YBN Cordae - Bad Idea (feat. Chance The Rapper) [Official Video]
YBN Cordae
YBN Cordae - Bad Idea (feat. Chance The Rapper) [Official Video]
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  • Sebastian trujillo
    Sebastian trujillo

    Does this not sound like on my block by Scarface or ?

  • Bappo Lappo
    Bappo Lappo

    I need to know we’re chance gets his jean from

  • LaMyah

    Hands down Cordae the best one in ybn

  • huru

  • planetzoom

    why the hell is this an ad 1 month later

  • Montae Thornton
    Montae Thornton

    Fire 🔥💯

  • VertPizzle

    Check out my reaction video to this 🙏🏾

  • xFrostyElite -
    xFrostyElite -

    This song finna blow up more💯💯

  • Wrath of the Ancients
    Wrath of the Ancients

    His voice in the beginning of the song reminds me of young Joey Badass

  • djuan strong
    djuan strong

    Cordae and J.Cole collab mixtape would be everything.

  • Jc Alcala
    Jc Alcala

    Tell me why I got emotional hearing this for the first time thinking of Mac....

  • Trust No One
    Trust No One

    I just said on his Locationship song that he gives me old and new skool vibes with his flow. This a perfect example! I subbed for sure!

  • RainDr0pZ Z
    RainDr0pZ Z

    YBN Cordae x J cole would be 🔥

  • Im Ganineeno
    Im Ganineeno

    cordae kills it but umm.. im here for chance

  • Dee

    This is beautiful more of this

  • Thomas Reddin
    Thomas Reddin

    Wow! This is my first time hearing ybn cordae , the boy is talented, lyricist, plus he's good with singing the hooks! Future boss! 🔥💪💰

  • Nate The Great
    Nate The Great

    "I live life by faith not fear" 🔥💯

  • jamil mouehla
    jamil mouehla

    cordae is amazing and all but did you hear the lyricism in the song? especially by chance

  • Carbon

    I can't speak black I need subtitles

  • Malachi Worthington
    Malachi Worthington

    Young man doing his thang keep it up

  • Alex Garrett
    Alex Garrett

    chance making good choices w his next moves

  • Clutch handla
    Clutch handla

    aye its ya boi ,this song fire but please give me an opportunity to promote my channel , music and videos, I'm trying to make a small lane in this game , give me a chance please , i would love a like , positive comment , share and a subscribe we here man lets rock peace and blessings , ~ clutch handla

  • Jamal Hall
    Jamal Hall

    First young rapper and song I could listen to all day please dont start talk about killing you going on right path God will bless and your fans will always have your back

  • Drip Drip
    Drip Drip

    Love the beat tho

  • Michael Macrae
    Michael Macrae

    What an amazing duo

  • jorge ramirez
    jorge ramirez

    That sample is timeless

  • Drippyblas

    They bringing actual MUSIC back 🔥

  • Fonza Relly
    Fonza Relly

    Rumble yung man rumble! Music 4 the soul, ya gotta love it.


    If you reading this hope you flex up with them $mills 1 day

  • af2600

    Who agrees that the only thing this video is missing is a cameo by Scarface?


    No homo i love this nigga he so lyrical

  • S M
    S M

    No lie I would switch Gunna with Deante Hitchcock he jus has more rap potential then Gunna in my opinion


    Cordae and Chance are way more similar in sound than I ever thought, they vibe together well.

  • Chris P
    Chris P

    this song is chill asf lofi vibes

  • 4KT Teddy
    4KT Teddy

    Cordae needs to leave YBN honestly 💯 He'll do better by himself

  • Bossmane Don
    Bossmane Don

    This my lil nigga hea And Chance kilt it to

  • Clutch handla
    Clutch handla

    aye fire fr fr , but also check out my music and videos , leave your positive comments and share plz also sub i will be grateful and in return the favor by elevating the vibe and move the culture ahead facts and promise peace and god bless ~ clutch handla

  • milk

    *Lyrical Genius*

  • Blighter

    Is that cordae singing?

  • Robert Rixey
    Robert Rixey


  • Jacob Thegoat
    Jacob Thegoat

    Baby j cole

  • Ricardo Noel
    Ricardo Noel

    This is old school shit I need more of it's like drugs

  • Retr0s0ul

    Chance went nuts "they thought I wouldn't but I fireplace"

  • JayJay Animations
    JayJay Animations

    Damn this could hit home

  • Tracy Smith
    Tracy Smith

    Cordae needs to make a vlog channel

  • Mitias Germakana
    Mitias Germakana

    This channel should have over 3m subs. Shee🤭

  • Baby Blueberry
    Baby Blueberry

    Yo I heard the instrumental and thought about chance then I heard cordae and I got happy asl. I fw this

  • Lil Icey
    Lil Icey

    If cordae walked through my neighborhood I would cry I’d be so happy

  • Raheem Wt
    Raheem Wt

    It wasn't a bad idea for this collab 😂

  • King DaBeast
    King DaBeast

    honestly this song gives me that Sunday black church vibe. I also love this song lyrically. I mean... "I know myself far too well to be a stranger of pain in spite it all we were made in the same im just changin the game heart pure never tamin with fame"

  • Tholakele Qumbisa
    Tholakele Qumbisa

    Future of rap, someday we will be talking about him the same way we talk bout Cole and Kendrick

  • Unknown

    This song made me shed a tear...i haven't cried in years.Cordae is Something special.

  • Bryce Williams
    Bryce Williams

    I thought he wast actually poor because of this vid

  • Connor Duncan
    Connor Duncan

    Thotiana has 141m views and this only has 3m ybn cordage underrated ad

    • Fonza Relly
      Fonza Relly

      What a world!

  • Iss Me
    Iss Me

    I respect the On My Block sample, Gettin sum nice Scarface vibes, 10/10

  • George Egan
    George Egan

    So happy chance got cordae on this type of beat. Soo fire

  • Kevin Francois
    Kevin Francois

    Hip Hop is in good hands

  • Kevin Francois
    Kevin Francois

    Cordae needs to make something with Joey Bada$$ that shit would be insane

    • Tevin Thomas
      Tevin Thomas

      They did but never put it out

  • rapstarblaze rapstarblaze
    rapstarblaze rapstarblaze

    Shit fire and gorgeous

  • Thor Morais
    Thor Morais

    so sad😢

  • Bryan Evans
    Bryan Evans

    Cordae the future

  • mz lady
    mz lady

    Aye VN-my looking out for you. And me😎New fan💖


    Ybn cordae the best out ybn fam i been looking for a new sound tht could help me when im down and in my feelings bro u jus got a new fan bro ima pop out to a show when u get close to mass fam salute

  • CW043

    Cordae sounds like Mos Def / Yasin Bey in this.

  • Nick Tronson
    Nick Tronson

    144000 likes. Satans world is getting old and nothing will prevent him from his inevitable loss any longer. Too many people are suffering and it is law of the universe that evil will be eternally obliterated by the weakest of humans without threat of any violence. All of nature, physical and spiritual, will be in control, and will always be in control, by the good in YAHUWSHUWA from now on. We are looking to win the war against the forces of evil WITHOUT LIFTING A FINGER. WITHOUT ANY WORRIES OR FEAR OF PERSECUTION. HAKUNA MATATA. EVERYONE WHO CALLS ON YAHUWSHUWA WILL AT THAT POINT WILL BE PROTECTED BY ANGELS OF HEAVEN AND WORRY FREE FOR THE REST OF YOUR DAYS ON EARTH AND WHEN YOU ARE TRANSFERRED TO HEAVEN AND GIVEN AN ANGELIC BODY WITHOUT EVEN HAVING TO DIE. YAHUWSHUWA SAID HEAVEN IS INSIDE YOU, SO WHEN ALL THIS HAPPENS HEAVEN WILL START WHEN YOU ARE EVEN IN YOUR HUMAN BODY WITHOUT PAIN OR DEATH. SATAN AND EVIL WILL BE DEFEATED AS WE WILL BE LIKE PEACEFUL SPECS OF DUST IN YAHYWSHUWAS NAME GIVEN TO HIM TO SAVE US BY HIS FATHER AND OURS, YAHUWAH.

  • Mr Bedtime Horror
    Mr Bedtime Horror

    This how many people like this song 🔽🔽

  • Deamarco Gayle
    Deamarco Gayle

    This callob good a hell.

  • Damian Torres
    Damian Torres

    yes i had to dislike cause i’m a hater. fuck ybn cordae trash ass nigga

  • Drippy Fatboy
    Drippy Fatboy

    1.6K dislikes wow this song is a great song

  • Jakeyy T
    Jakeyy T

    Why does Chance have the best references and flow? Dem metaphors always on point

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