VanKirk
    Scott VanKirk

    It's obviously real magic

  • Ryguy

    I've always loved these magic videos. They are so funny

  • Bad_Script

    I'm loving the Sameo at 0:30

  • IMakeCatVideosForALiving


  • Namenotrecognised

    Witch magic


    Master meet master

  • Dom Guilfoyle
    Dom Guilfoyle

    Having a guy come on and refuse to explain how he made the effects kind of defeats the purpose

    • The Jumbolumbus
      The Jumbolumbus

      There's a difference between refusing to say how something is done and keeping a debate going for shits and gigs.

  • Zer Red Gaming
    Zer Red Gaming

    Invisible Cut hahah I know Your Moves

  • John Filmore
    John Filmore

    Jesus Christ ... I know advertising is advertising but damn am I curious to see what an LG nanocell looks like

  • Harris Tablizo
    Harris Tablizo


  • Alex_w1308

    Green paint? Than just green screen the paint?

  • John Filmore
    John Filmore

    Can you explain what rotoscope is, is this a tradname for a plugin or something? I dont do anything artistic I program industrial automation, the visual effects environment seems so "ephemeral"

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