YBN Cordae - Bad Idea (feat. Chance The Rapper) [Official Video]
YBN Cordae
YBN Cordae - Bad Idea (feat. Chance The Rapper) [Official Video]
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  • LarryKoopa 2
    LarryKoopa 2

    Finally,a good Chance The Rapper song.

  • yeet78

    “might not be such a bad idea if i, never went home again” kanye really be influencing everyone 😉

  • Tsunami Badi
    Tsunami Badi

    Cordae is better than almighty jay and nahmir

  • Peregrine Pincikowski
    Peregrine Pincikowski


  • Eric Hawkins
    Eric Hawkins

    "I know they thought i woodnt ..but im fire place"..that was a slick line.

  • RealestRaines

    I havent turned it off ynb cordae pandora in 2 weeks. This album is a blessing.

  • al laquinta eur
    al laquinta eur

    Lil PUMP be like me ft lil wayne OFFICIAL $$$$$$$$$$$# Temazo

  • Kyle D
    Kyle D

    Is no one gonna say how the chorus is from Kanye’s late registration???

  • Thaddeus Junior
    Thaddeus Junior

    Who else thought that was Chance on the hook

  • Ramses Nunez
    Ramses Nunez


  • SoLucky

    This song is AMAZING! I wish Noname coulda joined in on it

  • Kenny Schulz
    Kenny Schulz

    This whole album is nothing but fire. I really hope he stays with this , and not the trap bullshit

  • Emmanuel Buckley
    Emmanuel Buckley

    Song hits home, to me it’s confirmation from God letting me know that cloudy days aren’t forever 🙏🏾❤️💯

  • Rene Escobedo
    Rene Escobedo

    Late Registration- My way home. Anybody is think of this when hearing this joint. Great jam for sure.

    • thug8200

      My block Scarface

    • Kyle D
      Kyle D

      Finally the comment I wanted to see


    2pac VIBES Cordae 2019

  • Oni

    Just realised they sampled scarface on this one, damn

  • emilien545 Chollet
    emilien545 Chollet

    Caca boundin

  • Dulin

    1:27 me on my way to love my wife

  • Matthew Burrell
    Matthew Burrell

    The whole Lost Boy Album screamed Chance the Rapper vibes

  • Banana Hammock
    Banana Hammock

    This is the one song that Cordae has made that has some hard bars. This is the song that separates him from the other freshman from his year


    That Daft Punk reference tho!

  • Maaruf Hossain
    Maaruf Hossain

    This song makes me wanna play chess with checkers on a 8 pool board

  • ICEverything

    This actually slowed time for me He's gonna be one of the best



  • Carlos Blaise
    Carlos Blaise

    They rocked that OG Scarface beat

  • Darwin Kemp
    Darwin Kemp

    I'm bummed he doesn't go AHHT on this song

  • Daniel Reyes
    Daniel Reyes

    Back in 2017 was ybn nahmir and jayalmighty’s year now this is ybn cordae’s year

  • Alicia Patrick
    Alicia Patrick


  • Audiozzz

    chance killed this

  • Kayleigh Ann Dollins
    Kayleigh Ann Dollins

    Y'all keep sleeping I don't want him to change 🔥🔥

  • IMPlive 17
    IMPlive 17

    Never was a chance fan but his verse here is very nice.

  • Eriup

    Hopefully drugs, fame, gangs, and other rappers don't get in his way 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • user nombre
    user nombre

    I cry to this everyday at the end of the day or begining.. to humble myself before God and not forget it's all about family

  • Tom Naughten
    Tom Naughten

    Chance sucked

  • leafy clone
    leafy clone

    Lyricist 100

  • Abu Vahlevie
    Abu Vahlevie

    Damn chance

  • DispyBear

    'It might not be such a bad idea if i...never went home again'

  • Zvonimir Šestan
    Zvonimir Šestan

    I knew that beat sounded familiar, Scarface - On my block

  • Alexander Richardson
    Alexander Richardson

    First decent chance verse since acid rap!!!

  • isaacbowwow2

    I live life by faith nigga instead of fear ...lawd knows I felt that

    • Aiden Maves
      Aiden Maves

      Wow you can write the lyrics

  • Rocky Cepeda
    Rocky Cepeda

    "on My Block" by scarface version is way better lol

  • Geo C
    Geo C

    This dude gives me hope for rap. Can’t stand those mumble rappers and shit. This dude is legit 🔥

  • Jaye Tamatoa
    Jaye Tamatoa

    Cams freestyle brought me here

  • william sharpy flipz
    william sharpy flipz

    Love the style it's a real song

  • Eclipse

    Thankyou for this song

  • Lil Robux
    Lil Robux

    I felt the skinny jeans one on a spiritual level

  • David Wallinger
    David Wallinger

    Cordae feat Kanye West

  • The 9ine God
    The 9ine God

    I feel like chance just spits whatever at this point.

  • Kenny Domino
    Kenny Domino

    Sounds like a kanye west inspired song great vibe as well

    • Kenny Domino
      Kenny Domino

      @yeet78 Mf'ers listen to like 3 songs and nah they a rap professor.

    • yeet78

      ShadowKato661 it’s actually true cause he took one of kanye’s lines “it might not be such a bad idea if i never went home again”

    • ShadowKato661

      Kenny Domino 🤡

  • Im Autistic Jew
    Im Autistic Jew

    Ramen noodle on the regular is my life we struggling to even get food.

  • MAC Music
    MAC Music

    soundcloud.com/sepp-unger/lock-it-down-prod-by-matsumoto-music check out one of my rappers songs

  • nonrefundable chicken
    nonrefundable chicken

    God crying thunder storms is heavens tears. Swear I used to think that shit to man

  • Roberto Baricco
    Roberto Baricco

    U N D E R R A T E D

  • Quentin T
    Quentin T

    wheeeewn with the my block instrumental..... one of my fav songs of all time.. 1st cordae song ive ever heard. k new fan

  • Lo Prophet Sound
    Lo Prophet Sound

    This sample gets flipped every few years. Always a chill mood track.

  • Wiremu Marsh
    Wiremu Marsh

    facts.in relateing to the homies verses.well done cordae keep up the good work brotha.jah bless.

  • Gabriel Muñoz
    Gabriel Muñoz

    This is like on my block🎶🎶💎

  • Alyssa Parsons
    Alyssa Parsons

    Love you more and more every song. Can't wait to meet you

  • Jesse Kirkland
    Jesse Kirkland

    Nigga next up for real

    • Aiden Maves
      Aiden Maves

      He blew up in Like 2016

  • Jaime Carvajal Castro
    Jaime Carvajal Castro

    the beat looks like on my block from scarface

  • Yung Pp
    Yung Pp

    Who else got some summer 16 vibee?

  • Kevin iram Serrano bautista
    Kevin iram Serrano bautista


  • Clerkz

    Look at that, Cordae reviving old man chance's career!

    • Marwan Joundi
      Marwan Joundi

      @Clerkz bruh, that nigga fucking rocks, he's totally in my top 5 artists

    • Clerkz

      @Marwan Joundi People aint sleepin on Breezy Lovejoy no more! Long time fan!:)

    • Marwan Joundi
      Marwan Joundi

      @Clerkz i got you man, always make your researches and don't listen just to haters. I slept on so many artists because they may have bombed once. Like anderson .paak, he's such a great singer and rapper, but people slept on him because of that freestyle on xxl.

    • Clerkz

      @Marwan Joundi Nice update, thanks dawg!:D REALLY lookin forward to that Gambino v Chance project.

    • Marwan Joundi
      Marwan Joundi

      @Clerkz ​ look at his previous work. He's dropped 3 mixtapes before the big day(his first album). He won a grammy for Coloring book(third mixtape) that has a 90/100 on metacritic. I'm just saying that Chance is good, he made great stuff. The album Surf with color experiment, his work with Kanye West(check out Ultralight Beam, a great song). It's just that there's been so much hype for his first studio album, The Big Day, it's a 22 tracks album and like 60% is trash, but the good songs are really really good(Eternal, 5 years plan, roo, All Day Long, i got you). He was one of the best artists out there and this album just let too many people down. I think with his next one he'll redeem himself(also there are two upcoming albums featuring his two mentors: Kanye and Childish Gambino).


    Ariana Grande who?

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers

    Point is... He loves his wife

  • Ras Flames
    Ras Flames

    Can Everyone check my music out on my page Looking for feed back anything will help like dislike sub ah share

  • Gage Dearolf
    Gage Dearolf

    That Gil Scott Heron reference in the hook, amazing

    • Aiden Maves
      Aiden Maves

      chordae is very talented

  • crazygamer/ Fortnite/YTP
    crazygamer/ Fortnite/YTP

    Ayeee dope beat dope song dope everything

  • Bailey Young
    Bailey Young

    Cordae has a fire flow but usually lacks making good hooks, but this is fire

  • dylan campbell
    dylan campbell

    Gives that Mac Miller vibe. Love this song rip mac

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