Which Infomercial Product Did They Buy? (GAME)
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Can we match the cheesy infomercial product with the Mythical team member who bought it? GMMore #1531
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  • BEST psy music BEST
    BEST psy music BEST

    The girl with the hat på soo cute 😳

  • afandi hidzir
    afandi hidzir

    Laughs in Asian at the squatty potty

  • Ethan York
    Ethan York

    8:21 omg link's face lmaoo

  • Albert Escobedo
    Albert Escobedo

    I love Vanessa's hair!!

  • drkasdawn

    Chase: clean ALL THE THINGS!!

  • iseeflowers

    And I thought Link is OCD but he is touching that Squatty Potty.

  • ragnarocking

    squatty potties were inspired by indian squat toilets, I believe.

  • Manly Bean
    Manly Bean

    This man got a shamwow for Christmas in middle school 😂😂😂 really lives up to the shirt

  • Jbird

    Can’t believe they are handling the potty thing and putting it on the desk fn ridiculous

  • magnumtheoutragous

    Hufflepuff Chase!!!! This makes me super happy to see my HP house representing on GMM!!!

  • shannen cj 22
    shannen cj 22

    Chase :'))))

  • • Brookee •
    • Brookee •

    So we’re not gonna mention 2:18 ? Look at the way he looks at Rhett when he laughs 😂

  • MistressLucky78

    ... watching this video while using a Squatty Potty. Yes... they help. I’m not tall. LOL I’m only 5’2”

  • Gabriel Felix Muñoz
    Gabriel Felix Muñoz

    progressive overload

  • Tom Lake Charles
    Tom Lake Charles

    “someone who poots...” Heavy in the distance: *”SANDVICH!?”*

  • Jojo Cost
    Jojo Cost


  • Julie Winkler
    Julie Winkler

    I like the new girl! I'm usually a little weary of any new crew members, I'm a creature of habit, but she seems really cool and like she'll fit in well with the rest of the Mythical ladies!

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom

    Rhett and Link should do a "which Harry Potter house are we in?" Episode :)

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom

    Even though I'm slytherin I looove chases huffle puff sweat shirt :)

  • Elyse Terreri
    Elyse Terreri

    It’s my ocd

  • Maddie Morrin
    Maddie Morrin

    I am so much more in love with Chase rn!

  • Josh Thomas
    Josh Thomas

    I need some sweet tangy tang sause

  • Michelle Jacobo-Seguin
    Michelle Jacobo-Seguin

    "I thought I'd watch anything with Jennifer Lawrence in it... and then she made a movie about a mop" me too

  • Leslie Ying
    Leslie Ying

    Omg I have the same Hufflepuff sweater that Chase is wearing!

  • Scientia991

    Pooter joke was worth the like!

  • daniel munson
    daniel munson

    Just tried squatting while pottering. Nice......

  • Andrew Bear
    Andrew Bear

    Lady in stripes looks gone she needs help keeping her eyes open lol

  • CollegeHumor RogueWriter
    CollegeHumor RogueWriter

    Give me a French horn. -Rhett 2019

  • jillody

    There is obviously so many personal things going on between Link and Rhett that it is effecting the crew as well. Makes it hard to watch.

  • Matt Quillen
    Matt Quillen

    Sham-Wow should make a full size towel called the Sham-Wowel

  • Frank Da Tank
    Frank Da Tank

    I'm put of the loop, anyone know what the bad ending between the shamwow guy and Rhett and link was?

    • 12sorase

      I don't think it was a bad end between them, I think they might be talking about the time he went to prison for beating up a hooker

  • Moon Crystal
    Moon Crystal

    Welcome Vanessa!!

  • Katelynn J
    Katelynn J

    Chase's hufflepuff shirt❤

  • Cassie Bachrach
    Cassie Bachrach

    We got a squatty Potty for a wedding gift and it is honestly amazing

  • Chicken Pops
    Chicken Pops

    You know what time it is? Nilla wafer tophat time

  • hen ko
    hen ko

    I use a squatty potty. But it’s just one of those target step stools

  • Ollie Pop
    Ollie Pop

    13:35 oh my god that was so cute

  • Cassie

    If Christine isn't there I don't want to watch... Is she going to replace Link at some point?

  • mikeysrose

    I've tried improvising the Squatty Potty position using the bathroom trash can, the problem with it is that you can't distribute your weight properly between your butt and your feet.

  • Annly P
    Annly P

    I thought Vanessa was Billie Eilish for a second

    • Jenny VanderPas
      Jenny VanderPas

      You need glasses

  • Liz Harris
    Liz Harris

    Chase's sweatshirt is *perfect*

  • Collin Greer
    Collin Greer

    Look at her eyes😂 she's faded

  • Dog.Eared88

    Hi, it’s Vince with shamwow! You’ll be sayin wow every tiiiime you use this towel-it’s like a shammy, it’s like a towel, it’s like a SPONGE! I miss their music so much! Lol

  • Topazspiral

    Lotta 🌈🌈🌈 females

    • Topazspiral

      Which I loved 😛

  • Lex Sprout
    Lex Sprout

    We totally had shamwows. They were awesome

  • Roni Josephine Hale
    Roni Josephine Hale

    I need to know what dye vanessa uses to dye her hair!

  • Tim Kitchens
    Tim Kitchens

    Nice to see Carney again, always great to see Chase, and welcome to the family Vanessa.

  • Yourmomisbomb007

    11:42 NO WAY? I would have never guessed. Good question though. Not......


    Somebody always says it, so as initiation for Vanessa *I LOVE HER HAIR* welcome to the crew!

  • Anna Beahm
    Anna Beahm

    Who else paused to go watch the sham wow song?

  • SunnySideDown

    My mom bought the shake weight right around the time south park released tge ep making fun of shake weights. Needless to say I couldn't look at my mom while she used that darn thing 😂

  • Mischief129

    Have fun marching with a French horn 😂

  • tara sorres
    tara sorres

    I have that mop but the cedar brand. It’s amazing

  • tara sorres
    tara sorres

    I use a squatty potty. But it’s just one of those target step stools

  • ewizzle1978

    If Christine isn't there I don't want to watch... Is she going to replace Link at some point?

    • Zain Khaled
      Zain Khaled

      Then don’t watch 🙄😒

  • AhernRacing86

    Bruh if my girl got me a squatty potty shes getting plain crew socks for xmas

  • KiwiFruitGames

    OMG Vanessa's hair is SOOO pretty!

  • DarttheLegend

    Joy was a fantastic film, everything J Law has done since then has been kinda wack

  • Reagan Walston
    Reagan Walston


  • Claire Griffin
    Claire Griffin

    At least 60% of the comments are about Chase and his Hufflepuff sweatshirt lmao

  • cody hedges
    cody hedges

    Numbuh twenty six on trending.

  • TwinMom 2014
    TwinMom 2014

    Is it me or does Matt remind anyone else of Daniel Radcliffe??? His mannerisms and the way he talks!

  • Ruby Jarl
    Ruby Jarl

    Hello, Vanessa! And I should've known Chase was in the same house as me!

  • Trinity Ford
    Trinity Ford

    We have 3 squatty potties in my house lol

  • Little Frog 🐸
    Little Frog 🐸

    Loved the Redhouse throwback. Nice references to YMH.

  • Dalton Shackelford
    Dalton Shackelford

    I literally had to pause this video and listen to the Shamwow song .. OMG I LOVE it!!! LOVE you guys .. you always make me laugh. Keep up the awesome work to you and the GMM Crew

  • TripsyCCC

    I forgot what video of it I watched, but they were seeing if infomercial workout stuff actually works and the shake weight was the only one (that they tested) that had actual benefits. So the shake weight works oddly enough.

  • TheSickOldToad

    I have had both for many years... sadly. Lol

  • jake k
    jake k


  • Melissa Wentzel
    Melissa Wentzel

    I too trash can squatty potty

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