Young Thug - What's The Move ft. Lil Uzi Vert [Official Video]
Young Thug
Young Thug - What's The Move ft. Lil Uzi Vert
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℗ 2019 Young Stoner Life Records/300 Entertainment/ Atlantic Recording Corporation

  • Mustafaa Tobias
    Mustafaa Tobias

    this is brainwashing frequency music i bet !!!

  • Travis Star
    Travis Star

    But bring lil Durk

  • Travis Star
    Travis Star

    Follow me @travisstar

  • Travis Star
    Travis Star

    These my new emojis check surged #BILLBOARDS

  • Travis Star
    Travis Star


  • Travis Star
    Travis Star


  • Travis Star
    Travis Star

    Simply just walking 🚶


    Life was better at this time 😳😳😳

  • zakariyah salahadyn
    zakariyah salahadyn

    This shit smackin

  • J Taylor
    J Taylor

    The beat made this tune

  • Frostea

    bro my connection so bad the video keeps glitching! 😏

  • Rf Laflame Rich Forever
    Rf Laflame Rich Forever

    3:27 A boogie

  • Andre Novaes
    Andre Novaes

    És mejor cantante que Travis Scott,yong thug é pica pai.

  • Sayitaintdreteezy

    Call it whatcha want it!

  • Chris Kirksey
    Chris Kirksey

    Man these comments so crazy and real at the same time....wass the move???

  • omg_stormzzz

    drip drip

  • Dele83

    This shit is a vibe. #fawkcoronavirus

  • Semi Truck
    Semi Truck

    this song a whole vibe

  • Lance Boss
    Lance Boss

    Music video reminds me of a trip

  • Frank Russell
    Frank Russell

    I listen to this song to much

  • Victor Mwangi
    Victor Mwangi

    thug does not get respect he deservess



  • Lwandile Sphe
    Lwandile Sphe

    Last verse = fire

  • Aldy

    3:35 Flacko Jodye

  • elijahcozart999

    I just wanna sink into this song and live in it rn

  • elijahcozart999

    This song is so fckin good actually. I can replay it endlessly

  • Whooville Money Gang
    Whooville Money Gang

    This shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤲🏿

  • Rickert Drawings69
    Rickert Drawings69

    I only like him and Quan.. A true friendship can't be replaced... I like him solo...


    Ahora mismo

  • The slump Gxd777
    The slump Gxd777

    Thug was lacking hard

  • biggie biggie
    biggie biggie

    Lil Uzi Vert: My jeans is so tight they don't fit Gunna: 😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • blacktruthtelevision

    This Video is Now Playing

  • xavier gallaread
    xavier gallaread

    35k For a Dog

    • xavier gallaread
      xavier gallaread

      3:14 Ak 4 the rist

    • xavier gallaread
      xavier gallaread

      2:40 I make it Woahhhhaaaaa

    • xavier gallaread
      xavier gallaread

      EveryBODY :DaMNnnnnnnn

  • Денис Наильевич
    Денис Наильевич

    3:35 Rocky?

  • Critical Drummer
    Critical Drummer

    Girl- what can I do to make up to you? Young Thug - 2:16

  • Tony Taylor Jr.
    Tony Taylor Jr.

    Could definitely see Juice WRLD being featured on this

  • Mob Gaming
    Mob Gaming


  • Mob Gaming
    Mob Gaming


  • Thierry-Emmanuel Asongwe
    Thierry-Emmanuel Asongwe

    wait a minute young thug gotta girl

  • Tone Liotta
    Tone Liotta

    How come every damn beat Thugga pick to rap on fits his flow and voice perfectly🤷🏽‍♂️🔥🔥🔥😁

  • Iso Kevy
    Iso Kevy

    Diamonds so cold on my neck it got me sick🔥.....damn

  • Kush-Kemet Ra
    Kush-Kemet Ra

    I been looking for this song for a minute the universe has really been on my side lately thank you universe I love myself!!

  • David Colon
    David Colon

    I feel like lil uzi carried the whole song

  • NarleyBoy & Ceno
    NarleyBoy & Ceno

  • Ricky Sonfrere
    Ricky Sonfrere

    Tell me what you want I jus want your friend

  • Túlio Moraes
    Túlio Moraes

    Perdi muito tempo batendo uma pra cardi b

  • Susan Locklear
    Susan Locklear

    Young thing I don't need this shit

  • Susan Locklear
    Susan Locklear

    Young thing don't love you

  • Susan Locklear
    Susan Locklear

    Young thing don't love yoi

  • Susan Locklear
    Susan Locklear

    Really you cheated on me young thing

  • Susan Locklear
    Susan Locklear

    Young thug

  • Kelsey Collier
    Kelsey Collier

    The chemistry on this song is amazing

    • Been Cxzy
      Been Cxzy

      Carti, Uzi, future,Travis Scott, thugga all came up 2014-2017 that's why they all similar chemistry ....this roster alone probably the best we've had in a min

  • shhlatt

    This is the best song in the world it’s so perfect like you can hear the butterflies in the background it’s just the best song to vibe to 😔

  • marek maro
    marek maro

    wtf is that fucking racist piece of shit literallty killed him on the street

  • Robert Andrei
    Robert Andrei

    Choose your language: English (USA) English (England) English (Young Thug)

  • Dakshana Vlogs
    Dakshana Vlogs

    Good music , best hiphop music ever $

  • espíritu Lobo NR
    espíritu Lobo NR

    Más dinero 🤑

  • Tone Liotta
    Tone Liotta


  • Richard The
    Richard The

    We need more of these collaborations

  • Chris Callaway
    Chris Callaway

    305 I need u to buss down for me.. cool

  • Jacob Ibarra
    Jacob Ibarra


  • Matthew McGillivray
    Matthew McGillivray

    uzi sounds sick

  • black ninja
    black ninja

    Still walk around with a stick on my hip

  • Kenny Brown
    Kenny Brown

    When they leave that Auto tune out they sound like real rappers.

  • Rocket

    underrated song

  • Humble AssAnt
    Humble AssAnt

    Thug + Uzi = Banger 😂😍

  • Lil Sleepy
    Lil Sleepy

    Uzi really looking like a black ops 4 battle pass skin


    Hahaha one day

  • Kai Sanders
    Kai Sanders

    does anyone else see a boogie and rocky once they're at the club? crazy shii

  • Christopher Wallace
    Christopher Wallace

    This song has such good replayability...I've never ever skipped this

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