Zoë Kravitz Gets Trippy While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
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Zoë Kravitz is an actress, model, and musician you know from projects like Mad Max: Fury Road and HBO's Big Little Lies. She also stars in High Fidelity, a new series from HULU which is set to release on Valentine's Day (February 14). But how is she with spicy food? Find out as Kravitz takes on the wings of death and sits down for a deep-dive interview with Sean Evans. Along the way, the multitalented star covers everything from pancake breakfasts with Prince, to throwback fashion photos through the ages.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    Who is the most chill Hot Ones guest of all time?

    • Jay L.BETTER
      Jay L.BETTER

      Shia , zoe. Then everyone else

    • Tyler Young
      Tyler Young

      Rob Dyrdek

    • Alexandra Sazonova
      Alexandra Sazonova


    • globalgourmand

      @Chris Larson Did you not watch the Henry Rollins ep?

    • Connor Hanlon
      Connor Hanlon

      Zoe was right up there, but gotta be Halle Berry

  • a king
    a king

    This episode gave me anxiety from the eating noises

  • WhoresAnd Headlocks
    WhoresAnd Headlocks

    too many lunatics not eating chicken.

  • PR_Grimlock _69
    PR_Grimlock _69

    Vengo de parte de @luzugame mire su video y me gusto las temáticas de las salsas picantes 🌶

  • Donte Brown
    Donte Brown

    Charles Barkley should be on the show. Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, The impractical jokers and Adam Sandler

  • handballman10

    Okay, so if noone is going to ask this ,quess i will. How the fu***k is this man capable of siting on his ass??? When he regulary must sh***t pure lava

  • Jon Frego
    Jon Frego

    You ate one whole wing.

  • Beatrix Kiddo
    Beatrix Kiddo

    I have a SUER CRUSH ❤️ 😘 ON HER!

  • nikki E.
    nikki E.

    You should have Jenna marbles as a guest

  • SamAsm

    Some people sweat, some people glow.

  • Allan Vo
    Allan Vo

    Lets get Daniel Radcliffe on Hot Ones

  • themozthaunted

    You should get tech n9ne to do one

  • Armando Christian
    Armando Christian

    Invite Bhuvan Bam or BB Ki Vines some day. He will attract the huge Indian Audience to the show

  • ToneyHandsome

    MUCHIES DINER OC is the vegan fastfood experience she's looking for!!

  • Jasmine Jones
    Jasmine Jones

    Shout out for bringing Sky on afterwards, that was really sweet of y’all. Sean Evans and The Hot ones crew, y’all are golden, Keep doin what ya’ll doin!!! CONGRATS on the tv show too!!🙏🏽🙏🏽💕

  • Tyran Mayberry
    Tyran Mayberry

    Let's get some Drummers on the show

  • Brooks Smith
    Brooks Smith

    Those are lips I'd like to kiss

  • Alma Elizabeth
    Alma Elizabeth

    Ah, zoe! I still have a picture of us from like 7 years ago!

  • Wolfgang Rubio
    Wolfgang Rubio

    Ok, we need Sky on the show again! She is so sincerely a fan, it makes me a bigger fan!

  • Kathy Erickson
    Kathy Erickson

    The look on Sky's face...that is a WIDE-EYED confirmation of just what she had hoped/feared it would be! Great ending!

  • Nii FaReal
    Nii FaReal

    ZOË is so fucking dope and sexy. Lord!!

  • Vanessa Aguila
    Vanessa Aguila

    Cafe Gratitude! 🙌🏼 Sooo good!!!

  • A A
    A A

    Now that they have vegan wings. Bring the best vegan on the show, JOAQUIN PHOENIX. He'd be amazing👏😄

  • Lord Maul
    Lord Maul

    Lenny Kravitz made a beautiful daughter. Her nails look good too! Like the green. Good color choice.

  • Liz Neptune
    Liz Neptune

    She’s sooo beautifullllllll

  • Derek Zurovetz
    Derek Zurovetz

    It's the daughter of Marie De Salle!

  • Irving Syaoran Rábago
    Irving Syaoran Rábago

    Great episode, I love Zoë! and the final minute with Skye trying Da Bomb was hilarious!

  • Ser ka
    Ser ka

    She didnt even cry so girl high five

  • Todd Tarum
    Todd Tarum

    yeah she's a handsome fella but dumb as the day is long. That short hair makes it look like a lesbian living in california. You know the type, democrat.

  • Jdaegger

    Bad- mothafacken-azz

  • chris Ez
    chris Ez

    13:40 😍she’s so damn sexy

  • chris Ez
    chris Ez

    An entree eating an Appetizer

  • François Laniel
    François Laniel

    Triple the plates and invite Matt Stonie next that would be dope!

  • Artic flameII
    Artic flameII

    Please get Jesse L. Martin on the show

  • Ulieq

    id do her but she is a classic example of being rich and famous only because of nepatism.

  • Andre Villalba
    Andre Villalba

    Sky almost cried when Sean did her intro, what a boss

  • chris Ez
    chris Ez

    High Fidelity is really good

  • Shannon Hopper
    Shannon Hopper

    I'm I the only one who wants Cory Tyler on hot ones

  • Julie Clark
    Julie Clark

    This is the hottest girl I've seen in a long time, perhaps ever 0.0

  • Nick Warren
    Nick Warren


  • Zain Abidin
    Zain Abidin

    Do Ben Schwartz post the Sonic movie!

  • Bucky Barz
    Bucky Barz

    I definitely see why they cast her as cat woman.

  • Michael in Awe
    Michael in Awe

    Sean "The Hot-Sauce Shaman" Evans

  • Gary Mogollon
    Gary Mogollon

    make a video with jhon cena

  • Anthony Gutierrez
    Anthony Gutierrez

    Zoe Kravitz is the friend we all need.

  • Aaron Vela
    Aaron Vela

    Wow all can say is she was a boss. I don't even know her but what I will say is this. Lenny & mom's you guy's did a great job.

  • Lee McElhatten
    Lee McElhatten

    Sean the Spicy Shaman.

  • Sam Dilworth
    Sam Dilworth

    I went Highschool with Zoe Kravitz, Haha we were in all the same classes. Im glad to see how successful she has become. Catwoman soon.

  • Ham4Every1

    Having Skye on the show too is why you all are the greatest

  • Ame Lezama
    Ame Lezama

    I would love to see Miranda Hart on your show, she is one of a kind :D

  • skullcrshr26 26
    skullcrshr26 26

    They should bring Adam Sandler on the show.

  • wahab m
    wahab m


  • Celeste Adams
    Celeste Adams

    If you can do Ryan Reynolds, Vince Vaughan and Will Ferrell I will die a happy woman!

  • R Shaw
    R Shaw

    This was a safe and sane episode! They didn't really bring the heat.

  • arognt87

    Get the "worth it" guys in adam and steve. That be awesome.

  • Pauline Busch
    Pauline Busch

    She is the best! Love this episode.

  • Chris Hegley
    Chris Hegley

    I love the Donna Summers "The last dab... The last dab..."

  • luqz0r

    Who was the very first celebrity that was on the show?

  • chico221179

    DJ Khaled thinks ketchup is spicy

  • Lauren Cahill
    Lauren Cahill

    Ok Jason Mamoa has to come on now that his stepdaughter has done it lol🤣 Also would die if Meryl Streep came on this show🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Alejandro Davalos
    Alejandro Davalos

    Get Henry Cavil on here pór favor

  • L S
    L S

    Am I the only one that's frustrated they don't finish the wings?

  • deistmutt

    that Sky look was priceless

  • Gabriel villafan
    Gabriel villafan

    Cant wait for batman

  • Maria H
    Maria H

    I also have a life long friend. I'm a week older than her. Almost 34 years of friendship. ❤

  • Jeremy Cole
    Jeremy Cole

    I think he low key has a crush

  • Desinteressiert !
    Desinteressiert !

    Get david dobrik here! he needs to be interviewed the right way :D

  • Life Support
    Life Support

    When are we going to see David Goggins on this show ?

  • Kaden Lai
    Kaden Lai

    Try getting Todd gurley to your show

  • tannor schaefers
    tannor schaefers

    I feel like she is hitting on Shaun and then get mad at him for saying friend at the end of the video

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