We Offered $100 to Eat this Gummy Bear (most wouldn't!) • White Elephant Show #5
An awesome collection of more than 7 spicy gifts. Whoever agrees to do the Lil' Nitro challenge gets $100!
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We're back for a spicy edition of the white elephant gift show! However, receivers must eat their spicy food at the end of the show! Find out who gets stuck with the worst spicy challenge and who gets $100 for completing the Lil' Nitro challenge!
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  • Vat19

    Which spicy gift would you have gone for? Check out more of the white elephant show here! vn-my.com/watchvideo/video-1VfGtIig0io.html

    • Gunner Castle
      Gunner Castle

      seamus mate Po

    • Isaiah the Coelacanth
      Isaiah the Coelacanth

      Would this damage your stomach?

    • Stop it STOP READING!
      Stop it STOP READING!

      The jerky

    • Ellie Motes
      Ellie Motes

      😲 Omg omg 😮

    • Rabbithole614

      Dude I’m broke and back in school in my 30’s.... I’ll take the money. You ever need a volunteer I’ll give you my venmo and we can FaceTime 😂

  • Cassidy H
    Cassidy H

    “It’s so small how can it be that spicy” Flashbacks to the worlds hottest chocolate bar

  • Toad TV
    Toad TV

    OMG its so easy, just dont chew it and fastly eat it

  • Jertiadi Cakra
    Jertiadi Cakra

    If mr.beast there he probably give 100 grand to the guys eating the gummy bear

  • Farhan Rahman
    Farhan Rahman

    Eric would love this game show

  • talk my life
    talk my life

    Can the slushy maker make you good at sports

  • kara southworth
    kara southworth

    Burn or bliss looks like a music thing from the front to me

  • _Toca Aesthetic_
    _Toca Aesthetic_

    I have a superpower with spice. My throat on the inside is abnormally large so I just swallow spicy things whole. Me and my friends ordered a few lil nitros and we did this challenge, whoever could finish it first without drinking any milk wins 100 dollars (similar to this video). I finished first, because I legit opened it as quick as it was gone. Thank got it was so small, I felt nothing. I got a free 100!

  • FoodIsMyWaifu

    What I'd do with the gummy bear would to put it into a normal bag of gummy bears and give it to my brother as a "treat".

  • yandel's mukbang
    yandel's mukbang

    World most spicy soup

  • Indekai

    Here’s a prank idea *Caution: You will probably lose all your friends* Get a bowl full of Little Nitro, Give them to your friends and challenge them to a “Who can finish a handful of gummy bears first”

  • Samuel Albino
    Samuel Albino

    jamie !!!!!!

  • Samuel Albino
    Samuel Albino

    why is people so hyped by one hundred dollars do they get paid little ?

  • potato_dxniel sadvibers
    potato_dxniel sadvibers

    I pranked my friend with mixing 10 lil nitros with his red gummy bears and boy he stayed in the bathroom for 4 hours

  • copperblue 17
    copperblue 17

    It would be cool if the good bonus gift was a bowl of ice cream.

  • Uchiha Fatimah
    Uchiha Fatimah

    9:11 Your boss, Jamie is suffering from 1-hour hellfire pain

  • Xander Martinez
    Xander Martinez

    just swallow it whole that is it

  • Lundthedog Gaming
    Lundthedog Gaming

    Got recommended to me again

  • Coolkid Dawson
    Coolkid Dawson

    3 x 6 = 90 Ben what you be snorting

  • Miss Koh
    Miss Koh


  • Miss Koh
    Miss Koh


  • Briar Thacker
    Briar Thacker

    I bought lil nitro DONT DO IT

  • Gabriel

    10:57 I can't even do normal math normally

  • Heavy Infantry
    Heavy Infantry

    No asians 😕. They couldn't have aced this

  • Li-Marie Van Blommestein
    Li-Marie Van Blommestein

    I like spicy food no water

  • ItsDezmond Gacha
    ItsDezmond Gacha

    Wait..where is the toe of satan?

  • Chuckito

    1:26 If u put The Speed of vid on Highest you will see "Da Boss" turn red

  • Dr Philosophous
    Dr Philosophous

    I wanted to see the rest of his trip hahaha that was hilarious

  • Benjamin Thomas
    Benjamin Thomas

    someone had this at school and i had halve a limb or smaller and it hurt for 10 minutes and felt it longer than that

  • WarriorAbdul

    Yo You Guys Make me Laugh and smile because you guys are funny and awesome you guys are born with a superpower

  • Exoburn

    I legit got a toothpaste ad right before Iil nitro was eat’n

  • Alex Moreno
    Alex Moreno

    Give me ten and I will eat them in ten seconds

  • paul

    lil nitro gives me ptsd

  • Aarush Gupta
    Aarush Gupta

    why are there only white people in vat 19 ?

  • cat lover
    cat lover

    I DON'T!

  • Veronica Hart
    Veronica Hart

    I would 100% eat it! I enjoy suffering with spicy food, its always worth it in the end.

  • • w h o a r e y o i •
    • w h o a r e y o i •

    I love how jimmy got the spice girls cd😂

  • Artereyeeters

    Wait most of the spicy food weren’t that spicy

  • Mugurlu TR
    Mugurlu TR

    "What's 3 times 6?" -"90" "Ok its working" 😂😂😂😂

  • Lingendary :]
    Lingendary :]

    Wait. Who would pay for just 1 gummy bear?

  • MUI LARRY 13
    MUI LARRY 13

    hahahahha just about as ben was gonna eat lil nitro i got a milk ad hahaha

  • Baby Jade
    Baby Jade

    I can’t even eat a holipino or however you spell it

    • Mou Milk
      Mou Milk


  • Bee Pall BeeKeeping
    Bee Pall BeeKeeping

    The next thing you'll get is a poison apple from a witch.

  • Jazzy's World
    Jazzy's World

    How do you turn of cookies on your app?

  • Bridget Darby
    Bridget Darby

    When me and my friends did the world's hottest chocolate it was hilarious I got their reactions it was hilarious 😂😂 one of them said it's not ho and her mouth froze mid sentence WE WHERE AT WORK I DIDN'T EAT IT YET I was the last to suffer but it was worth it 😂😂 they worked register and I was in the kitchen


    The gummy bear but not 100 dollar 450 dollar 💵

  • Ninja Boy282
    Ninja Boy282

    Will Smith eating the lil Nitro “Ahh that’s hot”

  • Zombie Wombie
    Zombie Wombie

    Most of that gummy bears price is that packaging

  • Khadija Houssem
    Khadija Houssem

    When someone says I have a gummy and it is spicy so you say hahaha it's a gummy so ya I will eat it so ya after 1 second ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhh

  • Skïllet

    These are all just commercials for their foods and stuff

  • xTaKeNoTeSx YT
    xTaKeNoTeSx YT

    “ whats 3x10” “90” “ok”

  • Mewcat

    What do you call a cold gummy bear? A polar bear

  • Patrick star
    Patrick star

    I would mix it in tuns of gummy bears and give it to my brother Am the worst li brother

    • Junizid

      I would do that to 😂

  • Game Engine
    Game Engine

    I want to put lil nitro in a gummy bear bag and give it to someone

  • Miguelito Lupercio
    Miguelito Lupercio

    And I am only 8 can u believe that

  • Miguelito Lupercio
    Miguelito Lupercio

    Is it just me or did anyone else tried them and I ate one and I was fineeeee😒😒😏 it was not hotttt at all

  • Brotherhood knight
    Brotherhood knight

    My dad ate a lil nitro np

  • Chill Boi
    Chill Boi

    Kick yo ass😂😂😂

  • Ben Baseball
    Ben Baseball


  • Ben Baseball
    Ben Baseball

    I love spice

  • DAPHNE and a purple
    DAPHNE and a purple

    I want to use the gummy bear to prank my friends

  • khalan base
    khalan base

    I want to buy a giant bag of bulk red gummy bears and replace half of them with lil' nitros.

  • B. McAllister
    B. McAllister

    Send a lil nitro gummy bear to Johnny Scoville!

  • Poe Road Studios
    Poe Road Studios

    Which is more spicy? Like: Little Nitro Comment: Worlds Hottest Chocolate Bar.

    • Chris Youssef
      Chris Youssef


  • •Honëy Bëë•
    •Honëy Bëë•

    I just wanna see how many likes I get | | | | _ _ _ 0 likes probably

    • The Beasts
      The Beasts


    • •Honëy Bëë•
      •Honëy Bëë•

      @The Beasts :)

    • The Beasts
      The Beasts

      @•Honëy Bëë• sike

    • •Honëy Bëë•
      •Honëy Bëë•

      @The Beasts knew it

    • The Beasts
      The Beasts


  • Bluefalcon 64
    Bluefalcon 64

    Jamie is the worst with spice tolerance I think.

  • Mason Steele
    Mason Steele

    Imagine putting the lil nitro in a bowl of normal gummy bears Oh someone already said that opps, Well I’m gonna keep it anyways

  • Gent Gashi
    Gent Gashi

    For 5 Floor Mansion Jamie you and your crew to my 5 Floor Mansion (in future) I allow products supposed to be in 4 & 5th Floor For Fourth Floor I wanted Little Nitro World's Hottest Gummy Bear Carolina Reaper Pebbles Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky FIFTH FLOOR [Bean Boozled Room] Bean Boozled Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

  • BigJefe 85
    BigJefe 85

    Jamie is cry baby to be fir :/

  • Twinkel Star
    Twinkel Star

    Jamie make something so spicy that no one can swallow it

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