Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings? We Found Them.
The New York Times
Bob Ross painted more than 1,000 landscapes for his television show - so why are they so hard to find? Solving one of the internet’s favorite little mysteries.
Read more about Bob Ross: nyti.ms/2xIsshb
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  • Danny J
    Danny J

    Love you Bob Ross, I wish I had the time and money to pursue what you were able to create. With a mentor like that. What a wonderful legacy

  • Julia Q.
    Julia Q.

    Its so relaxing just listening to his calming voice and watching him paint

  • 2k Bambusleitung
    2k Bambusleitung


  • nor din shafiq
    nor din shafiq

    I love the way u guys edit the entire video & may I know what is the background song that u guys use in this video..tq

  • Tenzin Kunsel
    Tenzin Kunsel

    Once you go bob, you can’t go back.

  • Angelita12Arias

    El fue un gran pintor

  • Nicothebro

    "Bob is such a legend"

  • Vaantasy

    Bob Ross never died, he's just teleported to a new happy little world

  • mksrookies

    If you want to own a Bob Ross painting you have to paint it yourself.

  • Joe Kalista
    Joe Kalista

    just seeing in text 9:18 that he died made me sad even though ive known this most of my life.

  • julian vesga
    julian vesga

    I dont had idea that Bob past away....what....

  • 69,420 subs with no videos challenge
    69,420 subs with no videos challenge

    Loving all the creator Bob Ross painting videos at the moment _but had to come back for the original._

  • Thess95


  • Adam Walsh
    Adam Walsh

    What’s the music at 2:56?

  • Dayne Britten
    Dayne Britten

    Lucky she didnt slice the painting the way she opened that box specially if she scared to touch them lol.

  • Antonio Ivan
    Antonio Ivan

    Beautiful video.

  • Joshua Mitchell
    Joshua Mitchell

    This came out on my little brothers birthday

  • American Ugly
    American Ugly

    Was Bob Ross connected to scientology in some way? hm. We all know goes on in Clearwater. . .

  • UnexpEcted

    I think these paintings will be stolen

  • UnexpEcted

    All women

  • Young Casti
    Young Casti


  • pps22001

    It's so sad that most people today would not know whom Bob Ross was it if wasn't for Deadpool.

  • Family Broich
    Family Broich

    Wait.. Aaron couldn’t buy one, but they gave the smithsonian a huge collection? Dang that’s harsh 😂

  • PensiveRaptor

    "Where did all the paintings go?" Kowalski, analysis

  • Betzabet Chaves
    Betzabet Chaves

    They should put one or two in auction for some benefical organization, that would be really cool

  • Mr. Rob
    Mr. Rob

    He was great! God bless you my friend...

  • Movie Games
    Movie Games

    So sad that those paintings are just going to sit there in those boxes, rotting away. If they don't want to sell them, give them to museums?

  • John Pocklington
    John Pocklington

    Clearwater Florida!! Pinellas for another one.

  • Matthew Schell
    Matthew Schell

    I watch Bob on Twitch often, when they are running it. He helps me sleep.

  • TTVbtw

    Kawalski! Analysis

  • Rob N.
    Rob N.

    Seems like kind of a waste to have all those paintings just sitting in boxes. Sell them - or give them away for people to enjoy.

  • Carrington Bryant
    Carrington Bryant

    I’d love to have an original Bob Ross painting😔

  • Hour TwentyFour
    Hour TwentyFour

    that Kowalski lady is IN LOVE WITH BOB ROSS!!!!

  • arco iris
    arco iris

    This lowkey made me cry. Shout out to Herndon Idk why youd relocate to VA from FL🤚😭

  • fngsdy53

    Why do you want to buy a Bob Ross's Painting when all 31 seasons 13 episodes each, bob's asking you to join in and paint?

  • Draw with Jon
    Draw with Jon

    They need to make a movie about Bob Ross

  • lowfive_house beats
    lowfive_house beats

    1:53 Kowalski analysis

  • Random Me
    Random Me

    I searched boring video, Boss Ross videos appeared

  • cettefois

    three copies and they won't sell one? idk if i should laugh or cry

  • Kelleen Call
    Kelleen Call

    3:10 GUYS ITS THE GUY FROM UP!!!!!

  • Amber Graham
    Amber Graham

    What a waste a big selfish waste

  • Sarah x
    Sarah x

    “We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” - *Bob Ross*

    • Terrell.

      Sarah x I accidentally missed the toilet and pooped on the ground... guess it’s just a happy little accident

  • apb 134
    apb 134

    This video looks like Wes Anderson directed it

  • emily contreras
    emily contreras

    They need to put those paintings in a vault. They’re going to get robbed

  • Pouet giigle
    Pouet giigle

    If you need an expert to tell the difference you don't need to pay the big bucks.

  • pнeonιх prodυcтιonѕ
    pнeonιх prodυcтιonѕ

    He died 10 years (exactly) after my mum was born.

    • L S
      L S

      Coincidence? I don't think so

  • TheMachine G
    TheMachine G

    Gys we need to storm the bob ross storage

  • Archenwolf • 29 years and
    Archenwolf • 29 years and

    This man is watching us from heaven, and still lives in our hearts *We still love you, Bob Ross. We always will*

  • MissHolly60


  • paradise

    Kowalski, Analysis

  • JoeyJ

    Can you buy any of them

  • thomas seven
    thomas seven

    I can't imagine wanting one of those.

  • Favio

    Nice show, good man. Bad art.

  • Ellen N H
    Ellen N H

    Omg there should be a bob Ross museum

  • JenoƧ

    *the guy on the suit* : your paintings will never be on the museum *more than 20 years later* *Bob Ross* : gotcha b*tch

  • Satrio Arif
    Satrio Arif

    Imagine someone actually try to steal his painting The wrath of whole internet would be unimaginable

  • huong tran thanh
    huong tran thanh

    poor aaron


    why did sad spongebob music start to play at 4:15

  • Blueberry - Blue
    Blueberry - Blue

    I miss Bob Ross :(

  • Kras Silver Fang
    Kras Silver Fang

    I wonder which ones DONT have happy little trees in them

  • Saf 84
    Saf 84

    They should make a gallery or museum in his name and display his work. It will become a landmark for the city or town and great tourist attraction. And I'm suprised noone has honoured him in this manner. Also have a fund in his name for future artists...etc so people who come can donate or the entry fee 20% of it goes to his fund or something

  • sato88888888

    Sarah is hot.

  • Texas baby ktea
    Texas baby ktea

    Yup I love Bob Ross now lol.

  • Bees McBee
    Bees McBee

    This is a cool video but did they use spongebob music in the background at one point?

  • Safe Space Cafe News Music Comedy
    Safe Space Cafe News Music Comedy

    He became big recently because he knows how to calm the soul like few others nowadays...

  • Meg Park
    Meg Park

    the spongebob music starts @4:16 wat

  • Carlos Aleman
    Carlos Aleman

    The way the desk lady talk bothers me

  • Phol Marlon
    Phol Marlon

    title of the song at Chapter TWO? btw, Bob Ross is a great human being.

  • jimmy karavithas
    jimmy karavithas

    She sounds like Donna(the background voice) from that's 70s show

  • Jennifer Gosling
    Jennifer Gosling

    Bob ... who? never heard of him

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