• TheNickelodeonFanatic 1999
    TheNickelodeonFanatic 1999

    You Don't Need To Ask Them To Make Your Face. Just Ask For A Regular Sandwich 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Shelton Golden
    Shelton Golden

    I'm assuming the shady mastermind at the end is the manager of their local Walmart

  • NS

    I'm rewatching this in quarantine and just noticed the intro. Lol is no one going to talk about the red guy costume from don't hug me I'm scared at 00:14

  • Meg Jones
    Meg Jones

    why does miles look so incredibly sexy as a goth

  • Allysa Carilla
    Allysa Carilla

    This is the content we want to see!

  • Jenna Durham
    Jenna Durham

    i feel like zach gave super creepy vibes and i was also v impressed with the 2nd restaurant

  • Jenna Durham
    Jenna Durham

    *casually cuts to miles in full 2000 emo attire*

  • Fruit Loops ASMR
    Fruit Loops ASMR


  • Madeline Dundon
    Madeline Dundon

    The last one they taste is always the winner

  • Katherine Hsiao
    Katherine Hsiao

    When no one of the try guys except zach do this content and actually, it really works.. I'm a big fan of this channel for a long time

  • Conasia Wilson
    Conasia Wilson

    I've only been to subway

  • Luz Hope
    Luz Hope

    Lol Ohhh this wassss so funny, that make uppp

  • Luz Hope
    Luz Hope

    I love this candie thing

  • Laila Base
    Laila Base

    Why didn’t you go to Publix? 😢

  • • T A N Y A •
    • T A N Y A •

    Candid competition is honestly the best

  • Ryan Lasley
    Ryan Lasley

    I would have been pissed if someone walked in and did this

  • AMY 2,3!
    AMY 2,3!

    Shame I hope Miles got paid good for dressing like that 😂 👏

  • Grace K
    Grace K

    god i hope the try guys tip BIG for this excellent service

  • Cara Akin
    Cara Akin

    Okay but can we just acknowledge how sweet he was to the Walmart employee at the deli like omg 🥺

  • Lilian Jeffnih Jeffrin
    Lilian Jeffnih Jeffrin

    Pretty much looking trough most of the comments (can't read all of em because there's over 8k comments) pretty much about Miles dress up all emo

  • kaerys55

    I wanna see what that 3pm “artist” at jersey mikes would make

  • donnasparrow4

    What the "F" Miles LOL

  • Hyunsung Kim
    Hyunsung Kim

    Plot Twist: Walmart keeps cancelling candid competition

  • erinwalts27

    this whole thing has Nathan for You vibes? in the best way possible tho

  • Cat Dad Sims
    Cat Dad Sims

    please make a Walmart Eliminated merch shirt LOL

  • NBerg

    More candid competition!!!!!

  • Olivia Allison
    Olivia Allison

    The ending was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

  • Alex Howard
    Alex Howard

    Why .... can't they take a first bite from a normal starting point on a sandwich post fold? Why must we eat they eat Zach's faces like kebabs?

  • kota mincy
    kota mincy

    stop havin them do yo face thats stupid

  • Leah Choe
    Leah Choe

    We need more candid competition

  • Brayden Karpinski
    Brayden Karpinski

    It’s quarantine time...

  • olivia m
    olivia m

    miles' lipstick checks out from 3:55 - 4:14...


    Jersey MIke's sub looks exactly like Sloth from the Goonies!

  • johnfrancisdimples

    This is the best show ever. I want you to win awards. 😂 thank you for bringing this absurd thing into the world.

  • Ruvie favour
    Ruvie favour

    i love the intro

  • Curtain Sneeze Snowbal
    Curtain Sneeze Snowbal

    If Zach compares things, Keith eats things, Eugene ranks things. What does ned do?

  • WhiteShadow


  • dance.moms.studios

    the transition from 3:40 to 3:47 has me dying. he went all out EMO

  • Martin Exotics
    Martin Exotics

    As a subway store manager this is amazing hahaha

  • Sophie snow
    Sophie snow

    lets be honest this made so many employees happy that day

  • Riley Finn
    Riley Finn

    The try guys find out which one of the Beetles they are?!

  • Nora Fuhrmeister
    Nora Fuhrmeister

    Zach is like the most delightful customer ever

  • Terence Cordova
    Terence Cordova

    I didn’t even know Zach had his own show. Quarantine is a crazy thing

  • Inka Muhonen
    Inka Muhonen

    When I was a young boy, my father took me into the city to see a marching band...

  • Russ Brewer
    Russ Brewer

    Ya'll should have tried Potbelly's....or if you were doing this in the early 2000's Schlotzky's

  • Emily Puffett
    Emily Puffett

    Kieth tries everything at Jimmy John's??

  • Alice Pink
    Alice Pink

    Okay but why did you fold your subway sandwich like that?

  • Calida Hill
    Calida Hill

    This series kinda sucks lol it's like 100% Zach centered

  • Red Clover Lambs
    Red Clover Lambs

    I love these.

  • Bloody Bread
    Bloody Bread

    I just love Zach, he's so cuteeeee

  • Victoria Wojcik
    Victoria Wojcik

    It kills me that the beard is glittery.

  • KidFromCT

    Yo Miles in that outfit! I’m done I love the TryGuys!!! 🤣😂

  • Olivia Hart
    Olivia Hart

    When you've exhausted all other try guys videos so you have to watch candid competition. Quarantine is getting wild.

  • Rembrandt Van Gogh
    Rembrandt Van Gogh

    The mascot from Quiznos is actually a Philippine Tarsier

  • Aisha Rosales
    Aisha Rosales

    did Zach really mess up a My Chemical Romance reference?

  • a b
    a b

    Why'd they fold the Subway one that way

  • Ceanna Deita
    Ceanna Deita

    I fucking love this series LMAO

  • Tristan Sawatzky
    Tristan Sawatzky

    Poor goth miles

  • Moxvist

    Chocker: GoPro: ChockerPro: this is not working-

  • Xoxo Leela
    Xoxo Leela

    the jimmy johns mustard were his glasses omg

  • Parul Shanker
    Parul Shanker

    2:59 -3:04 was the best part😂😂😂

  • Xd Darmv YT
    Xd Darmv YT

    In the begin I thot this was the sonic movie preview

  • Lauren


  • Ava

    Am I the only one here thinking where tf is Togos?!

  • slothyboi

    So de we just ignore the fact that the pin cam dates 2016?

  • ani

    true love is the moment keith referenced the quizno subs dog that no one seemed to remember

  • Jake H
    Jake H

    That was amazing lol

  • Jurgis Kasperavičius
    Jurgis Kasperavičius

    Jersey Mike's sandwich looks like the worst sex toy in the world

  • Ivy Schwartz
    Ivy Schwartz

    It would not be a candid competition without Walmart getting eliminated

  • A Person
    A Person

    Subway is my favorite- the honey oat bread is so good for some weird reason, especially when it’s toasted

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