Why I Haven't Been Posting...
I know I should've uploaded this at the beginning of the year, but here it is... My honest thoughts about youtube and why I haven't been posting. Also, a little preview of what's coming up next!
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  • Daizy Train
    Daizy Train

    Everyone knows that saying nigahiga is perfectly fine. NoT RaCiSt

  • Ivan

    aka power creep... you got too good man!

  • Carlo Cruz
    Carlo Cruz

    Man after watching PewDiePie for years and watching your videos during quarantine. I realized Ryan Higa content is better than PewDiePie and he deserves also 100 Million views.

  • Laura Maria
    Laura Maria

    I really don’t get fans who complain, it’s not a tv series, it’s VN-my gee, let people be...

  • Uvindu Abeysekara
    Uvindu Abeysekara

    U can tell this is genuine since there's no ads lol

  • Chitoan Doan
    Chitoan Doan

    Anyone else wondering where the arcade trickshot video is?

    • Yash Kulkarni
      Yash Kulkarni

      Did you read Ryan's book of how to read minds?😂😂

  • Sabrina Lee
    Sabrina Lee

    I just watched this now. honestly FUCK VN-my's algorithm - look at the number of great, amazing VN-myrs who are affected by it, even someone like Ryan. It must be kinda tough to feel like being forgotten and replaced because of all the stats displayed, and those people like the 100k unsubscribers. Just want you to know that fans still care about you, and even people like for me - I've been watching VN-my less these days - we still root for you and wish you the best!! And, never gonna unsubscribe!!

  • Fiji Water
    Fiji Water

    I care Ryan, we all care

  • Alena S.
    Alena S.

    This is such a refreshing video though, might check out some newer videos, it looks like there's a few passion projects again. VN-my really needs some serious competition.

  • Lucais Romo
    Lucais Romo

    I feel so bad that Ryan can't just talk. He has to make sure no one gets upset with him.

  • Lucais Romo
    Lucais Romo

    We never saw that arcade one. Where did it go?

  • Lucais Romo
    Lucais Romo

    Ryan, how bout you just get rid of this channel and just invest in HigaTV Bring back the other shows when corona is gone.

  • Namz Phung
    Namz Phung

    He didnt post the arcade trickshots :(

  • nuné

    ryan we support you!! PLEASE MAKE THE VIDEOS YOU WANT TO MAKE!! we still here, we still watching coz they hella funny

  • LeEezZz Go
    LeEezZz Go

    I want to thank you. I've had a time where I felt really down and then I discover your channel and watch all of it. (Not much on HigaTV though) The quality and content lifted me up. Still watching

  • Tiffani Toenail
    Tiffani Toenail

    Nothing but support from me

  • Ed Morales
    Ed Morales

    Idubbbz, jontron, nigahiga, S tier

  • pineapplel0ve

    I was wondering why I don't really watch VN-my anymore. This is why. Miss genuine youtubers like Ryan.

  • SabiLewSounds

    The ending is my life lol

  • Dean Valenzuela
    Dean Valenzuela


  • Tulop

    They love what I hate but hate what I love That’s me when I post things on Facebook

  • jethuth cwith
    jethuth cwith

    he says the videos he used to do were crappy but the videos that he used to do are the ones that made me bust my ass off laughing after my worst days

  • Giggity Giggity
    Giggity Giggity

    Who just found out Ryans mizkifs gfs cousin.

  • Kay V
    Kay V

    You are a legend, dude, and I always enjoy seeing your videos! It's respectable that you didn't sell out & stayed true to yours. It's why many of us still support from the OG youtube days & the fan base still grows. 👌 ___ "I'm livin' the life, I'm sorry." 😂

  • SakurakoHanaMari

    For me VN-my is not just a source of entertainment. Some people also use it to learn and simply watch things that they can relate to. Yes this video may not be in the same comedic level of standard you place, but it is emotional, relatable, and people dig these things. As a perfectionist, I understand the anxiety of perfecting the quality of my work before showing them off to others. Yet sometimes its frustrating to see other similqr work get more attention/popularity/view than they deserve even though the content shows very little effort. However, what I learned is to just do what I can and to stop comparing myself to others.

  • 1nfernoz

    dw take time off for yourself to get better no matter how long it takes and do what you want to do bro, hope you get better :)

  • randomhuman1999

    It's not realistic to say this to just anyone, but I sincerely hope you're in a position where you can accept this comment and do what makes you happy, Ryan.

    • Axel Dobbins
      Axel Dobbins

      completely agree, he should take as much time off as he wants. it's important to take a break sometimes

  • Kody Jackson
    Kody Jackson

    Remember when Ryan redid how to be ninja without the one word

  • Clara S-G
    Clara S-G

    love you dude

  • Lara W
    Lara W

    we will always support you

    • Axel Dobbins
      Axel Dobbins

      yes! im always gonna come back & watch his videos

  • Filip 76uk
    Filip 76uk

    Your channel is a couple months older than me

  • jenna potato
    jenna potato

    I love your videos, you truly inspire me keep up the good work! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ey Si
    Ey Si

    VN-my today is just toxic.

    • Axel Dobbins
      Axel Dobbins

      yeah 2008 VN-my was way better

  • JackieY

    BGA ARMY Ryan 4 evaaaaaa

  • Hana Walsh
    Hana Walsh

    My favorite nigahiga video will forever be Things That Ruin Thanksgiving which I first watched back in like 7th grade

    • Axel Dobbins
      Axel Dobbins

      haha i remember that! my favorite is How To Be A Ninja

  • Bhagyawati Rai
    Bhagyawati Rai

    That smile at the end was sooooo freaking cute He needs to smile more like that 😍

  • Antonio Ramirez
    Antonio Ramirez

    Bruh just do whatever you want. Obviously not everyone will like it but then you'll see your true fans. Love you dog.

  • Antonio Ramirez
    Antonio Ramirez

    Wheres the arcade video?

  • MBK Dinero
    MBK Dinero

    i grew up watching you i lowkey forgot what i was missing out on

    • Axel Dobbins
      Axel Dobbins

      yeah man, his videos were legit a part of my childhood

  • Kav #17
    Kav #17

    Wholesome stuff just can't be boring to the real ones💯

  • Trevor Kuang
    Trevor Kuang

    Where are arcade trickshots

  • FlowrestlingDB Static
    FlowrestlingDB Static

    I miss him

  • VolleyBall1231

    Exactly ten mins Ryan’s going against the grain lmao

  • Randomperson690

    Can Ryan please do a video of him just making random analogies?

  • Behram Irani
    Behram Irani

    Do you mean "don't be afraid to take the jump"?

  • Pez G
    Pez G

    Loved the Rob Boss video

  • Hi

    Have fun all you want we have all the time in the world if you take the time to notice it

  • Undying Paradox
    Undying Paradox

    Don't Have Kids. :)

  • I'm Patman ?
    I'm Patman ?

    Nobody... Nigahiga: i want to fight back the youtube system, youtuber just make money, they don't care the quaility Also ryan: make that video 10 mins for advertising

  • Cailey Jablonski
    Cailey Jablonski

    Ryan I’ve been watching your content since you first started creating, your videos have made me laugh until I cried, helped bring me out of depressive episodes and helped me learn to laugh when I thought I couldn’t anymore. Sometimes I’ll stumble across an old video and the nostalgia comes right back over me. I’ve always loved your content, I’ll remain loving your content. Everyone gets burnt out every now and again, we know what you’re feeling. Don’t compare something that matters to you to others trials, you are you and if it hurts you you’re allowed to feel that pain. I know I’m a little late to comment but you have loving subscribers who are here for you and will remain here for you. 💖 Also I was semi-recently diagnosed with ADHD and I think that’s one of the reasons I connected with you so much is because of how similar our minds work and how I just... get it.. and how I felt that you helped voice things about my brain that I couldn’t put a word on before. I love your quirkinesses and you are the best representative for the add/adhd squad I can think of. If you need to take time again, go ahead and do it, create what makes you happy, not what makes VN-my happy because people will love you for you and your content, not because you’re caving to the company. We’re here for you Ryan, much love ❣️

  • Aelin Galathynius
    Aelin Galathynius

    I love you 😭

  • Neisetuonuo

    Thank you Ryan.

  • magicianmana4

    I’ve been a subscriber since the very beginning. Always loved Ryan’s content. But, like a lot of us, I’ve grown up and I don’t always have the time for his videos. I still enjoy them when I do watch them, but I can’t always give him the attention he deserves. VN-my has changed so much since the beginning, so I can see why it’s hard for him not to be a sellout. He doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

  • Gorica Karanfilovska
    Gorica Karanfilovska

    I just wanted to say not that anyone is interested but i will say, that i became fan actually lamp while Ryan was on break and now Ryan is my idol. If someone read this Thank you for reading mu boring but life changing story. lass than three!

  • My World Is Your Oyster
    My World Is Your Oyster

    I know everyone has a capacity and creativity threshold, but I'm happy if I can even edit/upload a video in a week! I'm so behind on content. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I'm a slow editor... I'd rather be in your place!

  • Hana

    "The videos I did like didn't do so well, and the videos I hated did really well!" This is so true! I feel like that's a problem artists always face. So, you end up having to decide "Do I want to copy everyone else and get views or do I want to do what actually makes me happy and risk losing views?" If that particular job is your livelihood, it makes the choice all the more stressful, but life is short. What's the point in having a lot of money, views or whatever if you're not happy? I say do your thing Ryan! 😊 Whatever makes you feel fulfilled in life, do that! 🤗❤

  • Alex K/MerpMonsta
    Alex K/MerpMonsta

    One of the best VN-myrs of all time. Always will be an OG, this channel is a true historical VN-my monument

  • Jerome Santos
    Jerome Santos

    It’s okay Ryan. I’ve been watching you since 2010 and I don’t care how long it takes for you to make your videos. I’ll still watch them no matter what.

  • 13 Fox
    13 Fox

    I always love your execution on your humor!! I always did wonder what happened to you. Keep up the good work!

  • Jose gamer
    Jose gamer

    Only 1.7 million people saw this out of 24 .4

  • Victoria Gomez
    Victoria Gomez

    how old is he now

  • Christian Williams
    Christian Williams

    I love you Ryan! I agree VN-my just isn’t the same anymore. You will always be our fav. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Derva Kommt von hinten
    Derva Kommt von hinten

    you really needed jumpcuts from "hey guys" to "so, just like the title says" to "and im sure..."???? do you have braindamage and cant get a whole sentence out without using jumpcuts?

  • Jeremy Wang
    Jeremy Wang

    Is Sean back?

  • Christian Canobis
    Christian Canobis

    6:26 This Video hasn't been released a while now.


    No one trying talk about why he hasn't Post

  • kavin sk
    kavin sk

    Hence,proved ryan is going to become a dad for twins mentioned at last 20 secs. I'm so happy for u ryan

  • Geralgi Amsi
    Geralgi Amsi

    Still waiting for that trickshot video

  • Emmanities 24
    Emmanities 24

    Some VN-myrs - Doing "insert weird stuff* for 24 hours - I Pranked *blah blah blah - ASMRs - Reactions - Plug in Merchs

  • Bettina Sparrow
    Bettina Sparrow

    Thanks Ryan for this video!! Post genuine videos and we will follow you :)

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