WOW... Huge Max Landis Accusations, Elijah Daniel's "Gay Hell", & Kyle Kashuv Harvard Controversy
Philip DeFranco
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Today’s Stories:
Elijah Daniel Buys Hell Michigan:
Harvard Rescinds Admission to Parkland Student:
Eight Women Speak Out Against Max Landis:
More News Not Included In Show Today:
Alex Jones Accused of Sending Explicit Emails to Sandy Hook Lawyers:
Facebook to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency:
Phoenix Mayor Apologizes After Police Incident:
Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Leave White House:
Brazil Supreme Court Vote:
Flint Prosecutors Drop All Criminal Charges:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones, Cecelia Applegate
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Maddie Crichton, Lili Stenn, Sami Sherwyn
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco

    And here are those timecodes: Hell Michigan Renamed (0:06), TIA (3:32), Max Landis Accusations (5:56), Harvard Controversy (8:35)

    • TheSultryHippo

      Schrodinger's mayonnaise/candle is the new item on my want list

    • Brandon Odell
      Brandon Odell

      You should do Snapchat I know I get quite a few things off of there and I’d watch stuff you post on there

    • Jenna Johnson
      Jenna Johnson

      Philip DeFranco i’m 16 and i get my news from philly D and twitter moments 😅

    • Beginningmedal 6
      Beginningmedal 6

      I see a lot of people my age (16) getting news from snapchat. It is honestly all clickbate with awfully short articles that often are quite one sided.

    • Wise Guy
      Wise Guy

      Philip DeFranco I get my news from here good morning America and comedy shows... not even joking with that last one Daily Show, Last Week tonight, weekend update that sorta thing

  • JustPassingThrough

    Ya know... I almost bought that bullshit from Kashuv. Then, as per usual, Phil presented the dissenting opinions and my eyes were opened to the shallow, although well-crafted, argument that was Kashuv's attempt at accruing pity. I do feel sorry for the position some of these controversies have put him in, but I hold to my previous stance, that he is allowing himself to be guided down a dark path, and by doing so, damns himself in my eyes. Overall, I pity him little, and resent him far more, along with those who have manipulated him into espousing his misguided rhetoric. Regarding Harvard, I will not be fooled for one second into thinking what they did was ANYTHING but a PR move. But I dig the end result nonetheless.

  • JustPassingThrough

    Huh. Looks like Max Landis' treatment of women is as bad as his treatment of scripts. And that is unfortunately saying a LOT...

  • JustPassingThrough

    Regarding Gay Hell, I like the defiance. I like where he's coming from, and I'm always down for ruffling anti-pride feathers. However, I actually am of the opinion that flying the Pride Flag in place of the American Flag isn't something worth fighting for in that specific context. I believe that, given the function of the U.S. embassies, the Trump "administration" does have some moral wiggle room there, and vice versa for the other side. Obviously Trump and his lackeys are motivated by homophobic agendas, but I can't really bring myself to be that perturbed by this SPECIFIC end result.

  • jill-O jell-O
    jill-O jell-O

    Where do i get my news? Here only here

  • Heather Fortney
    Heather Fortney

    i get my news from you since 2015 did not subscribe until 2016 tho. If it seems interesting i will look it up. so thank you for that. :) you beautiful bastard!!! :)

  • Kyle Towner
    Kyle Towner

    I guess I'm classified as a "gen Z" don't really like being labeled just because the year I was born but for me I consume my news literally hear on VN-my and that's basically about it I watch Philly D and a few other places where I get Tech news and that's it definitely not getting it on Snapchat cuz I don't use it

  • Tails Clock
    Tails Clock

    Those "racist" comments when shown in context change a lot. The first one makes it beyond clear that he was not stating his opinions on black people. He was shitposting. The second one was also very clearly not racist in the least, and was just edgelord speak given the way he called himself a pasty jew. These are not offensive comments that need to be apologized for. These are personal messages that had no right to be publically published. The sheer desperation in trying to discredit this young victim is astounding. His beliefs on guns being good is all you need to know that this boy is damaged and confused. His activism stands on it's own as awful. We don't need to pretend he's racist. This boy needs a proper education, keeping him from Harvard sounds counterproductive.

  • Fernando Miranda
    Fernando Miranda

    I get my news here.

  • Yeep yeep
    Yeep yeep

    Gen Z here. I used to get a lot of my news off of Snapchat, but ever since the user interface changed with that one update I barely ever use the app in general. Even if the show was made available on Snapchat I’d still stick to watching it here.

  • Ja Series
    Ja Series

    I get my news from Reddit, but I worry that it's an echo chamber so I go to some more conservative web sites in order to be more well rounded... but I truly leave those feeling pretty icky...

  • Megan Painter
    Megan Painter

    Im Gen Z and I watch... yeah just you. Im a one news provider kind of lady.

  • Mohamed Arreh
    Mohamed Arreh

    I thought that was fighttips lmfaoooo

  • Eadlyn June
    Eadlyn June

    Max Landis couldn’t fucking direct a movie anyways. He made “Chronicle” and that’s it. He’s always given people the creeps, honestly can’t believe I ever thought he seemed like and okay dude in person.

  • Monstrous Monsterman
    Monstrous Monsterman

    The entire Harvard story disgusts me. How hippocritical do people have to be? Are the seriously under the impression that NONE of the other students have said offensive things? Are they seriously saying that THEY THEMSELVES haven’t said offensive or racist things in the past? I think if you dig deep enough you can find evidence of just about everyone carrying some form of prejudice. I say, as someone who is deeply left wing, that Harvard’s conduct is disgusting and hippocritical. Racist jokes made by a 16 year old are in no way indicative of present character.

  • James Palmer
    James Palmer

    I’d just like to know if someone can make a mistake in JUNIOR high and it not count against them in college admissions? If not, what about middle school? Elementary? What’s the age at which you can make mistakes and it not hurt your college admissions status?

  • Courtney Sux
    Courtney Sux

    I’m gay as fuck but I still agree with only the American flag being on the pole. If they can have the flag elsewhere, I don’t think it’s a homophobic based decision, just because Obama (please baby come back and lead us) did something doesn’t mean every president will do the same. That’s the point.

  • Slater B.
    Slater B.

    but what candle cover the smell of weed the best?

  • Roman Casillas
    Roman Casillas

    Glad I don't live in America

  • David Cardew
    David Cardew

    Just goes to show what universities like Harvard are really about. They don't care about educating an ignorant class of people but preserving an image of higher educated rich people. No one could or should deny Kyles responsibilty over his use of the "N-word" however I believe that universities should be a place where all sorts of people from various backgrounds should come and learn and be taken out of their comfort zone. Universities like Harvard are showing that actually they're afraid of views that may damage their reputation as an institute and business. Harvard only take on the already educated they're not interested in educating the ignorant or challenging biggotry. It's an elitist institution for middle and upper class snobs. The Median income of families who go to harvard is like $160,000 and only like 1.8% of student are from poor backgrounds with some becoming rich later on which isn't a bad thing but serves my point about elitism. I can applaud Harvard for not wanting racism in it's university but they sure hate the poor like most American universities. They're classist which is another form of discrimination in my opinion.

  • Joshua Allen
    Joshua Allen


  • Fractured Raptor
    Fractured Raptor

    I say it all the time and I'll say it again. So long as you call yourselves said word, regardless of whatever spin you put on it, you have zero rights to get offended when someone else says the word or calls you that word. That being said nobody should be punished for mere words. Had there been activity behind it? Okay, I could see Harvard declining over fears of having that come onto their campus. At the same time I don't agree with him bring up Harvard's past. Slave owners were a part of the college because slavery was normal and accepted back then. You can't fault them for that. It's pretty scary how things can come back to bite you though. Run for president or congress and every single thing you did online, possible ever, gets picked through with a fine tooth comb. Shit you don't even remember yourself winds up getting found. Unless it's a recent past people shouldn't be judged by past behavior, not unless the behavior was incredibly violent or just violent in general. That warrants caution.

  • Dorkdum Productions
    Dorkdum Productions

    I’m a Millennial, but I’d still be interested in your SC news channel. It’d be better than the bias news on there now

  • Alec Jkul
    Alec Jkul

    If you want a Lol, start the video at 4:11

  • Alec Jkul
    Alec Jkul

    I am part of Gen Z, and consume news via one of the following mediums: 1. Philip Defranco videos 2. The BBC mobile app 3. Newspapers 4. Other news websites such as those of News24, the Guardian, the NY Times or CNN Social media's primary purpose (in my opinion) is social interaction, and therefore I do not generally trust it as much as the four stated above.

  • Renad Gharzeddine
    Renad Gharzeddine

    “Getting my audience who is 16 to 24 politically active” aka indoctrinating them with liberal ideologies

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User

    I only get my new.from one other place: Mary Ham

  • Emily Lu
    Emily Lu

    I get news from linkedin, podcasts and this channel

  • Thomas Fisher
    Thomas Fisher

    Landis sounds like he's been getting roid rage...

  • Herb Quintana
    Herb Quintana

    Phil: buy my premium snap? Me: ummm bro ....

  • Alexander Raman
    Alexander Raman

    Even though i would trust phil to make credible snapchat News, I think News need more context because tl;dr often gets misinterpreted like some people only read headlines

  • Little Kaori
    Little Kaori

    29 year old: I get my news from the traditional dutch new channel NOS (which is the most normal and neutral news in the netherlands so your basic economic and war things), your channel, sometimes the Al shazeer by your reccomendation, TLDR on youtube for european things and not much else. I have grown distrustfull of most news outlets and take all news, including yours unfortunatly, with a grain of salt. However your take on international but also new media news is very relevant for me because I do a lot on new media and you don't talk too much about the drama (sometimes you do though, personally I could do without but to each their own :D) I look for neutral, fact based and show-your-research type of news, plus some general economic, world and new media news. Hope this helps!


    Not in anayway related, but the eddsworld youtube channel has this in liked videos

    • Freaky


  • Shamarria evans
    Shamarria evans

    Im not gen z, im a younger millennial, but i do get some from snapchat sometimes. I follow cnbc. But youtube is the biggest news outlet i use.

  • JoeMischief

    Dude. I’m 45 and and in the UK, but get my news here now...

  • Nefepants

    All of these women have identical stories, it's not exactly like there's a Max Landis sexual abuse subreddit for them to settle on a story they all tell. But please, by all means continue calling them accusers.

  • Joe Know
    Joe Know

    Flying any other flag on an American embassy besides the American one should be treason.

  • Victoria Antonetti
    Victoria Antonetti

    There are very few people I know who haven't made racially insensitive comments, some as nasty as Kyle's. While I think consequences are essential and keep us accountable and introspective about our actions, I'm not sure that taking away his spot does that. I'm positive that some of the other students in the incoming class have made racially insensitive statements. I'm torn about what consequences are the right ones.

  • Caitlin Ross
    Caitlin Ross

    my opinions are mixed with kyle kashuv- i agree that attitudes can change, however harvard was only treating him fairly. i believe this kind of action would be taken with any student who had past behavior exposed in this way. going through high school, my class, at least, was constantly reminded of this. we were always told that our actions as students could and would reflect upon us during college admissions, and to take care in choosing our actions with this in mind. and oh, ben shapiro. “a standard nobody can meet”? really? harvard’s standards may be high, but i think not using racial slurs would probably be one of the easiest parts of the harvard application process, no?

  • Mearlyn Ambrosius
    Mearlyn Ambrosius

    There you go DANA that's a God damn women right there standing up !

  • jean maillard
    jean maillard

    wasn't it harvard that harrased a gay child into almost killing himself?

  • Ericaaa

    OMG YES PLS MAKE TLDRs ON SNAPCHAT!!! I am 21 and mainly get my news from youtube (you're my favourite), online streaming of some TV news/political comedy (mainly Trevor Noah), social media -twitter and snap because Facebook can't be trusted

  • Elp Smith
    Elp Smith

    I don’t know about the whole Kyle thing. I openly said the n-word with a hard r when I was 14 but now I’m not so ignorant and I understand that’s wrong. It would be better if they gave him a talking to and let him know that if he does it again then he will be expelled.

  • Elp Smith
    Elp Smith

    The woman was pressured by a LAWYER into not pursuing the case yet they still ask us why we don’t report assault.

  • Ben H
    Ben H

    I think it would be interesting to see how Harvard has rescinded applications over the years. Like back in 2012 when I was in high school would this have happened/would it happen as often as this happens like in the past few years and moving forward.

  • Korr Aang
    Korr Aang

    Most of it via the PDS

  • Libbie Seehusen
    Libbie Seehusen

    I am apart of gen Z and the snapchat news thing is true, at least for me. I get my news from watching the Philip DeFranco show, NBC's Stay Tuned story on snapchat, and Barstool Sports story on snapchat

  • Liz P.
    Liz P.

    hmm... you knoe what ive never done.... ive never said the N-word. its not that hard

  • Ben Royal
    Ben Royal

    I've started getting a surprising amount of news on your site. Like the in-depth approach.

  • goten1210

    Yes on Snapchat News!

  • Noah Elkins
    Noah Elkins

    He should do something like barstool sports does an snapchat

  • m

    All teens are immature little shits. I know I've said a ton of things that I'd be ashamed of now and am only grateful social media wasn't as big as is it now.

  • Tanner Polisini
    Tanner Polisini

    A Snapchat version of this show would be extremely successful, if it’s short enough to keep attention and be shared

  • extrams0

    Pro gun advocate complains about getting treaded unfairly? Well, how about we all send 'm Thoughts & Prayers and DO NOTHING MORE ?

  • 4js123

    did he call the Tesla Model 3 a Tesla 3???? eXcUsE mE pHiL hOw DaRe YoU

  • Jason Anderson
    Jason Anderson

    OK! I've been patiently waiting for a good game to pop up here on your sponsored ad. Vermintide 2 IS AMAZING! I already own it. It's basically Left 4 Dead 2 in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The worlds are incredibly detailed, the combat is visceral and fun, and the sound adds so much to the World. Thank you for bringing this game to the light!

  • ninjaguy2511

    for kyle, much as I don't like the kid, its a pretty stupid thing to decline him. If anyone actually knows people in high school and even college, people joke with the n word, try to be edgy and shocking etc its a lot of kids who are like that and its whatever since I remember I was similar. I agree with the right, so a kid should be embarrassed and kicked out of his accepted school because he said something jokingly with his friends in high school. Also when they said the other thousands of kids who should of been accepted, we all know 9\10 said something like what he said or probably worse with their personal group of friends. This is just so harvard can appear "progressive" and as a commercial move and that its a big story, and one of the more reasons why people who have been accepted to harvard which is considered the best college are opting for other choices. This is not the dumbest thing they have done in the last few years.

  • Albatar1918PL

    Its stupid. Its just words. Check etymology of word "slave". Its as much offensive to estern europian as n-word to afro-armericans. You want to ban using it as well?

  • Ari Dynamic
    Ari Dynamic

    "I found something you did when you were 16 and doing it for the lawls! I'm going to hold it against you now that you're 32." So people really think because this dude did something as a teenager he's still that way 16 years later?

    • Roadent1241

      Ari Dynamic Some people don't change. I'm actually not any different as I was at 12 despite being nearly 30. Still well behaved compared to the town kids, I live in the middle of nowhere only going to school in the towns, but still angry and depressed and disabled. Still a Carer like I was back then. Nothing has changed, so how could I? I'm more knowledgable about things but my attitude towards life is still the same.

  • Sophie Bear
    Sophie Bear

    I get my news on Twitter. People laugh at that because they don't understand the platform...I get my news on Twitter because, get this, EVERY REPUTABLE NEWS SOURCE IS ON TWITTER and use twitter as a vehicle to quickly reach their audience. Twitter is the most convenient avenue to view all my sources. When i say i get my news from Twitter, Baby boomers think I'm saying "I get my news from a bunch of teenagers who gossip"

  • Friendly Trash Pile
    Friendly Trash Pile

    I’m 20 and I will say the majority of my news comes from here on VN-my and Snapchat.

  • Roberto Garcia
    Roberto Garcia

    I'm 23yo, youtube only

  • Vic Tor
    Vic Tor

    Fuck turning point and it's bad propaganda

  • Josée Joliat
    Josée Joliat

    Wow, how much pressure are we putting on kids today to learn themselves what's right and wrong if theyre future gets derailed because the internet mob decides to pull out any little mistake you've done in the past. We are all infallible. The difference is how you've decided to grow from it.

  • Abigail C
    Abigail C

    Early gen z person here, (kinda not depending on the classification since I was born in 1999 but whatever) I get my news from VN-my, Twitter, the daily New York Times (podcast), up first from npr (podcast), some cbs programs (60 minutes and CBS Sunday morning)

  • Koda Buck
    Koda Buck

    Yah I turned 18 this year, and I mainly get my news from you, although I do watch some comedians like The late show

  • missblueskydreamer

    I think people just really need to learn to ask themselves: "Is this post or message offensive, racist, etc in any way (regardless of whether itès suppose to be a joke or whatever)". - If the answer is yes, then ask yourself: "could this post/message change a person's perception of me in a negative way or could there be consequences from making this post." Think before you post/message/speak and understand some words, statements are strictly off limits, no matter how outrageous or silly you think you're being. Otherwise, anyone who still thinks it's okay to make distasteful racist jokes or say racist things, really need to grow up.

  • A Nobody
    A Nobody

    I feel for him, but Harvard is a private entity and can revoke the application of anyone who wants to attend their school so. Gg

  • Tonatiub

    So Dirk Gently season 3 never

  • SuperSecret ShiroGuy
    SuperSecret ShiroGuy

    I used to be a kid like that. I would say the most heinous shit imaginable to get a rise out of people as a coping mechanism from abuse at home and the ensuing PTSD. I didn't believe in anything I had said but negative attention was the only attention I was used to. After high school I realized the error of my ways and changed. I don't think the two year remark is a good metric for kids because we all know how extremely quickly they change in short time periods. 2 years for a teenager is huge. I think he deserves every opportunity to show he has reformed.

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