World's Strongest Man Vs FaZe Clan - Strength Challenge
FaZe Kay
Who Is The Strongest FaZe Member in the FaZe House? World's Strongest Man @Bradley Martyn Vs FaZe Clan @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Teeqo
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  • Fe4RLess


  • shalimar padecio
    shalimar padecio

    thats not even the strongest man in the world

  • Eric Vazquez
    Eric Vazquez

    jarvis looks kinda sexy;)

  • Dman XD
    Dman XD

    6:30 LMFAO

  • Lulzim Selimaj
    Lulzim Selimaj


  • ChibaChobo

    Bradley be like: "mmm steroids yum

  • Noah Elmo
    Noah Elmo

    FAZE kay is a good man

  • Jack Wadman
    Jack Wadman

    When u think Bradley Martin is WSM when is actually martins licis

  • Oliver Amick
    Oliver Amick

    Reply who were you guys rooting for

  • Patty Perez
    Patty Perez

    7:55 .................

  • OPTIC f
    OPTIC f


  • Mama cida69 Nana
    Mama cida69 Nana

    Hes not the steongest man in the world tho

  • Fatoumatta Janneh
    Fatoumatta Janneh

    This was is so hilarious 😂

  • PuLZe Lochlin
    PuLZe Lochlin

    Get Eddie hall he’s the worlds strongest man

  • Cameron Price
    Cameron Price

    He’s nothing when eddie hall comes along

  • Carlos Torres
    Carlos Torres

    Brian shaw, A.K.A actual worlds strongest man: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Chandler Powell
    Chandler Powell

    When jay got flung two feet he goes. I just got flung like 10 foot brooo

  • L4chy YT
    L4chy YT

    At least Jarvis has a life now

  • UU Nive
    UU Nive

    go to 6.31 sway sreacm is so funny

  • Hail

    3:45 : yeet

  • Holden Bass
    Holden Bass

    You see the guys working the Kay’s just slippin like a chicken

  • Vaporize _Toxic-killer
    Vaporize _Toxic-killer

    worlds strongest man lmao

  • Apoumoumou


  • Apoumoumou

    3:18 bruh kay just oueeeeee

    • Apoumoumou


  • Luis R De Leon Jr
    Luis R De Leon Jr

    Kay said it stinks but he’s staying there

  • Luis R De Leon Jr
    Luis R De Leon Jr

    Kay said they go to the gym Me are u sure about that

  • Yuepheng Vang
    Yuepheng Vang

    Can I join faze

  • Keeng Meehan
    Keeng Meehan

    I'm a big fan of your thigh sky I watch her videos everyday and tell Jarvis I said what's up

  • eavZx

    I mean he isn’t the worlds strongest man

  • Amanda Scarlet
    Amanda Scarlet

    Guys did you see Teqoe pushed Kay into the beans

  • MacMcgee

    Brad is a body builder if it was a strongman like thor or brian shaw or eddie hall then they would be done.

  • Only Instinct
    Only Instinct

    I like the thumbnail the thumb of jarvis arm is on the left side

  • delia salgado
    delia salgado

    Please like and subscribe to faze Kay

  • Noah Santos
    Noah Santos

    It is so funny how they cencer stuff that doesn’t need it

  • Onwayz .t
    Onwayz .t

    He not the strongest just saying

  • Amin Aboulaban
    Amin Aboulaban

    Bro Jarvis is doing all the work l

  • Anne Ochola
    Anne Ochola

    at 3:45 in the video Kay did fall on purpose and everyone knows that

  • Arctic

    3:44 LOOOL

  • Luke Mikhail
    Luke Mikhail

    This is how many times Frazier says Holy

  • maitong Vang
    maitong Vang

    Yo when brad was pushing Jarvis in the pool it looked like they were fighting

  • Laura Dood
    Laura Dood

    03:58 “10 feet” 😂

  • Vagabond 836
    Vagabond 836

    Get Eddie hall to do this

  • Vincent Tran
    Vincent Tran

    6:43 buddy sliding is the funniest thing

  • Flix Evade
    Flix Evade

    He's not the world strongest Man btw

  • Trucexxjake Gameing
    Trucexxjake Gameing

    The most steroids Tucan

  • Fülöp Károly Kiss
    Fülöp Károly Kiss


  • Husniah Aghajan
    Husniah Aghajan

    Faze Kay your girlfriend is trash get a knew 1

  • Fatym Tandia
    Fatym Tandia

    3:45 faze bunny kay

  • Daniel Shelley
    Daniel Shelley


  • Fortnit Mikael
    Fortnit Mikael

    Its so funny

  • Lalotava Tavina
    Lalotava Tavina

    now jarvis head is busted up now 8:56 lol

  • Shane Casey
    Shane Casey

    Look how jarvis fell🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jerome Porter
    Jerome Porter

    8:48 to 8:57 he fuked up

  • Chakeya Collier
    Chakeya Collier

    Strong man in the world is Martins licis

  • CamWhit 20
    CamWhit 20

    At the end I like how teeqo just runs from Bradley 😂

  • - ThatRandomestArab -
    - ThatRandomestArab -

    He’s not the worlds strongest man?

  • Jonas

    world strongest man is haftor bjornson

  • Richard Scurlock
    Richard Scurlock

    When I’m playing tag with my friends 9:09

  • Vadim Pavlichenko
    Vadim Pavlichenko

    Jarvis u r insane)

  • mercy ?
    mercy ?

    Notice how Kay wasn’t even pulling

  • Rober Alzein
    Rober Alzein

    He is not the world strongest man

  • liamgaming 101
    liamgaming 101

    More like Alex busted head

  • Grt News
    Grt News

    Get hazii B

  • Bembel Warrior
    Bembel Warrior

    Lol Bradley Martin isn’t the worlds strongest man

  • Extreme Eli
    Extreme Eli

    3:55 Kay " I just got flung like ten feet" gets flung a quarter of a foot

  • FC Benzy
    FC Benzy

    To the 1 percent who see this I hope you are doing well in caronavirus

  • Nadeem H
    Nadeem H

    Why tf they’re blurring the nipples 🤣🤣 FREE THE NIPPLE 🌚🤣

  • Harley Morgan
    Harley Morgan

    Bradley is like Jarvis solo trios before his ban lol

  • Lubna Syed
    Lubna Syed

    How did they get more muscles when they came out the gym

  • THG

    Dude the strong man wasn’t even on the LEGO

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