The Prince Family Pregnant With Twins!?
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    • Cksquad


    • Nicole Yaple
      Nicole Yaple

      I didn't watch it

    • Haiden Hunter
      Haiden Hunter

      1 mouth

    • Lenzell Allen
      Lenzell Allen

      I'm glad y'all having a baby

    • Cheymy’s Vloggs
      Cheymy’s Vloggs


  • Miyana Ledlow
    Miyana Ledlow

    I have never seen friday

  • LittleJasmine Boo
    LittleJasmine Boo


  • Erin Cordova
    Erin Cordova

    Dang I love this family, I’m subscribed and notifications on and I haven’t seen or had a notification in how long I forgot about this channel 😭

  • Mommy & Me Workouts By Courtney & Jamira
    Mommy & Me Workouts By Courtney & Jamira

    I think it’s going to be a girl

  • Melanie Simon
    Melanie Simon

    Never watched Friday

  • Melanie Simon
    Melanie Simon

    Watch supernatural. And get Disney plus its pretty great

  • Tabytha Jacob
    Tabytha Jacob

    i want y’all to have another girl

  • Rakiell Mackins
    Rakiell Mackins

    I want you to have a girl because nova is a girl and you have DJ and Kyrie which makes two boys and then you can have two girls

  • Mariah Galloway-Smith
    Mariah Galloway-Smith

    I havent thank you jeez

  • Queen_roblox Jasmina
    Queen_roblox Jasmina

    IDC OK

  • Saira Cacho
    Saira Cacho

    I happen wash the movie or episode of I don’t know I don’t blame you because I don’t know washer

  • Saira Cacho
    Saira Cacho

    Hey girl because they’re gonna have to boys and two girls pool

  • Montana Cooper
    Montana Cooper

    Never have seen friday or any of them

  • Linda Webb
    Linda Webb

    3 months

  • lecie07

    Who doing alright who doing alright who doing alright 😜

    • Jenny Chan Tack
      Jenny Chan Tack

      I'm doing alright I'm doing alright I'm doing alright : )

  • jace taylor
    jace taylor

    Ya definitely having a boy watch 😂😂

  • KNL Jay
    KNL Jay

    I haven't watch it more then 10 times

  • KNL Jay
    KNL Jay


  • Ψ Roc Ψ Solar Ψ
    Ψ Roc Ψ Solar Ψ

    Damian We Gotta Have A Talk Bout The Pullout Game

    • Brittany Lara-Torres
      Brittany Lara-Torres


  • Felix Rios
    Felix Rios


  • theoneandonly .juélle
    theoneandonly .juélle

    2:02 ??? 5 months

  • rufine munoh
    rufine munoh

    I actually love their VN-my content more than the Facebook content ❤️❤️😍😍

  • rufine munoh
    rufine munoh

    It will be a girl 👧❤️❤️❤️

  • Kareem Benton
    Kareem Benton

    Girl 🤰🏼🤰🏼

  • Tyrin Carter
    Tyrin Carter


  • Nicole Durocher
    Nicole Durocher

    I think it's a boy just by the way the ultrasound looks

  • Samira Abazar
    Samira Abazar

    New fan her! I love your video’s!! Kisses from Belgium 😘

  • Beniquez Brown
    Beniquez Brown

    I have not watch Friday

  • Carol Toomer
    Carol Toomer


  • Carol Toomer
    Carol Toomer

    call your builders plumer

  • Nesha Remie
    Nesha Remie

    O m g can't wait 💖💖💖

  • Chris Massouh
    Chris Massouh

    I sub & turned on notifications

  • Precious Spears
    Precious Spears

    The prince family my grandma watch Friday she love Friday

  • XoXo XoXo
    XoXo XoXo

    They need to childproof that damn home

  • Keshell Rubain
    Keshell Rubain


  • Hangale Tuifua
    Hangale Tuifua

    5 months?

  • Jhaiya Johns
    Jhaiya Johns

    You Guys sure if you have a boy you should make DJ and Kyrie twins and if you have a girl then you can make nova twins

    • Keren-Happuch Osekre
      Keren-Happuch Osekre

      True and nice though

  • lajoaquin arceneaux
    lajoaquin arceneaux

    I didn't know your having twins that nice.🤰🤱

  • Vonnie Robinson
    Vonnie Robinson

    Why yall lie I'm son mad

  • Jasmine Grier
    Jasmine Grier

    I think she is two months

  • octavias245

    My friend Quon 🏀✂️ is a big fan I’ll tell him that y’all live in Texas I’ll probably come see you guys we love you and we we we watch your shows every day even though all the shows and we love you heart heart hea

  • octavias245


  • octavias245

    Y’all live in Texas I live in Waco Texas which picture do you live in want to come meet you I’m a big

    • Venice Saur
      Venice Saur

      I think thay live in Houston

  • Aidan Gardener
    Aidan Gardener

    The Incredibles

  • ATL Made MJ
    ATL Made MJ

    Who rooting for another girl FYI: I am

  • Hannah Ledford
    Hannah Ledford

    I’m team girl all the way I want you to have a girl

  • Heather Williams
    Heather Williams


    • Heather Williams
      Heather Williams


  • Gabina De Leon
    Gabina De Leon

    I think they are 2 months or 1 month 😊

    • Baby Gurl Niyah
      Baby Gurl Niyah

      Gabina De Leon if they were 1 or 2 months then the baby would’ve been way smaller and the feautures wouldn’t be there yet. Good guess tho ! ❤️❤️

  • Isabelle Klemmer
    Isabelle Klemmer

    I don’t care about the gender as long as the baby is super healthy

  • shonda aleman
    shonda aleman

    I haven’t watched it either B you’re not alone!😂😂✨

  • David Wallace
    David Wallace

    yall played me thought yall was actually having twins

  • Karen Martinez
    Karen Martinez


  • Short 92
    Short 92

    The a list

  • Synora Renee Jackson
    Synora Renee Jackson

    I have watched Friday a lot

  • Crazy Z & Brisy Bri
    Crazy Z & Brisy Bri

    Awweee. Seeing ultrasound pics give me a lil bit of baby fever. I have two. A 14yr old girl and a 2 yr old boy. Unfortunately after complications after my boy I had to get a total hysterectomy recently :( ..its def. a shi**y situation, esp. since im only 34 but I cant complain too much. I was blessed and super thankful to have the two I have considering some woman never get the chance.

  • Niyah Webb
    Niyah Webb

    It would be nice if you guys had a girl and then you would have 2 boys and 2 girls

  • Sanique Smith
    Sanique Smith

    # girl team

  • Christina Dickerson
    Christina Dickerson

    3-4 months

  • Janell Guerra
    Janell Guerra

    I haven’t

  • Wyletta Sanders
    Wyletta Sanders

    I want another girl.❤️

  • Stephanie Alford
    Stephanie Alford

    Team Damien is a great man...Keep up the good work. You both ddserve all the happiness

  • darron robinson
    darron robinson


  • katie villegas
    katie villegas

    I haven't

  • katie villegas
    katie villegas

    I don't want nova to be the only girl

  • katie villegas
    katie villegas

    Girl but it's probably gonna be a boy

  • Nicoley Polie
    Nicoley Polie

    I haven’t seen a single Friday Movie 🙂

    • Megan Everitt
      Megan Everitt

      Me either

  • Vanessa Montiel
    Vanessa Montiel

    I love your blog

  • Shristi Pariya
    Shristi Pariya


  • Aglaya Samolis
    Aglaya Samolis

    Ok in the Prince family Videos I have seen:Pray for Biancca,Pray for our Baby,and Pray for the prince family :l

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